технические характеристики бульдозера SD90-5 (En)

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公开SD90-5 BulldozerIntroduction 一、Bulldozer Feature 二、Technical Parameter 三、structure characteristic 四、Parameter compare 五、Application 一、featureSD90-5 crawler bulldozer is a high-efficiency high-power earth-moving machine designed and developed in response to the market demands adopt the international advanced technology,This product is applicable for the earthworks for large projects such as mines and water conservancy projects,even more severe working environment ,Can greatly improve the productivity, reduce the operation cost.SD90-5 is currently the largest domestic production of horsepower bulldozer.basic configuration: air conditioning, ROPS, hexahedron cab, semi-U-blade, single-shank ripper, ripper pull pin device, 710mm track shoes, temperature-controlled fan. 二、Technical ParameterMainly Technical Parameters{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}Rated power708 kW/2100 rpmOperating weight105,000 KgTrack gauge2770 mmGround length4520 mmMin. ground clearance655 mmGradeability30°Width of track shoes710 mmPitch317.5 mmNumber of track rollers/carrier rollers(each side)7/2 个Number of track shoes 40(each side)41 节Forward1st0~3.5 Km/h2nd0~6.3 Km/h3rd 0~10.9 Km/h 二、技术参数1st0~4.7 Km/hReverse2nd0~8.4 Km/h3rd0~14.3 Km/h working unit system pressure27 MPaBlade Maximum lift height1620 mmMaximum drop below ground of blade1010 mmLifting height of ripper1301 mmRipping depth of ripper1672 mmDozing capacity39 m3(Semi-U blade)/45m3(super blade) Ground pressure0.163 MPa主要技术参数 二、技术参数main techno-economic indexes1)Fuel consumption:under normal conditions, the actual average fuel oil consumption is 90L each hour, the using capacity of fuel oil tank is 1,638L, and the oil filling interval is 18 hours; 2) Max dozing capacity:In case of calculating based on transportation distance of 40m, the maximum earth moving productivity of SD90-5 may reach 4,339m3/h; 三、 structure characteristicSD90-5Bulldozer Mainly Feature:Shantui SD90-5 whole machine adopts modular design, and its engine, double transmission, final drive and trolley assembly all can be dismantled independently, with advantages of advanced structure, strong power, convenient dismantling and simple repair. 三、structure characteristicEngineAdopt USA Imported Cummins QST30 。Four-stroke, 12-cyclinder, water-cooled turbocharged,V shape, direct-injection, electronic control,diesel engineequipped with advanced MCRS(Modular Common Rail System )strong power and low fuel consumption.rated speed : 708 kW/2100 rpmMax Torque:4191 Nm/1300 rpmthe emission standard meet the European stageⅡrequirement。 三、structure characteristictorque converterThe hydraulic torque converter with locking function makes the transform between Different transmission modes Hydraulic/Mechanical come true, improves the transmission efficiency,reduce energy consumption of the bulldozer by 5%. 三、structure characteristicPower Shift Transmission planetary gearing multiplate clutch 、durative lubricative、 three speeds forward and three speeds reverse ,hydraulic shift,all produced by shantui 。 Center Transmission: double reduction with primary spur gear ,spiral bevel gear ; Steering clutch:oil-type、 tighten by pressured multi-springs、separated hydraulically、Normally-closed ; Steering Breaking:oil-type、 tighten by pressured multi-springs、separated hydraulically、Normally-closed ;all above three parts are adopts the modular design , with parking brake function able to avoid Anti-running System。三、structure characteristic Center Transmission&Steering clutch、breaking Final drive(hub reductor )三、structure characteristicmodular design、primary spur gear、 reduction with planetary gear 、 splash lubricating 。Bolts、 Gear all are high Hardness,Wear-resistance Materials;,high reliability、 long service life。 Undercarriage system三、structure characteristicmodular design、 K-type suspension、pivoted structure。slowed down the shock ground、floating travel,could strong the tractive power in Complex Road Condition 。track roller、carrier roller、track shoes all adopt imported parts,high reliability、Wear-resistance Temperature Controlled Fan 三、structure characteristicAutomatic protection functions,model converter function,automatic back flush;fast-response,automatic control the Rotating Speed of Fan according to temperature.Working Parameters could Settings , improve fuel economy,Energy saving 10%. Hydra-system三、structure characteristicworking system pressure 27MPa,Working Device with Pilot Control ,good Stablity, labor-saving 。 