Tests on History of International Relations-1
For second year students
Instructor – Taichikova K.T.$$$1. What European state first recognized England as a republic?
$$$2. What was the main event for the History of England in XVII c.?
$$Revolution of 1640-1660
$Treaty with Russia
$Conquest of Belgium and Holland
$Ending of Thirty Years’ War
$$$3. It was the greatest sea and trade state in Europe in the XVII c.:
$$$4. System of European blocks and coalitions was formed in:
$$17 c.
$18 c.
$19 c.
$20 c.
$$$5. Dates of the "Thirty Years’ War", "Seven Years’ War", "100 Years’ War"
$$1618-1648, 1756-1763, 1338-1418
$1628-1658, 1766-1773, 1348-1358
$1638-1668, 1750-1757, 1345-1445
$164S-1678, 1758-1765, 1341-1441
$$$6. When did Richelieu rule in France?
$$1624- 1642
$$$7. When was the Westphalia treaty concluded?
$$$8. What states were trade and sea rivalries in the XVII c.?
$$Spain and Holland
$Russia and Turkey
$France and Sweden
$Italy and Austria
$$$9. What was the main aim of the diplomatic activity of the European states in the XVI-XVIII cc?
$$ Naval, political and colonial domination
$Capture of new lands
$Development of industry
$Conclusion of peaceful treaties
$$$10Who was a founder of the contemporary diplomacy?
$$Louis XI
$Nikollo Makievelli$K.Marx
$Ratsel$$$11. What was the main significance of the Westphalia treaty?
$$Establishment of internal arrangement of Germany and confirmation of political disintegration
$Strengthening of the Great Britain
$Non-attack of Germany by England troops
$Weakening of Hapsburg dynasty
$$$12. Who became a warrant of the Westphalia Treaty?
$$France, Sweden
$Turkey, Spain
$$$13. When was the Utrecht Treaty concluded?
$$April,11 1713
$February 14, 1769
$December 19, 1879
$October 25, 1745
$$$14. What states concluded the Utrecht Treaty?
$$France, Spain,England, Holland, Brandenburg and Savoy
$Russia and Turkey
$Spain and Turkey
$Kazakhstan and Russia
$$$15. What two problems of XVII c were inherited by Peter I?
$$Turkish and Sweden wars
$Domination of Wigs party
$England-Holland conflict
$Amsterdam Treaty conclusion
$$$16. Louis XIV successor ruling was a time of...
$$Collapse of French absolutism and foreign policy
$Collapse of French colonies
$Prosperity of France
$Foundation of French empire
$$$17. What became as a result of misfortunes of Louis XV policy?
$$lost of American colonies (Canada and Louisiana)
$Settled of French colonists
$Likhen Treaty conclusion
$England-Holland war
$$$18. What does the Turkish problem mean for Peter I?
$$Entrance to Black sea
$Amsterdam treaty conclusion
$Prosperity of Turkic sultans
$Domination of Turkey
$$$19. War for Spanish succession dated:
$$$20. When was Peter I proclaimed as an Emperor?
$$$21. What state was a naval rivalry of England in the XVII?
$$$22. Against what state was the Declaration of Naval Neutrality
directed? (February 28, 1780)
$$$23. What pushed the war for the Spanish succession?
$$Death of childless king Charles II
$Defeat of France
$Refusal from sign document
$Interference to internal affairs of Spain
$$$24. Name the biggest colonial state in the middle of the XVIIc.
$$$25. When was Nimvegen Treaty concluded?
$$$26. According to what treaty France gained part of Luxemburg, Rusel, Genegau, Artua?
$$1659 Pereney Treaty with Spain
$1648 Westphal Treaty
$1618 Lakhen Treaty
$1679 Nimvegen Treaty
$$$27. What Declaration was offered by Russia on February 27, 1780 during the Anglo-American War?
$$About naval neutrality
$About conclusion peaceful treaties
$About non attack of Turkey
$Russian laws
$$$028. Date of struggle for Independence of the USA?
$$$29. What principle was declared as the main one
while rising for Independence of the USA?.
$$Nation sovereignty
$Follow to laws
$Liberation of Negro
$right for Negro trade
$$$30. What state recognized the USA as a republic and concluded treaty with in 1778?
$$$31. After Seven Years’ war Canada was ceded to
$$$32. What aim of the foreign policy was solved for the USA in the XVIII c?
