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Контрольнaя работа
по предмету : «Иностранный язык»
для студентов 2 курса заочного отделения
Специальность 44.02.01 Дошкольное образование
Составлена преподавателем Бабенко Н.А.
Рассмотрена и одобрена
на заседании предметной комиссии
зарубежной филологии
Протокол № 4 от 18. 01 2016 г.
Председатель ПК З.Д.Селищева
Донецк—2016 г.
Прочитайте предложения. Подчеркните подходящую по смыслу форму глагола. Определите его время и залог.
The importance of scientific research (grows, grew, is growing) now.
She (will have, has, has had) long brown hair since she was born.
Our office manager (checks, will check, is checking) this information tomorrow. 
Прочитайте предложения. Подчеркните подходящее по смыслу местоимение:
Bob showed me a book of (him, his, he).
(Theirs, they, their) new job is very interesting. 
Can you lend (us, we, our) some money? 
(This, these, they) news is very important. 
(Mine, me, my) sister works as a primary school teacher. 
Is (something, anything, any) wrong with Alison's car? 
Образуйте множественные числа от предложенных имен существительных :
(а) student, (a) bench, (a) baby, (a) stamp, (an) examination, (a)radio, (a) potato, (a) sister-in-law, (a) roof, (a) glass, (a) leaf, (a) mouse, (a; foot, (a) cargo, (a) child, (a) dish. 
4. Подчеркните соответствующую степень сравнения прилагательного. Переведите предложения на русский язык:
1. (Good, better, the best) to give than to take. 2. Their car is (expensive, the most expensive, more expensive) than ours. 3. Helen is as (taller, the tallest, tall) as her sister. 4. She's (the most, much, much more) hard-working than her fellow-students. 5. This road is (narrow, the most narrow, the narrowest) in our village. 
5. Прочитайте предложения. Определите время глагола. Укажите его инфинитив. Поставь 4 типа вопросов:
1. They went to Great Britain three years ago. 2. Sue plays tennis after classes every day. 
6. Выберите правильный ответ.
How old are you? A. I have 27 years old B. 1 have 27 years C. 1 am fine D. 1 am 27 years old He went to the stadium … .A. with taxi B. by taxi C. on taxi D. in taxi 
The lady…in the corner is my aunt. A. whose B. is sitting C. sits D. sitting We haven't got … money. A. a lot B. some C. any D. many 
She worked hard yesterday and … finished everything. A. can B. was able to C. is hard D. let A. Richard usually arrives late. B. Richard late arrives usually. C. Richard late usually arrives. D. Richard usually late arrives. 
A. Ask her when will be ready the food B. Ask her when the food will be ready C. Ask her when will the food ready be D. Ask her when will be the food ready A.That's a brown, attractive leather coat. B. That's a brown leather coat attractive. C. That's an attractive leather brown coat. D. That's an attractive brown leather coat. 
7. Рассортируйте слова по тематическим ячейкам:
Family Shopping House School Body
Belly, aunt, department store, wall, math’s, knee, pencil case, cousin, home task, money, uncle, tooth, kitchen, timetable, foot, relative, market, floor, parents, cash point, ceiling, footwear, curtain, grocery, attic, granny, blackboard, shoulder, baker, bedroom, toe, foreign language, boutique, customer. 
8. Напишите небольшое сочинение о воспитателе будущего ( примерно 100 слов, используя следующие слова и выражения: a toddler, a child-- children, love, loyal, selfish, aggressive, patient, respected, dedicated, mean, caring, jealous, creative, trusting, honest, dishonest, supportive, moody, rules, games, mental activity, physical activity, a full family, a mother, a father, parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, grandparents, sons, daughters, time-table, drawing, reading, breakfast, dinner, supper, development, future, difficult, easy, to bring up the future generation, punishment, encouragement, presents). 

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