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Updated – April 18th
Attention! Please read carefully and attentively all of it, before judging.
Everything said in the description is proved with screenshots.
Links to which you can find at the bottom of the post.
You may now proceed.
What is on the menu:
1 - Original owner of this amazing bundle since 2007
2 - Diablo 3 US Deluxe Edition RoS Account
3 - Diablo 3 EU Deluxe Edition RoS Account
4 - WoW acheivements 17,000+ as of January 2014, rare mounts and pets
Let's get to the point where I'll tell you step by step what makes this account so juicy that all your friends will drool on it, once you get it!
1. I've have been playing WoW since 2007 till 2014. Original owner: CD keys, e-mail, security question-answer.
2. Main part of the sale is the BEASTY Diablo 3 US account. Why is it so amazing?
- Paragon 907 on Softcore
- Paragon 500 on Hardcore
- Exclusive Pennant and Portrait change from Season 3 already applied!
- Deluxe Edition Account: Diablo 3 pet, Exclusive Transmog items, 15 Character slots
- Every class max level with top rolled gear equipped (except Crus, I hate him more than Joffrey Lannister)
- Better than ANY top-wannabe accounts on the market. Here is why:
No battle tag change – not botted, but personally used account.
No RoRG w/o a socket and call it “top” (just an example, applies to other gear as well)
You can pay lesser price for a low quality account, which is most likely botted, the choice is yours :)
All chars made it into the top 1000 on leaderboard. Some are still (again) there.
Notable leaderboard achievements:
Prior 2.1.2.Monk #69 Grift 38 (great map - summoners, no pylon)
Barbarian #332 Grift 36 (decent map, no pylon, my own hopper build)
Wizard #425 Grift 39 (decent map, no pylon)
Witch Doctor #698 Grift 36 ( pretty bad map, no pylon)
Witch Doctor Hardcore was #35 in leaderboard. Grift 33 (decent map, no pylon). RIP in GR35
Season 1. After 2.1.2. No "tryhard".
Barbarian #449 Grift 38
Wizard #246 Grift 41
Witch Doctor #430 Grift 38
Monk #794 Grift 42
Demon Hunter #670 Grift 44
2 man on my DH with monk sup #696 Grift 45
Season 2. After 2.1.2. Casual evening play.Wizard #322 Grift 41 #278 Grift 42 #211 Grift 43
Witch Doctor #373 Grift 38 #397 Grift 39 #281 Grift 41
Demon Hunter #679 Grift 44 #671 Grift 44 #477 Grift 45
2 man on my DH with zdps WD #445 Grift 46 #282 Grift 48
Season 3. After 2.2. Casual evening play. First attempts. Might go higher later, but GTA V is here, so yeah...
Demon Hunter #769 Grift 46 #381 Grift 42 #183 Grift 45 #437Grift 47 #360 Grift 48
Wizard #61 Grift 40 #116 Grift 42
Crusader #94 Grift 39 #397 Grift 39
Barbarian #265 Grift 40 #560 Grift 49
Witch Doctor #65 Grift 39 #67 Grift 41 #681 Grift 45 #424 Grift 46 #264 Grift 47
EU Demon Hunter #827 Grift 44 #443 Grift 45
Monk #881 Grift 46 #618 Grift 47
Account features:
- Demon Hunter x3
1. Cold M6 CA build. Optimized for GRifts. Capable of solo 55+. Fully set. 52+ gems. (GR 48 Record)
2. Fire M6 Multishot build. Optimized for fast T6 runs with boon and goldwrap. Fully set. 45+ gems.
3. Unhallowed Essence Gear. Not yet Finished. Needs Quiver + Krider.
- Barbarian x2.
1. Cold Raekor. Optimized for group GRifts. Fully set. 45+ gems.
2. Wasted Immortal King build. Optimized for solo GRifts. 46+ gems. (GR49 Record)
- Witch Doctor x2.