$$Non-interference to internal affairs of the USA
$Conclusion treaties
$Respect of sovereignty
$Non-attack of the USA
$$$33. The main principle of the foreign policy of France in the ruling of Convention was:
$$Peace and justice principle
$Respect of human rights
$Principle of nation sovereignty
$Victory over military coalitions
$$$34. When was the Decree of refusal adopted , where French as a nation free from wars?
$$December 1791
$January 1792
$February 1792
$December 1795
$$$35. What battle was called "Battle of Nations"?
$$Leipzig battle 1813
$Russian-Turkish war
$Thirty Years’ War 1618-1648
$Seven Years’ War 1756-1763
$$$36. How was called the document, where allies within the anti French coalition obliged not to conclude separate treaties with France?
$$Shamon Tractate
$Conception of Diplomacy
$Aix Chapell Treaty
$Human Rights Declaration
$$$37. When was Tilzit treaty concluded?
$$1807, 8 July
$1805, 5 August
$1803, 8 June
$1801, 15 May
$$$38. Against what states was secret agreement concluded by Austria, England and France on January 3, 1815?
$$Russia, Turkey
$Austria, Belgium
$German, Portugal
$$$39. War against Napoleon for Russia was:
$$Great patriotic war
$Bourgeois revolution
$Cultural revolution$National war
$$$40. Decree about Continental blockade was directed against
$$$41. When was the Act of Vienna Congress concluded?
$$9 июня 1815г.$9 July 1813$4 August 1883
$27 April 1825
$$$42. Who represented France at Vienna Congress 1815?
$Louis XI
$Louis XVI
$Т. Liber$$$43. According to the Vienna Congress:
$$Germany was divided into 39 independent states
$War with discrimination began
$Germany received Independence
$Spain proclaimed sovereignty
$$$44. How was called document,which unificated different diplomatic representatives?
$$Vienna Regulations
$Vienna Congress
$Aix La Chapel Congress
$Amsterdam treaty
$$$45. On Vienna Congress neutrality forever was declared to
$$$46. What states played leading role in Vienna Congress1815:
$$England, Austria, Prussia, Russia
$England, France, Russia
$England, Austria, Prussia, Spain
$England, France, Austria
$$$47. When was Holy Alliance founded?
$$$48. What states were entered to Holy Alliance?
$$All continental monarchs, excluding Rome Pope and Turkey
$Holland, Portugal
$Turkey, Russia
$Spain, Italy, France
$$$49. The main reason of the collapse of Holy Alliance was:
$$Internal contradictions
$Non following of the Alliance’s laws
$Non respect of human rights
$Trade-economic contradictions
$$$50. How many International Congresses were held by Holy Alliances?
$$$51. What states didn’t join to Holy Alliance?
$$Rome Pope an Turkish Sultan
$Sweden, Italy
$Russia, Turkey
$Turkey, Spain
$$$52. Where was held first Congress of Holy Alliance?
$$Aix la Chapele
$in Russia
$in France
$in Turkey
$$$53. “Eastern Question” is
$$Fate of Ottoman Empire territories
$Non-knowledge of eastern languages
$Anglo-Turkish war
$Turkish domination on international area
$$$54. When was “Eastern question” formed?
$$XVIII c.$XV c.$XIX c.$XVI-XVIII cc.$$$55. Call main rivalries in "Eastern question" in 70-s of the XIX c:
$$Austro-Hungary and Russia
$England and Russia
$Turkey and Russia
$Russia and Germany
$$$56. “Eastern question” was led by national-liberation movement of what nationality?
$$$57. What is the essence of Munich Convention 1833?
$$Military interference of Russia and Austria to internal affairs of Turkey
$Military interference of Turkey to internal affairs of Russia
$Turkey didn’t help to Russia
$Turkey distributed military expenses
$$$58. Why was the Conference of European states was held in London in 1840?
$$Closing of straits in peaceful time
$Opening straits in peaceful time
$Security and protection of England citizens in China
$Opening straits during the war
$$$59. Paris Congress 1856 declared:
$$"Peace, friendship and union will be exist forever"
$ Turkey release from help to Russia. Portha obliged to close strait for demanding of Russia
$Russia and Austria undertake mutual actions for preservation of Ottoman Empire.
