Dear Sirs,
We find it necessary to bring your attention to the following facts which aroused during the realization of projects supply of equipment UOP for the needs of Rosneft and as a result in negative implications for ETK Company.
Project H6388 Angarsk
According to schedule of testing for the project of H6388, which was received from UOP, the testing of all parts of equipment have to be finished by present. In fact, addressed to ETK was directed the report of undergoing tests of control panel with remarks only. Information about elimination of remarks doesn’t receive for today.
Date of delivery 29 March, 2014. At the date 14th May, 2014 the freight was not shipped.
Projects 9649640, 964941, 964942 AchinskThe documentation was delivered later than scheduled time of deliverables-5th March, 2014. Even more, in packing lists and in the correspondence was announced the departure of paper copy, and soft copy have to be arrived by delivery services.
On customs inspection of freight in Russia were found disks, which based on information from UOP, weren’t declared. It is the breach of legalization of Russia.
So, ETC suffered the addition expenses: execution of an examination, paying of SVH, forced standing time.
The part of equipment was received with damage. About this addressed to the UOP was directed the notification.
UOP expressed the readiness to exchange the part of equipment (steam gages), however so far steam gages were not exchanged, deadlines for repairing damage were not received.
In according to other disadvantages UOP asks to conduct various types of work (check an attachment, wire assemblies and etc.). During the letter, these works should to hold ETK or an assembly organization.
Considering the fact that equipment is under guarantee and that disadvantages and damage were happened due the fault of UOP, these works have to be held by UOP.
Based on information from UOP, after shipping all equipment it has been found that in Germany there are another three boxes with bindings for volume of end gas.
So far UOP didn’t give information about date of delivery and how will supply.
Apart from in breach of contractual obligation the marking of packages was made unduly, in particular:
the part of packages was arrived to Achinsk without marketing(didn’t survive due to using the combine transport and sea transport);
the marking was applied with errors;
for identification of contents the marking of the part of equipment is not enough.
Projects 965023, 964950 TuapseAs of the current date despite of repeated appeals in UOP, the notification about readiness of shipping control panel for PSA was not received.
There are no originals of the certificate passports for Reboilers (Heat exchangers),

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