1. Poison Soul Harvester. Optimized for GRifts. Fully set. 45+ gems.
2. Carnevil. Optimized for GRifts. 47+ gems. (GR47 Record)
- Wizard x2.
1. Firebird. Optimized for fast T6 runs with boon and goldwrap. Fully set. 45+ gems.
2. Tal Rasha. Optimized for GRifts. 47+ gems. (GR46 Record)
- Monk x2.
1. Wave of Light build, Inna set. Optimized for fast T6 runs with boon and goldwrap. Fully set.
2. Thousand Storms. Optimized for GRifts. Fully set. 46+ gems. (GR47 Record)
- Crusader x1. Shield Bash. Can easily be switched to whatever. I barely ever play him. 40+ gems. 
- All legendary gems are 45+ for each char. GR chars have 47+ gems, DH – 52
- Freaking ton of extra legendaries with extremely high rolls
- Every class set for all possible combinations and specs
- All kinds of immunity amulets with high rolls for each class (dex, str, int)
- All followers on every char are equipped with BiS items for them, more detailed that is:
Enchantress ScoundrelTemplarYour follower can't die relicYour follower can't die relicYour follower can't die relicAzurewrath Windforce Thunderfury + Freeze DefceltionUnityUnityUnityHollow whispersHollow whispersWyrdward Ess of JohanEss of JohanEss of Johan 
- Huge amount of gold: 1.5 billion on HC; over 120 whooping billion on SC (and 90 billion on EU), also:
Full gold farm sets on both EU and US (for all class ie Int, dex, str), providing over 8000% gold find and making T6 runs hilarious, including:
Kymbo's gold, Goldskin, Goldwrap, Custerian Wrists, Avarice band, Boons of the Hoarder lvl 45+
- Loads of crafting mats, which are:
over 105,000 veiled crystals
over 30,000 reusable parts
over 30,000 arcane dust
over 13,000 motherfucking forgotten souls!!!
over 12,500 deaths breaths
over 20 Ramaladni's Gifts
over 2,000 of each damn color kind of imperial gems (for jewelry rerolls)
over 50-70 flawless imperials gems of each color for easy gem switches
over 600 marquise gems of each color
- Amazing SoJ collection with high rolls and sockets for any char and spec you can think of
- Over 3500 Trial keystones on (+ some ranked ones)
- Over 1300 Rift keystones (+ Hardcore has quite some of these)
- Yellow wings for RoS pre-order
- Every character equipped with his very own unique set of gear, so no need to take gear from one to another
- Every character has his own bottomless potion with high end rolls. (also 1-2 of each kind in stash)
- Over 470,000 Elites killed and nearly 9,400,000 monsters killed
- All artisans maxed out.
- And much much more!
3. Diablo 3 EU side. Been playing this one while US servers were down or when EU friends were online. Featuring:
- Paragon 817 Softcore (was Season 1 character)
- Demon Hunter x4
1. Cold\Fire M6 CA build. Optimized for GRifts. Capable of solo 50+. Fully set. 49+ gems.
2. Fire M6 Multishot build. Optimized for fast T6 runs with boon and goldwrap. Fully set.
3. Natalya Lighting Strafe. Optimized for fast T6 runs with boon and goldwrap. Fully set.
4. Unhallowed Essence Gear. Not yet Finished. Missing some pieces.
- All other classes with starter gear. Sort them out and can easily farm T6.