$Britain and Austria undertake mutual actions for preservation of Ottoman Empire.
$$$60. The Unification of Germany was in:
$$$61. "Greece project" - is
$$Project of Balkan division between Russia and Austria
$Project of the liberation of Balkan principalities
$Support of Greek uprising
$Suppression of Greek uprising
$$$62. The main points of Paris Congress 1856 were:
$$Returning of Kerch to Russia, Neutralization of Black sea and Bessarabia
$Russia and Turkey received equal rights on straits
$Russia returned territories till Prut to Turkey
$Abolition of Russian protectorate over Danubian principalities
S$$63. The main point of London Convention 1841 was -
$$Bosphor and Dardanells declared close for pass military ships of all states
$Closing of Dardanell strait by demanding of Russia
$Russia and Austria agreed to mutual actions if Turkey government would be thrown
$Bosphor and Dardanells declared open for pass military ships of all states
$$$64. London Convention 1841 г. - is
$$ First multisided Convention, devoted to regulation of Black sea straits
$Antiaction of French expansion on the Near East
$"Absolutely Russian interference in internal affairs of Turkey"
$Collective interference of European states in conflict between Turkish Sultan and Egypt Pasha
$$$65. Main slogan of "Monroe’s doctrine" was
$$America for Americans
$Cabot age right
$Divide and rule
$Respect of intact of Turkey
$$$66. «Monroe’s doctrine” led a base of
$$Isolation policy
$policy "European balance"
$"policy of open doors"
$''policy of big log"
$$$67. England recognized the Independence of the USA in:

$$$68. What territory was sold to the USA by Russia in 1867:$$Aleut islands and Alaska
$Aleut islands
$$$69. How was called the main direction of the external policy of the USA in the first half of the XIX c?
$$"Monroe’s doctrine"
$"Doctrine of open doors"
$"Pan Americanism"
$"Policy of big log"
$$$70. What territory was joined to the USA after war with Mexico$$Texas
$$$71. Paris Congress 1856 declared:
$$"Peace, friendship and union will be exist forever”
$Portha obliged to close Dardanells on demand of Russia
$Turkey refuse to help to Russia
$Russia and Austria will undertake mutual actions for preservation of Ottoman empire$$$72. Paris Congress ended
$$Crimean war 1853-1856
$Afghan-Sikh wars 1849
$Russian-Turkish wars 1768- 1774
$Russian-Iranian war 1814
$$$73. Russian merchants received access to Kuldja and Chuguchak according next treaty:
$$$74. When was Kuldja treaty signed?
$$$75. What states were united against Louis XIV foreign policy?
$$England, Holland, Austria
$England, Prussia, Russia
$England, Spain, Italy
$England, Hungary, Italy
$$$76. What territories were places for military actions for Spanish succession?
$$Italian, German, Netherlands territories
$Italian territories
$German territories
$$$77. Between what states “Cordially Entente” was concluded?
$$Great Britain and France
$Germany and Russia
$Italy and USA
$Germany and China
$$$78. What is term “expansion” mean?
$$$79. What treaty introduced to international relations of China “Principle of most favour”?
$Turkmanchai$$$80. What treaty led the beginning of regular and stable trade between Russia and China?
$Finkenstein$$$81. What treaty was signed in 1851?
$Finkenstein$$$82. China, Japan and Korea became "close states"
$$Because of policy of isolation
$Because of backward of European states
$Because of self protection from European states
$Because of creation conditions for development
$$$83. Why was the Conference of European states held in Aix-la-Chapel in 1818?
$$Withdrawal of occupation troops from France
$Suppression of Revolution in Nepalitanian Kingdom and Greece
$Solution of Greek question
$Egyptian crisis
$$$84. Nankin treaty declared:
$$ Security and protection of England citizens in China
$Closing of straits in peaceful time
$Opening straits during the war
$Opening straits in peaceful time
$$$85. According what treaty Hong Kong was given to England?
$$$86. When was begun first "opium war"?
$$$87. What was the reason of Crimean war?
$$“Eastern question” Russian desire to solve it
$Confirmation of the pass trade ships through the straits
$Abolition of serfdom
$Conclusion of peaceful treaty between Russia and France
$$$88. Who did rule by Russia during the Crimean war?
$$Nicole I
$Elizabeth II
$Alexander II
$Nicole II
$$$89. When was Conference about results of Crimean war held?
$$In June 1855
$In January 1850
$In July 1851
$In August 1852
$$$90. What was the date of Crimean war?
$$$91. London treaty 1854 года provided political interests of:
$$England and France against Russia
$England and Austria against Turkey
$France against England
$Russia against Turkey
$$$92 . Who did suggest “Theory of European equality”?
$$N.Makeavely $T.Gobbs$G.Lock$Kessinger$$$93. What military block was formed against Triple Union?
