B1 UNIT 7 Extra grammar practice extension

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it a lot more.
quali cations, you
If she
of education, she
more people if we
a  ight assistant if he
scared of  ying!
being a journalist if I
Giles Harrison is a professional celebrity photographer.
outside celebrity homes every day – he prefers
driving around the city to  nd celebrities. Some
more patient with photographers: ‘At the end of
the day,’ he says, ‘we’re journalists.’ There are also
laws which professional photographers like Harrison
follow. For example, they
take pictures of children.
problem with that.’ In fact, for Harrison, ‘celebrities
want their picture anymore.’
story-teller as well as a great photographer, because
tell a story.
Modal verbs of obligation, prohibition
and advice; Second conditional
Rewrite the sentences using a modal verb of
obligation or prohibition.
It’s necessary for a ‘mystery shopper’ to review the
It is essential to add your email to your CV.
It is forbidden for a security guard to leave the shop.
It’s not necessary for me to learn the local language
As a hotel receptionist, I feel the obligation to
answer the telephone and be well-organised.
In my country, taxi drivers are not allowed to carry
more than four passengers.
work long hours, but it’s a well-paid job and I like
to help people who are sick. As a doctor, you
a good doctor (
or her patients and (
so sensitive, but it’s a very emotional job. The only
thing I don’t like about my job is the paperwork – I (
I (
You mustn’t be afraid of spiders – they can’t hurt you!
I work full-time, so I must to be very well-organised.
He should study German – he has no talent for
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