Spotlight 10. Module 3, 3c. Future tenses

Spotlight-10. Module 3-3c. Future tenses.
Future Simple.If you eat a lot of sweet things, you _____ (become) overweight.
I’m sure he _____ (come) to the party.
Maybe we _____ (go) shopping today in the evening.
He promises he ______ (return) the money in time.
She’s sleepy. She _____ (go) to bed earlier.
He expects, she _____ (cook) dinner today.
Future Continuous.______ (he\read) the book tonight?
Tom booked the table in advance. So they _____ (eat) out in that restaurant in the evening.
This time next month we _____ (swim) in the warm waters of the sea.
Future Perfect.They _____ (print) all the documents by 4 o’clock.
Before she goes to bed, she _____ (read) the book up to the end.
They _____ (finish) building the house by then.
Other ways to express future.We ______ (watch) a new movie in the cinema tonight. We have two tickets.
The train _____ (leave) at 6 in the evening.
Look at the girl’s sad face. It seems like she _____ (cry).
I ______ (drink) coffee.
They _____ (open) a new shop there.

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