$Holy Alliance
$North-England Union
$Balkan Union
$$$94. Due to what treaty Lombardy was given to Sardinian Kingdom?
$$Willafrank treaty
$Bucharest treaty
$London treaty
$Nankin treaty
$$$95. On July11,1859 between Austria and France was signed:
$$Willafrank treaty
$London treaty
$Bucharest treaty
$Paris treaty
$$$96. What was the main aim of the revolution 1848-1849 in Germany?
$$ National unification
$Receiving of Independence
$Entrance to military alliances
$Declaration of new Constitution
$$$97. What does plan of "Small Germany "mean?
$$Unification of German states under the head of Prussia and inclusion of Austria
$Unification of German states under the head of Austria
$Unification of German states under the head of Austria without Prussia
$Unification of German states according federal principle
$$$98. Who did say "Great problems decide by iron and blood”
$$$99. Prussia and Austria received Shchlezwig and Holstein according:
$$Vienna treaty
$Willafrank treaty
$Prague treaty$Andrionopol treaty
$$$100. What event promoted to the unification of Italy?
$$Failure of Second Empire in France
$Withdrawal of troops from Rome
$Unification of Germany
$Expansionist policy of France
$$$101. Olmuts treaty was concluded in 1850 г. between:
$$Prussia and Austria
$Prussia and France
$Austria and England
$England and Russia
$$$102. Meeting of Alexander II and Napoleon III was in:
$$1857 in Shtutgart
$1858 in Plombier$1859 in Paris$1863 in Vienna
$$$103. "Greece project" - is
$$Division of Balkans between Russia and Austria
$Liberation of Balkan states
$Supporting of Greece uprising
$Suppression of Greece uprising
$$$104. What states were included in "European Concert"
$$Austria, Russia, Prussia, Great Britain, France
$Austria, Great Britain, Turkey, Russia
$Great Britain, Russia, France, Austria
$Austria, Prussia, Turkey
$$$105. Autonomy of Serbia and Greece was given according
$$London protocol 1830
$Nankin treaty
$Adrionopol treaty
$Bucharest treaty
$$$106. What territories did lost France after Franko-Prussian war?
$$Alsace and Lorraine
$Savoy and Nizza$Lombardy and Alsace
$Alsace and Tulon$$$107. What was the result of Austro-Prussian war 1866 ?
$$Austria left German Union
$Austria lost a part of own territory
$Block of German states founded against Austria
$Austria was under the influence of Prussia
$$$108. Date of the Sino-Japanese War
$$$109. Napoleon invasion into Russia was in:
$$June 1812-December 1812
$January 1812-December 1812
$June 1812-December 1813
$June 1812-June 1813
$$$110. What states entered to Triple Union, formed in 1882г
$$Germany, Austro-Hungary, Italy
$Germany, Russia, Austro-Hungary
$Russia, England, France
$Italy, Russia, England
$$$111. Who were the main rivalries in "Eastern question" in 70-s XIX c:$$Austro-Hungary and Russia$England and Russia
$Turkey and Russia
$Russia and Germany
$$$112. When was "Union of three emperors" formed?
$$$113. Bismarck was involved in negotiating all of the following diplomatic arrangements EXCEPT the
$$Dual Entente
$Dual Alliance
$Triple Alliance
$Reinsurance Treaty
$$$114. China lost Korea according:
$$Simonosek treaty
$San-Stefan treaty
$Port Smooth treaty
$Paris treaty
$$$115. What were the main conditions of Simonosek treaty?
$$Refusal of China from power over Korea
$Division of China by imperialistic states
$Turning of China to colony
$Establishment principle of "equal possibilities" in China
$$$116. In what state the USA declared policy of "open doors"?
$$$117. What treaty confirmed semi colonial dependence of China ?$$Nankin
$Simonosek$Aigun$$$118. When was Spain-American war?
$$$119. The Thirty Years War was divided into next stages except:
$$ The Spanish period (1625-1627)
$The Bohemian period (1618-1625)
$ The Swedish Period (1629-1635)
$Swedish-French period (1635-1648)
$$$120. How should the following phases of the French Revolution be listed in chronological order, from earliest to latest?
DirectioryLegislative Assembly
National Assembly
$$$121.Call the first Britain dominion:
$New Zealand
$$$122.When was Anglo-Boer war?
$$$123.When did Italy leave Triple Union?
$$$124.Panslavism in the 19 th century sought to unite all of the following into a single entity EXCEPT
$The Czechs
$$$125.The Thirty Years War was in:
$$$126.The Turkish advances into Central Europe during the 17 th century were thwarted primarily by
$$Leopold I
$Louis XIV
$Oliver Cromwell
$Charles V
$$$127. What military block was formed against Triple Union?