- Tons of crafting mats:
over 148,000 veiled crystals
over 33,000 reusable parts
over 45,000 arcane dust
over 12,500 forgotten souls
over 18,000 deaths breaths
over 43 Ramaladni's Gifts
over 2,400 of each damn color kind of imperial gems (for jewelry rerolls)
over 10-40 flawless imperials gems of each color for easy gem switches
over 300 marquise gems of each color
- Great SoJ collection for Dex users or Uni-Class. Immunity ammies with great rolls
- Stacked legendary potions for whatever you may want
- Over 2400 Keystones of trials + some ranked one (don’t count on ranked ones, hence I’m still occasionally playing)
- Over 400 regular rift key stones
4. Word of Warcraft achievements.
Unfortunately my WoW account of 7 years has been banned on January 22nd 2014 for using PQR. Biggest ban wave. Been a lazy raider, and a lot of people were using it, thought it was safe. Apparently not. But thanks to this experience, I keep my Diablo 3 account crystal clear of any 3rd party shit.
However achievements, pets and mounts are still available if you merge a WoW copy with this battle.net account. If you manage to convince Blizzard to un-ban it, you will get an account that has a million gold, all profs maxed out (Pandaria), 10 90s of all classes on Illidan US 6\4 Alliance\Horde. And here is why, banned, but extremely valuable:
-Over 17,000 achievements (when you login into game it will be about 17600) before WoD, as of January 22nd 2014. Armory shows only ~17,200 due to being stupid and not merging faction-side achievements correctly. A lot of tough to get ones. Like:
"of the Horde (50k left to "The Bloodthirsty")
"Khan (almost complete, just need 100 wins in 3\5)"
"1750 arena in all brackets"
"The Beloved (60 reps Exalted)"
"What a long strange trip its been (World events)"
"Proven Defender + Assailant"
"The Undaunted (has the Phoenix, Gold acheivements"
"Brawler (Rank 8)"
- 192 mounts upon Panda Expack, such as:
o Spectral Tiger. Source: Trading Card Game. Or 350k gold on AH
o Violet Pandaren Phoenix. Gold achievements in Panda dungeons
o Ashes of Alar. Dropped in Tempest Keep. Drop chance: Very Low
o Swift Zulian Tiger. Doesn't drop anymore. Old Zul'Aman raid drop
o Swift Razzashi Raptor. Doesn't drop anymore. Old Zul'Aman raid drop
o Ashhide Mushan Beast. 500 bloody coins on Timeless Isle
o Blazing Drake. Drops in: Dragon Soul (cache). Drop chance: Very Low
o Black Drake. The Obsidian Sanctum 10 man +3
o Twilight Drake. The Obsidian Sanctum 25 man +3
o Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher. Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player) (Gotten during Wotlk)
o Blue Proto-Drake. Drops in: Utgarde Pinnacle (Heroic). Drop chance: Very Low
o Blue Drake. Drops in: The Eye of Eternity. Drop chance: Low
o Celestial Steed. Pet Store $25
o Crimson Cloud Serpent. Glory of the Pandaria Hero
o Crimson Deathcharger. From Frostmourne chest
o Fossilized Raptor. Archeology
o Dark Riding Talbuk. Halaa Tokens in Nagrand.
o Drake of the East Wind. Glory of the Cataclysm Raider
o Flameward Hippogryph. The Molten Front Offensive all achievements completed
o The Horseman's Reins. Halloween mount.
o Brewfest both mounts. Brewfest event mounts
o All Nether Ray mounts. Sha'tari Skyguard - Exalted
o All Netherwing mounts. Netherwing - Exalted
o Green Proto-Drake. Got mine from that damn murlock egg
o Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher. Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 player)
o All The Silver Covenant-Exalted mounts
o Raven Lord. Dropped from Anzu in Sethekk Halls (Heroic). Very Low
o Rusted Proto-Drake. Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player)
o All profesion mounts, such as Sandstorm Drake and Sky Golem
o White Hawkstrider. Magister's Terrace (Heroic). Low
o Tyrael's Charger. You get the mount from the Annual Pass that was offered till May 1st of 2012.
o Violet Proto-Drake. What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been. World Events
o Volcanic Stone Drake. Glory of the Cataclysm Hero
o X-53 Touring Rocket. Recruit a friend.
o And a ton of other Exalted reps and so on mounts.