Operating System 三、structure characteristic(1) Transmission, steering operation:controlled by single lever on the drivers left side. ;(2) Engine operation:electronic throttle and Decelerator Pedal, throttle on the left side of driver,Decelerator Pedal on the right of drivers foot;(3) Brake pedal:single brake pedal control, on right ahead of driver,;(4) Work equipment operation:on the right side of driver,the blade control on the front of driver(Integrated floating and double-dump switch)ripper control on the behind side。with accumulator,could lower the blade and ripper when TURN THE IGNITION OFF. Electrical System三、structure characteristic Large color screen display,fault information,electronically monitored&overload alarm to mainly parts operations such as Oil temperature、Fuel level、Water temperature、water level .show and Diagnosis of Automation System Error。With GPS,cameras Back and forth, high-brightness HID,adopts imported key electrical parts,high reabiltiy operation enviroment三、structure characteristic1)heptahedron cabin with interior decorator. ,big space、wide visible rang;2)sealed well、low noise,about 89dB;3)imported seat,could rotate 15°,good comfortability;4)big power Air Conditioning,, good cooling effect5)human choosable confugurations,such as The cup holder、 ash tray、 storage box、radion and so on.6)safty protection,ROPS/FOPS cab operation vision三、structure characteristicOriginated full-field cabin surveillance technologies,achieved monitor body 360 degrees,raising the driving′s safety and passing ability.
working device三、structure characteristicBlade uses dual tilt cylinder, increase the blade angle and the soil effective depth; Realization of blade pitch, Ascension, down, left and right, floating movements. working device三、structure characteristicwith adjustable angle ripper,automatic pin device,connection to the machine frame by pin,, simple structure,Easy to Install, adopt heavy duty ripper shank and tooth tips。 四 Parameters compare Comparison between the 900HP Power bulldozer technical data model Main parameter ShantuiKomatsuCaterpillar SD90-5 D475A D11T operating weight(kg) 105000108390104351rated power(kW/rpm) 708kw/2100rpm 664/2000 683/2000 Ground pressure(MPa) 0.1640.1660.166Ground length4520mm4524mm4444mmDozing capacity(m3) 453839speed(km/h) forward 0~10.9 0~11.2 0~11.75 Reverse0~14.3 0~14.0 0~14.0 The main technical performance reached the international level, cost-effective. recommended operating conditions of ripper五、 construction situationcategorysturdiness leveldescription of rock recommendedⅠsturdiestthe hardest,toughest , and most dense quartzites and basalts。(f=20)——Ⅱ very sturdyvery sturdy granitic rock,quartz porphyry,siliceous schist,weaker quartzites sturiest sandstone and limestone(f=15)——ⅢsturdyGranite(dense)and granitic rock. very sturdy sandstone and limestones.quartz veins sturdy conglomerate.very sturdy iron ore(f=10)——Ⅲasturdylimestones(sturdy),weaker granites sturdy sandstones,marble,dolomites and pyrites。(f=8)≥SD52Ⅳrather sturdyordinary sandstones,iron ore。(f=6)≥SD42Ⅳarather sturdysandy schists.schistose sandstones。(f=5)Ⅴmoderatesturdy shale,non-sturdy sandstones and limestones soft conglomerates。(f=4)≥SD32Ⅴamoderatevarious schists(Non-sturdy).dense marl。(f=3)Ⅵrather softsoft schists.very soft limestones,chalk,rock salt,gypsum,frozen soil,anthracite,ordinary marl,weathered sandstones,cemented shingle and gavel,rocky soil。(f=2)≥SD22Ⅵarather softdetritus soil,weathered schists,compressed shingle and detritus,sturdy bituminous coal,hardened clay(f=1.5)Ⅶsoftclay(dense)。soft bituminous coal,sturdy alluvium,clayey soil(f=1)≥SD16Ⅶasoftsoft sandy clay,loess gravel。(f=0.8)≥SD13Ⅷearthyvegetable earth,peat,soft loam,damp sand(f=0.6)Ⅸdry loose sand,talus,soft gravel,piled-up earth,substance extracted coal(f=0.5) Ⅹflowing rockshifting sands,swampy soil ,rare-fractioned loess,and other rare-fractioned soils。(f=0.3) Note:f is rock solid coefficient 五、施工情况Bulldozer Dozing Soil Clearing五、construction situation Weathered rock stripping五、construction situation rock stripping五、construction situation Thank You

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