$Holy Alliance
$North-England Union
$Balkan Union
$$$128.In the XVI c. a few centers of contradictions between leading states were formed, except:
$$Russia and Ottoman empire$Franco-Hapsburg
$Netherlands and Spain
$$$129.Which of the following peace settlements concluded wars during the reign of Louis XIV?
Peace of Augsburg
Treaty of NimwegenTreaty of Ryswick
Peace of Utrecht
Treaty of Paris
$$II,III, and IV only
$I,II,III and IV only
$I,III,IV and V only
$I,II,III,IV, and V
$$$130.The Unification of Germany was in:
$$$131.Bismark/s Kulturkampf constituted
$$An attack on the Catholic church and the Center party.
$an assault on the remnants of Hapsburg support within the German Empire.$An attack upon the Social Democratic party.$A provocation intended to lead to war with France.
$$$132.The battle that influenced France to become involved in the American War of Independence was
$Guilford Court House
$$$133.The Thirty Years’ War became primarily a political conflict during the
$$Swedish-French phase.$Danish phase.
$Swedish phase.
$Bohemian phase.$$$134.The political and diplomatic goals of the German chancellor Bismarck included all of the following EXCEPT
$$Gaining economic influence over the Ottoman Empire.
$Establishing an alliance system centered around Germany.
$Creating and preserving a united Germany.$Founding a German Empire.
$$$135.The Peace of Westphalia (1648) severely limited the expansion of
$$The Counter-Reformation.$Lutheranism.$Calvinism.$Sweden.$$$136.Which of the following countries was LEAST active in acquiring a colonial empire during the period from 1870- to 1914?
$$$137.The Unification of Germany in 1870 represented
$$The triumph of Bismarck’s policy.$The triumph of liberalism in Germany.$A gain in prestige for Austria-Hungary.$A triumph for Russian foreign policy.$$$138.Which of the following areas did NOT experience a revolution during 1830?
$Western Germany
$$$139.Which of the following consistently opposed Italian unification?
$$The Hapsburg family
$The state of Piedmont
$The pope
$The Prussian government
$$$140.Panslavism in the 19 th century sought to unite all of the following into a single entity EXCEPT
$The Czechs
$$$141.Which principle best describes Prince Metternich’s “Concert of Europe” idea?
$$European security was dependent on Great Power cooperation.
$The culture of European nations was more important than their political differences.
$Revolutionary movements would fail without international cooperation.
$Limited constitutional monarchies were the wave of future.
$$$142.All of the following became independent nations during the 19 th century EXCEPT
$$$143.All of the following factors in 15 th and 16 th century Europe contributed to the exploration and colonization of the New World EXCEPT
$$The overthrow of the traditional hierarchical social structure.$An increase in Europe’s population.$An increase in the wealth of the major European powers.$Major technical advances in navigation equipment.$$$144.The Holy Alliance was
Established to maintain Catholic leaders in power.
Designed to secure the arrangements of the Congress of Vienna.
A Russian-based device to suppress revolutionary forces such as nationalism and liberalism.
Used effectively by Metternich during the first decade after the congress of Vienna.
Supported by the victorious powers of Russia, Austria, Prussia, and England.
$$II,III,IV, and V only.
$I,II and III only.
$II,III and IV only.
$I,III IV, and V only.
$$$145.Leopold I’s major achievements during his leadership of Austria were
The defeat of Ottoman Turks.
The economic recovery of Austria through industrialism.
Restoring the status of the Hapsburg family after humiliation of the Peace of Westphalia.
Serving as a principal power in the coalition against Louis XIV.
His liberal policies or religion, ethnicity, and representative government.
$$I,III, and IV only
$I,II,III,IV,V$I and II only
$I,II, and V only
$$$146.The preeminent advocate of Italian nationalism during the first half of the 19 th century was
$Charles Albert
$$$147.From the European perspective, the principal outcome of the Seven Years’ War was the
$$Subsequent struggle between Prussia and Austria for hegemony in Central Europe.$Continuing Anglo-French colonial rivalry.
$Containment of British involvement on the Continent.$End of Sweden as a great power.$$$148.Venetia was annexed by Italy
$$After German Civil War.$Through the Peace of Villafranca.$Immediately after Garibaldi’s expedition.$After the Franco-Prussian War.$$$149.Bismarck was involved in negotiating all of the following diplomatic arrangements EXCEPT the
$$Dual Entente
$Dual Alliance
$Triple Alliance
$Reinsurance Treaty
$$$150.Prior to the opening of the Congress of Berlin, British Prime Minister Disraeli and his Foreign Secretary Salisbury had concluded
I. An Anglo-Russian understanding.
II.An Anglo-Turkish accord.III. An Anglo-Austrian agreement.
