Передача страдательного залога_упражнения

УПРАЖНЕНИЕ 1. Определите тип глагола в страдательном залоге и переведите на русский язык.
1. The history of Thanksgiving will show how the holiday was invented between the early nineteenth century and about 1930.
2. Dozens of factories were closed down in the industrial town.
3. The original message was written in a unique style and could only have been drafted by the great ruler himself
4. The research was based on more than 5,000 people over the age of 40.
5. Even the elderly should be encouraged to take regular exercise.
6. Environmental factors do not explain the extraordinarily long lives of residents of Nagano, where the winters are bitterly cold and daily routines are determined by the unforgiving demands of farming.
7. What films were made in the 1990's were often financed with unofficial backing from wealthy Russian businessmen.
8. The bad news is that the ranks of Russian academia are thinning, as most of the newly minted science grads are recruited by the private sector or foreign universities.
9. Russian basic science is still at a very high level, but when the current generation of teacher retires, the experience may be lost.
10. The umbrella organization for homeless charities was not involved in the project.
11. Events are planned to mark the centenary of Einstein's theory of relativity.
12. She was allowed to make a journey because of her high standing in the party.
13. An unprecedented fusillade of shows, exhibitions products will be unleashed round the world.
14. Scientists have chosen 2005 to be Einstein Year because four of his greatest scientific papers were published in 1905.
15. Within 10 years, Einstein had been made a professor at the University of Berlin.
16. Not every plan has been welcomed universally.
17. Most other ideas have been enthusiastically seized by scientists.
18. It was billed as the "team of dreams" when in 2003 Shell, the world's second's largest oil company, linked with General Motors, the largest car maker.
19. Yesterday, in a small ceremony near Washington DC one of the fruits of the relationship was shown off.
20. Her other work is a series of five paintings examining how trees are used symbolically around the world.
21. The problem was the Tibetans were excluded from commenting artistically on their own culture.
22. Many more Tibetans are being introduced to fine arts as primary school students in Chinese-managed schools.
УПРАЖНЕНИЕ 2. Выделите сказуемое, выраженное глаголом в страдательном залоге, и обоснуйте свой способ перевода.
1. Reports are usually followed by a discussion.
2. He was granted a large sum of money to continue his research.
3. Michael was shown the picture he was to estimate.
4. The patient was prescribed complete rest and fresh air.
5. I have been treated and respected as a gentleman.
6. A red carpet had been laid down for the occasion an hothouse plants were arranged in bowers in every recess оf the gallery.
7. We'll go there tomorrow. We've been recommended to stay there for some days.
8. The driver was mysteriously silent. Eric was silent too, wondering uneasily where he was being taken.
9. It was explained to us that men in those days had no chance of protecting themselves against such monsters.
10. What is lightning usually followed by?
11. Immediately he was surrounded and flung to the ground and the weapon was dashed out of his hand by a blow.
12. The government can't do anything about unemployment because it's too taken up with trying to keep prices down.
13. She was followed into the room where the supper had been cleared from the table.
14. I was certainly shown the way to a destination quite different from one I had in mind.
15. "I'm sorry I had to ask you to come." — "I wasn't asked. I was ordered."
16. She has always been admired.
17. I have been told something about her.
18. Look what we've been sent!
19. He worked from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day and was delighted if he was given week-end work.
20. They had been caught by the war in Austria.
УПРАЖНЕНИЕ 3. Проанализируйте тип глагола в страдательном залоге и переведите на русский язык.
1. The poor child was always being found fault with.
2. I shall be quite safe, quite well taken care of.
3. I was told, too, that neither masters nor teachers were found fault with in that establishment.
4. We could see that not only the bed was empty but it hadn't been even slept in.
5. The man was again sent for, but would not come.
6. The child shall be taken care of somehow.
7. The matter was looked upon as brought to light by the boss.
8. The effect of good education can never be done away with.
9. One child in a household of grown up people is usually made very much of and in a quiet way I was a good deal taken notice of by Mrs Bretton.
10. I've given them to understand that you're to be relied upon.
11. It seemed that the house had never been lived in.
12. At last the agreement was arrived at.
13. The matter was referred to in the final discussion.
14. In these circles he was thought to be less socially important and thus looked down upon.
15. "Why did you allow him to do anything so silly?" — "I had no means of stopping him and of course I was lied to as usual."
16. He wouldn't like to be talked about.
17. I learned from Steerforth that I had been sent for.
18. I'm going to propose that our salary percentage payments to you are done away with.
19. I'm not going to be talked to like that.
20. The anxious lover himself came in and their conference was put an end to.
21. Ask Peggotty if I didn't do very well when I wasn't interfered with.
22. Bell was looked on as a sweet-tempered young man.
23. The problem ought to be dealt with before it got talked about.

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