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Вариант №5
Задание 1. Употребите правильную форму глагола в Simple Present Tense.
1. My friend … letters to the customers in the evening.
a) write b) writes
2. My child … television after lunch.
a) watches b) watch
3. I always … at home in the evening.
a) stays b) stay
4. Our engineers … lunch at 1.
a) have b) has
5. We … our work at 6.
a) finish b) finishes
6. They … in the office till 4 o’clock.
a) stays b) stay
Задание 2. Сгруппируйте слова по предложенным темам:
I. Работа;
II. Семья;
III. Жилище;
IV. Свободное время.
1. office, 2. flat, 3. house, 4. to watch television, 5. cable, 6. to read books, 7. table, 8. sofa, 9.
friend, 10, daughter, 11. son, 12. to meet friends, 13. desk, 14. telex, 15. husband, 16.
armchair, 17. carpet, 18. wife, 19. to go out, 20. engineer.
Задание 3. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.
1. Do you have English lessons every day?
a) No, we don’t. b) Yes, we are.
2. Your company is small, isn’t it?
a) Yes, it is. b) No, it doesn’t.
3. How many engineers work for your company?
a) No, they haven’t. b) 10 engineers do.
4. What do you do in the office?
a) I write letters. b) No, you don’t.
5. Does your son drink milk?
a) Yes, he does. b) Yes, he is.
6. Have you a nice large flat?
a) Yes, I am. b) No, I haven’t.
7. Is Petrov your friend?
a) Yes, he is. b) Yes, he does.
Задание 4. Выберите правильное предложение.
1. a) You are at the lessons.
b) You is at the lessons.
2. a) The president have talks with his customers in the evening.
b) The president has talks with his customers in the evening.
3. a) Lavrov learns English.
b) Lavrov learn English.
4. a) Nancy write letters.
b) Nancy writes letters.
5. a) Mr. Bell are the company manager.
b) Mr. Bell is the company manager.
6. a) I come to the office at 9.
b) I comes to the office at 9.
Задание 5. Соотнесите две части предложений.
1. Petrov learns …
2. The sofa is …
3. His house is …
4. The secretary comes to …
5. Read and write …
6. Sometimes I meet customers from …
7. Our engineers are …
8. I usually come home …
a) … letters.
b) … at 6.
c) … English.d) … at the talks now.
e) … green.
f) … the office in the morning.
g) … foreign companies.
h) … very nice.
Задание 6. Исправьте ошибку.
1. He does an engineer.
a) is b) has
2. She is a large family.
a) does b) has
3. They write television in the evenings.
a) read b) watch
4.Our engineers are lunch at 12.
a) have b) do
5. I read to the office at 10 in the morning.
a) come b) am
6. Our secretary watches telexes after lunch every day.
a) reads b) is
7. We have always very busy.
a) do b) are
Задание 7. Вставьте вместо пропусков следующие слова: night, face and neck, switchon, bathroom, morning, taps, sleepy, shoes, pajamas, towel.
1. At night I fell tired and … .2. I … the electric light.
3. I take off my … , undress and put on my … .
4. I sleep the whole … through.
5. In the … the alarm clock rings.
6. In the … I turn on hot and cold water … .7. I wash my … … … and clean my teeth.
8. I dry myself with a … .Задание 8. Соотнесите две части предложений.
1. I go up to my bedroom and …
2. Then I get into bed and …
3. After a few minutes …
4. The alarm clock rings and …
5. I get out of bed and …
6. I turn off the taps and …
7. Then I dry myself with a towel and …
a) … wakes me up.
b) … get dressed.
c) … switch off the light.
d) … switch on the electric light.
e) … I fall asleep.
f) … have my bath.
g) … go into the bathroom.
Задание 9. Письменно переведите текст на русский язык. Составьте словарь по прочитанному.
Our journalist is an Oxford graduate. This is what she has told us.
Oxford is a beautiful city on the river Thames about fifty miles from
London. Oxford is old and historical. It has existed since 912. The uni-
versity was established in 1249. Most of the 39 Oxford colleges are fine
buildings of grey and yellow stone.
Oxford is known for its specific system of education. Great emphasis
is laid on tutorials. Each student has a tutor who gives personal instructions
to the students. Every week the tutor and the students meet to discuss
the work they have done, to criticize it in detail and to set the next week’s
work. The students of Oxford make up the most elite [ei΄li:t] elites in the
world. Many great men studied there: Milton, Cromwell, Newton; members
of the Royal family were educated here too.The university “family”
has more than 9,000 members.
You can see the charm of Oxford in the green fields and parks which
surround the city. You can see it in the lawns and gardens surrounding
the colleges which are fine buildings of grey and yellow stone. You can
see the charm of Oxford in the river Thames and its streams which pass
near the city.
Do you know that the name Oxford means the part of the river Thameswhere the oxen (cattle) forded (crossed)?
Universities in Britain
– There are 44 universities in Britain.
– The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge date from the 12th and 13th
– University degree courses usually extend over 3 or 4 years, but in
medicine, dentistry and veterinary service 5 or 6 years are needed.
– About 45 % of Britain’s full-time university students take arts or social
studies courses, 41 % science and technology, about 10 % study medicine,
dentistry, vet. service and so on.
– Admission to the University is by examination and selection.
– The word ‘University’, like the word ‘College’ meant originally a
society of people with a common employment.

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