An Anglo-German accord.
An Anglo-Dutch accord.
$$I,II, and III only
$I only
$I and II only
$I,II,III, and V only
$$$151.The new tendencies that appeared in the development of the international relation the beginning of the XIX c.$$Appearing of the multilateral diplomacy system, transition from the conception of superiority of nation to the conception of the community of international interests in theory and diplomacy in practice.
$Community of dynastic interests of the ruling monarchy;
$Solving of the international conflicts by peaceful means. Transition from the conception of the superiority of nation to the conception of the community of international interests in theory and diplomacy in practice;
$Dynastic wars as a main push up of the international relations “principle of the state interests” political equilibrium and “principle of natural borders” as the main regulators of international relations;
$$$152.The union of the European states that thought as a prototype of the I International Organization.$$The Holy Alliance
$European Economic Community
$West-European Alliance
$The Alliance of Four Emperors
$$$153.Historians consider the first appearance of idea of the community of European interests, shown in “The Holy Alliance”:
$$In instruction of Austrian ambassador Kauniz count on July 17, 1791
$In E.Kants political tractates
$In V.Hugou’s works$In Metternich;s diplomatic note on 15 August 1790
$$$154.In the XIX c. the leader of the international and European policy was:
$$$155.Countries, that had more colonies and was the greatest colonial power in the XIX c.
$$$156.“Eastern Question” essence:
$$The problem of interrelation between the European countries and the Turkish empire for their interests in African colonies, Balkans, the Black sea, Bospor, Dardanella channels.
$Collisions and fights of the great sea countries for the power over North seas and the control over sea trade
$Competition and fight of Russia, Prussia and Austria for parting the Polish territory and joining it to their countries.$Fight among the great European countries for leadership in Europe.$$$157.What states alliance at the half of the XIX c. was called “European concert”?
$$Russia, Austria, France, Prussia, England
$Russia, Austria, Prussia, France
$Russia, England, Prussia
$Russia, Austria, Prussia, Italy, Holland
$$$158.“The Holy Alliance” activities principles were:
$$Legitimacy principle, warranty principle of the Christianity in Europe, principle of stability of Europe by repressing the national-liberation and revolutions.
$Legitimacy principle, principle of the superiority of the international law, principle of warranty of Christianity in Europe.$Principle of unity of monarchy families interests in Europe, principle of state interests superiority, principle of repressing of national revolutions.$Principle of supporting the progressive national and revolution movements in Europe, principle of the international Law superiority; principle the balance of power and interests of European policy.
$$$159.How many congresses were held during “The Holy Alliance” activity?
$$$160.Make the congresses of the Holy Alliance in chronological order:
$$Aix-la-Chappel, Tropau-Laibekh, Verona Congresses.$Tropau-Leibakh, Aix-la-Chappel, Verona Congresses.$Verona,Aix-la-Chappel, Tropau-Laibakh Congresses.
$Aix-la-Chappel, Verona, Tropau-Laibakh Congresses.$$$161.Who was author of the idea of creation “The All European Monarcy Areopagus” based on the Holy Alliance?
$$Castlery$Alexander I
$$$162.What became a reason of split of the Holly Alliance?
$$National revolutions in Spain, Nepal, Piedmont.
$Contradictions between Prussia and Austria.$Uprising in Greece.
$Turn of England foreign policy connected with Canning becoming as a state-secretary of foreign policy.
$$$163.Prussia received Holstein according:
$$Prague treaty
$Willafrank treaty
$Vienna treaty
$Andrionopol treaty
$$$164.The main reason of changing in foreign policy of England in the framework of the “Holy Alliance” – course for supporting the national-revolution movements.$$Strengthening of the trade industrial bourgeois in England, particularly at the British parliament.
