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50cm (20”) yellow body fabric
30cm (12”) x 60cm (24”) orange mane fabric
30cm (12”) teal shorts fabric
20cm (8”) x 30cm (12”) red spot fabric (tummy,
paws, ears)
Scrap of black & white wool felt
Scrap of red fabric for nose
30cm (12”) this woven fusible interfacing
Six medium sized buttons
Red, black & white embroidery floss
Good quality polyester toy fill
Leon is a cute little lion, perfect for cuddling at any time. He is brave and true
and a good friend to all.
(Please remember, if you want to make
for a young child, DO NOT use
the buttons,
as they are unsafe for young children.)
Trace all shapes from the pattern sheets onto cardboard or template plastic and cut
them out. (These are your templates).
Cut orange mane fabric in half so that you have two pieces eac
h measuring 30cm (12)
x 30cm (12).
Trace mane shape from pattern sheet onto the right side of one of your orange pieces
of fabric. Now place fabric right side down on a light box (so that you can see your
previous tracing) and trace over it exactly. Th
e shape is now visible on both sides of
the fabric piece. Put aside.
Onto single yellow body fabric, trace the face template once onto the right side of your
fabric. Cut this face shape out
outside the traced line.
Trace the mouth onto the face and
embroider it using three strands of embroidery floss
in chainstitch.
Trace the nose template once onto the right side of plain red fabric. Cut nose out

outside the traced line. Position on the face and needle
turn appliqu into position.
Cut out two
eyes from black felt and two pupils from white felt. Position on the face
and blanket
stitch using two strands of black embroidery floss and white embroidery
floss respectively. Put aside.
Fold yellow body fabric in half, right sides together, and trace
ear shape twice onto
double fabric. Before sewing the ears, iron fusible batting to the back of the double
fabric. Sew each ear together along the traced line, leaving the ends open as indicated
on the pattern sheet. Cut each ear out
outside of the sti
tched line. Turn each ear
right sides out and press.
Trace inner ear twice onto the right side of red print fabric and cut out
outside of
the traced line. Position on the ear and needle
turn appliqu in place. Press.
Take the piece of orange mane fa
bric with the mane traced on it and place it right side
up on your work surface.
Position face right side up on top of the orange mane fabric, centring it within the
traced line. Turn the raw edges of the face under to the traced line and hand
tack into
position (it will be machine
sewn in place later).
Iron thin fusible batting to the wrong side of the OTHER orange piece of mane fabric.
Place both orange pieces of mane fabric (one with face and one with batting) right
sides together on top of each othe
Sew together along the traced line visible on the wrong side of the orange piece of
fabric. DO NOT leave a gap for turning. Cut out
outside of the stitched line.
You now need to cut a 2 slit in the back of the head (the side with the pellon). Cu
t this
slit horizontally in the centre
back of the head 2 up from the bottom (it is important
that this slit be 2 up, as it needs top be in the back of the head, NOT in the mane area).
Be very careful to cut through the back of the head only. Turn right
sides out through
this gap. Ease out all the edges and press.
Place the ears under the tacked
on face. The raw edge of the ear should be
the face piece.
sew the outer edge of the face right through the whole head piece (this will
definition to the mane). You will capture the ears as you sew.
Stuff head firmly through the turning gap and firmly slip
stitch the opening closed with
strong thread. Put head aside.
Fold remaining body fabric in half, right sides together. Trace bod
y template once, and
arm and leg templates twice each onto the double fabrics. Do not cut out yet as these
will be stitched on the line and trimmed later.
Sew the arms, legs and body along the traced line, leaving the ends open for turning.
Cut out appro
outside the stitched line.
Turn right sides out, using the blunt end of a wooden skewer, or a stuffing tool.
Trace tummy shape once onto right side of red print fabric. Cut out
outside the
traced line. Position to the front of the body and need
turn appliqu into position.
Make sure that you sew it to the front of the body only.
Stuff legs and arms firmly to the fill line with toyfill, using a stuffing tool or the blunt end
of a chopstick.
Sew across the fill line on the legs. Insert legs
into the bottom opening of the body.
Insert them at the sides, leaving a gap in between the legs through which to stuff the
body. Stuff the body firmly with toyfill, and slip
stitch opening between the legs shut.
Take the body and place the head over the
top of the body, overlapping the stuffing slit
in the head (tilt the head on a cute angle so Leon looks quizzical). Ladder
stitch the
head onto the body by stitching the area indicated on the body pattern template.
stitch where indicated and righ
t around the seam line of the top of the body.
This stitching should cover the stuffing slit and keep the head firmly in place. (A ladder
stitch is achieved by making one small stitch into the head, then one small stitch into
the body, followed by another
small stitch in the head etc. If you work these stitches
moving around the area you need to attach and pull the stitches firmly but gently, the
head and body should go together very neatly with no stitches showing).
Using six strands of red embroidery fl
oss, knot some hair to the top of Leons face
between his ears. Leave the ends dangling 2 (you may like to do this several times to
create a tuft of hair).
Turn the ends of the arms in and hand
gather with strong thread. Ladder
stitch the
arms into po
sition either side of the top of the body behind the head (see photo).
Trace the paw template four times onto the right side of red print fabric. Cut these out
outside of the traced line. Position one each onto the hands and feet area. Needle
turn app
liqu into position.
1/4 seem allowance included):
Iron thin woven interfacing to the wrong side of the
Trace the
, lining the marked fold line up
with the fold in the fabric. C
t out on the traced line.
pieces on top of each other, right sides together, and sew together along
both crotch lines. Bring front and back seams together and sew together from the
bottom of one leg up to the crotch and back down the other l
eg. Turn right sides out
and press.
Turn the waist band under twice and sew along the bottom of this fold to create a
casing for the elastic. Thread elastic through the casing and sew the ends together,
ensuring that the elastic will be firm around Leon
s hips.
Turn the
bottoms under twice and hem.
Braces (Suspenders)
Trace tab template twice onto double fabric. DO NOT cut out yet.
Sew each tab together along the traced line, leaving a gap for turning as indicated as
pattern sheet. Cut out
outside the sewn line. Turn right sides out and press.
Fold tab in half along the length and sew the middle section together, leaving 1

unsewn at each end. Put aside.
Cut four strips of
fabric, each measuring 1
x 13. Place two strips on
top of
each other (right sides together) and sew together along three edges, leaving one
short edge unsewn. Turn right side out and press. Repeat for remaining two strips.
Fold the sewn short end of one strap back 1 and sew across to form a loop. Repeat
the second strap.
Thread a tab through each loop at the end of each strap. Sew each of the opened tab
ends to the top of Leons
s with a button. Sew with six strands of embroidery
floss, making sure to sew into Leons body which will ensure tha
t his pants dont fall
Take straps over Leons shoulders and cross them at the back. Tuck each strap end
under the back of Leons
and secure with buttons, again making sure to sew
into his body.
May the floss be with you!
ly & me.
Designed and produced in Australia with pride
Please use this pattern for
personal use only. This PDF pattern must not be
shared, copied or distributed. This pattern may not be uploaded to any website
join 2 mane pieces to create
crotch line
place on fabric fold
fill line
fill line

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