- Total of 343 pets. 252 of them - unique. Never bothered to level them, because found it very boring. Only liked collecting them. By filtering results (Blue - uncheck, Green - check) shows 134. Drop Blizzard Pet Store Achievement World Event Promotion Profession Pet Battle Quest Trading Card Game Vendor Other
So I will list only some of them:
o Celestial Dragon. Collect 150 unique pets
o Disgusting Oozeling. Extremly low drop chance. Or 15k gold on AH
o Moonkin Hatchling. Pet store. $10
o Vampiric Batling. Not available anymore. KZ even long ago
o Baby Blizzard Bear. Promotion: 4th WoW Anniversary
o Azure Whelpling. Extremely low drop chance in Winterspring. 0.5%. 15k gold on AH
o Captured Firefly. Extremely low drop chance from 1 mob in Zanga. 8k gold on AH
o Feral Vermling. Collect 250 unique pets
o Lil' Tarecgosa. Guild achievement to obtain Firelands legendary
o Guardian Cub. Pet Store. Not obtainable anymore except AH (if any left there)
o Quivering Blob. Drops from Primodius. 0.03% drop rate (WoWhead)
o Onyxian Whelpling. Promotion: 5th WoW Anniversary
o Mr. Grubbs. Jeeze, I've farmed this one myself. Was pain. Eastern Plagues. Idk how much on AH
o Warbot Ignition Key. Promotion: Mountain Dew Game Fuel (Summer 2007)
o Goblin pet. Diablo 3 RoS Deluxe Edition.
o All Childrens Week pets and many more.
Why am I selling such a great account?
Now that I've got a full time job, I don't have much free time play, except evening and weekends. This is truly Godlike account, but I can’t maintain it.
The Battle.net is being sold all together – Diablo 3 + WoW trophies. If it could be sold separately, it would have been gone from the auction long time. So don’t bother messaging saying “Ï want only D3” or “only WoW”, even though prices I’ve been offered are exactly what I want for a particular part. However bundle is a bundle.
If you wonder why I’m not attaching a copy of WoW to the account myself to just skip the whole “banned» part and sell it as a “lots of rare stuff WITH playable WoW character”, here is an answer: 1. Not quite enough time. 2. I’d still squeeze in for weekend raiding and arena, to get up-to-date gear, more achievements etc. but the price would go much higher. Therefore I don’t even want to start.
Anon armory links and Screenshots:
World of Warcraft Anonymous ArmoryMeanwhile, you can browse FULL account info, detailed with every single piece of gear it has via these albums. Nicely piled and sorted. Updated every week or two, when I have time. Can’t upload them all here, as it is over 600 screenshots and PlayerAuctions acts like a retard when uploading screens. If you have trouble viewing, let me know.
Account Overview and GR records (US + EU)Leaderboard AchievementsEU - Demon Hunter - M6 GRiftsEU - Demon Hunter - M6 T6 RiftsEU - Demon Hunter - Natalya T6 RiftsEU - Demon Hunter - UnhallowedEU - Extra Demon Hunter GearEU - Extras (SoJ,ammies,pots etc)EU - Other ToonsEU - StashUS - Barbarian - Raekor
US - Barbarian - Wasted Immortal KingUS - CrusaderUS - Demon Hunter - M6 GRiftsUS - Demon Hunter - M6 T6 RiftsUS - Demon Hunter - Unhallowed EssenceUS - Extra Barbarian GearUS - Extra Demon Hunter GearUS - Extra Monk GearUS - Extra Witch Doctor GearUS - Extra Wizard GearUS - Hardcore StashUS - Monk - 1k Storms GRiftsUS - Monk - Inna T6 RiftsUS - Softcore StashUS - Witch Doctor - Carnevil GRiftsUS - Witch Doctor - Soul HarvesterUS - Wizard - Firebird T6 RiftsUS - Wizard - TalRasha GRifts 

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