$“Monroe’s doctrine” proclaiming by the USA.$Aggravation of contradictions between Russia and Austria, concerning unification of Germany.$Aggravation of contradictions between the European countries because of “The Eastern question”.$$$165.Country that recognized Greeks and Turks as “fighting sides” during the national revolution 1821-1822 in Greece.$$England
$$$166.What state did conquer Guam in the end of the XIX c.?
$$$167.What state did receive monopolian right on building of Panama canal in 1901?
$$$168.To what state did belong Marian islands eve the I WW?
$$$169.Call the first Britain dominion:
$New Zealand
$$$170.When was Anglo-Boer war?
$$$171.Burma was a colony of?
$$$172.China lost Korea according:
$$Simonosek treaty
$San-Stefan treaty
$Port Smooth treaty
$Paris treaty
$$$173.What were the main conditions of Simonosek treaty?
$$Refusal of China from power over Korea
$Division of China by imperialistic states
$Turning of China to colony
$Establishment principle of "equal possibilities" in China
$$$174.In what state the USA declared policy of "open doors"?
$$$175.What treaty confirmed semi colonial dependence of China ?$$Nankin
$Simonosek$Aigun$$$176.Autonomy of Serbia and Greece was given according
$$London protocol 1830
$Nankin treaty
$Adrionopol treaty
$Bucharest treaty
$$$177. Egypt ruled Palestine during
$$$178. Palestine was under the rule of Ottoman empire during
$$$179. What does plan of "Small Germany "mean?
$$Unification of German states under the head of Prussia and exclusion of Austria
$Unification of German states under the head of Austria
$Unification of German states under the head of Austria without Prussia
$Unification of German states according federal principle
$$$180. What does plan of "Greater Germany "mean?
$$Unification of German states under the head of Prussia and inclusion of Austria
$Unification of German states under the head of Austria
$Unification of German states under the head of Austria without Prussia
$Unification of German states according federal principle
$$$181. The Northern war Russia fought against:
$Ottoman Empire
$$$182. By Nishtadt treaty (1721) Russia got:
$$Estland, Liflandia, Ingermanland$Poland, Bessarabia
$Danubian principalities
$$$183. Russia got an access to the Baltic sea after:
$$Northern war (1701-1721)
$Russian-Turkish war 1768-1774
$division of Poland
$Seven Years’ War
$$$184. Russia got after partitions of Poland:
$$Western Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania
$Moldova and Bessarabia
$Danubian Principalities
$Excess to the Baltic sea$$$185. The Paris treaty 1763 ended:
$$7-years war
$30-years war
$war for Spanish succession
$war for Austrian succession
$$$186. Poland was partitioned between Russia, Prussia, and:
$Great Britain
$$$187. Major colonial rivals in the XVIIIc.:$$France and Britain
$Holland and Sweden
$Russia and Ottoman Empire
$Spain and Portugal
$$$188. The first colonial empires were set up by:
$$Portugal and Spain
$Great Britain
$$$189. The Northern empire on the Baltic sea in XVIIIc.:$$Swedish
$$$190. In 1609 Spain and Netherlands concluded the:
$$12-year truce
$Nimvgen treaty
$Westphalian treaty
$20-year truce
$$$191. The Eighty Years war was concluded by the 17 provinces against:
$Ottoman empire$$$192. The main reason for Louis XIV wars:
$$to reduce the power of Hapsburgs
$to reduce the power of Hohensollerns$to destruct Spain
$excess to the Baltic sea$$$193. The 30-years war was waged:
$$on German lands
$on Spanish lands
$on American continent
$in Asia
$$$194. The international system of Westphalia peace rests on:
$$Osnabruck and Munster treaties
$Versailles treaty
$Paris treaty
$Vienna treaty
$$$195. The 30-years war began in:
$$$196. The 30-years war started as:
$$$197. The dominant country after 30 years war was:
$Great Britain
$$$198. Both the French and the British were interested in controlling Egypt in the middle XIX c. because Egypt had:
$$strategic location
$economic developed state
$rich raw materials
$military developed state
$$$199. The western powers intervened China in early XX c. to suppress:
$$Boxer rebellion
$Sipay’s rebellion
$Opium war
$$$200. The USA purchased Louisiana from:
$Great Britain
$$$201. The Louisiana Purchase had great geographical significance for US because it:
$$focused the USA on the westward expansion
$focused the USA on the eastward expansion
$facilitated conquest of Mexico
$isolated of Europe
$$$202. The ally of Russia in 7-years war:
$$$203. The pretext for Russo-Turkish war of 1787-1789 was ultimatum of Turkey that:
$$claimed return of Crimea
$claimed return Danube Principalities
$claimed return Moldova
$claimed return straits
$$$204. The Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774 ended by:
$$Kuchuk-Kainardji treaty
$Gulistan treaty
$Bucharest treaty
$Unikjar-Iskeles treaty
$$$205. French and Indian war, Carnatic and Silezian wars are part of:
$$7-years war
$30-years’ war
$100-years war
$French-Italian wars
$$$206. The Declaration of Pilnitz was issued by monarchs of
$$Prussia and Austria
$Austria and Russia
$Italy and Austria
$Prussia and Russia
$$$207. The crucial battle that changed the plans of Napoleon to invade England:
$$$208. Russia in 1810 introduced high customs duties on French import:
$$serious economic situation in the country
$continental blockade
$French campaign to Russia
$political crisis in Russia
$$$209. The reasons of the Russo-Turkish war (1806-1812):
$$Turkish-French alliance
$Turkish-British alliance
$Turkish-Iranian alliance
$Turkish-Italian alliance
$$$210. In 1812 Napoleon invaded:
$$$211. An alliance of European states and Russia in the first half of XIX c. to fight liberation movements:
$$Holly Alliance
$League of Nations
$Triple Union
$$$212. Russia got the right to be protector of orthodox Christian in the Ottoman lands under:
$$San-Stefano treaty
$Kuchuk-Kainardji treaty
$Unikar Iskeless treaty
$Gulistan treaty
$$$213. The end of the Ottoman expansion to Europe was marked by:
$$Vienna battle of 1683
$7-years war
$30-years war
$Napoleon’s invasion
$$$214. The Moslem empire that controlled most of the Middle East and part of Europe till 1923:
$$$215. The “Sick Man of Europe” in XIXc.$$Ottoman Turkey
$$$216. Crimean War was waged by Russia against:
$$Ottoman Turkey, Britain, France
$Prussia, Poland
$Sweden, Norway, Denmark
$$$217. In the Crimean war Ottoman Turkey fought in alliance with:
$$western powers against Russia
$Egypt and Syria
$$$218. The Crimean war ended in:
$$defeat of Russia
$defeat of Prussia
$defeat of Italy
$defeat of Austria
$$$219. In 1869 the geopolitical importance of Egypt grew after completion of:
$$the Suez Canal
$Crimean war
$Unikar-Iskeles treaty
$Unification of Italy
$$$220. Semi-colonies during industrial revolution:
$$India, Iran, China
$Ottoman empire$Egypt and Syria
$$$221. The main objective of foreign policy of Bismarck:
$$diplomatic isolation of France
$diplomatic isolation of Austria
$diplomatic isolation of Great Britain
$diplomatic isolation of Italy
$$$222. The XIX c. ideology that led to unification of Germany and Italy:
$$$223. The disputed land between Germany and France in diplomacy of late XIX c.$$Alsace and Lorraine
$Rheine lands
$Schleswig and Holstein
$$$224. Before unification, Italian kingdoms were under control of:
$Ottoman Empire
$$$225. In XIXc. China, the Opium War resulted in:
$$An increase in European spheres of influence in China
$Development of trade
$Military presence
$Cultural development
$$$226. In early XIXc. British trade with China led to:
$$export of opium to China
$export of cotton
$export of raw materials
$export of tea
$$$227. The Caucasian war of 1864 ended in:
$$Russian conquest of Caucasus
$British conquest of Caucasus
$Russian conquest of Iran
$British conquest of Iran
$$$228. The Berlin Congress (1878) was held to:
$$Revise the terms of 1878 San-Stefano peace treaty
$Revise the terms of Unikar-Isskeles peace treaty
$Revise the terms of 1863 Paris peace treaty
$Revise the terms of Adrionopol peace treaty
$$$229. Major goal to conduct to the Berlin conference of 1884 initiated by Bismarck was to:
$$define the rules to divide Africa
$define the rules to divide Asia
$define the rules to divide China
$define the rules to divide Near East
$$$230. After Berlin conference of 1884 the division of Africa was based on the principle:
$$nations claiming African lands must demonstrate the military potential
$nations claiming African lands must demonstrate the economic potential
$nations claiming African lands must demonstrate the peaceful aims
$nations claiming African lands must demonstrate the aggressive aims
$$$231. The Kanagawa convention of 1854 let the western powers to trade with:
$$$232. Japan occupied Taiwan and Korea after:
$$first Sino-Japanese war
$second Sino-Japanese war
$proclamation Hay’s doctrine
$opium wars
$$$233. The Russo-Japanese war started as a conflict over:
$$part of Manchuria and Korea
$Ussury region
$island Shikotan
$$$234. The victory in the Russo-Japanese war:
$$$235. Japan in 1890s started war with China over:
$$$236. The country that ended Japanese isolation:
$$$237. The country that escaped the European colonization in Asia:
$$$238. When was Anglo-American war?
$$$239. What territory joined to the USA in 1818?
$$Eastern Florida
$Northern Carolina
$$$240. The Civil war (1861-1865) was between:
$$South and North
$USA and Great Britain
$Texas and Connecticut
$USA and Mexico

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