1The Pioneer

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n a major operation in
Nagaland along the
Myanmar border, the Army on
Wednesday retaliated against
insurgents of the National
Socialist Council of Nagaland-
Khaplang (NSCN-K) and
inflicted heavy casualties on
them. No soldier was injured in
the firefight which ensued after
the militants opened fire on an
Army patrol party. Some of the
insurgents are believed to have
escaped across the
International Border (IB).
The Army clarified that it
was not a surgical strike as
troops did not cross the IB.
Incidentally, the Army had
undertaken a cross-border raid
into Myanmar from Manipur
in 2015 after 20 soldiers of the
Dogra Regiment were killed in
an ambush.
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An off-duty BSF
constable was shot dead and
four of his family members sus-
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:) 9:)  & �- 9  "\n\n\n " $  \n?\n\r\n 0\n  &(@ *)@ 7 - *;( [email protected]   [email protected]
 [email protected];
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embers of UGC-appointed
Saksham Taskforce for
ensuring gender sensitisation in
universities have questioned the
Jawaharlal Nehru Universitys
decision to disband Gender
Sensitisation Committee Against
Sexual Harassment (GSCASH).

'-!A7! !F4?7!
he trans Hindon areas of
Ghaziabad and part of
Noida would remain without
Ganga water for about a month
from September 27 to October
25, 2017.
The Ganga water supply
would remain affected due to
cleansing of upper Ganges
canal from Haridwar onward.
Normally, when the water is
stopped from Haridwar bar-
rage, it takes a week to reach
the tail hence the maintenance
department of UP irrigation
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New Delhi:
Fed up of her 62-
year-old handicapped mother-
in law, a 29-year-old woman
first hit her with a wooden stick
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ifty-three Government
schools have submitted to
the Delhi Government, a list
of liquor shops in their vicin-
ity, days after the Aam Aadmi
Party-led dispensation had

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ndia on Wednesday reas-
sured Bangladesh of extend-
ing "diplomatic and humani-
tarian" support on the
Rohingya issue as Dhaka pre-
sented its case
to the envoys of the UN
Security Council member
states here.
More than 436,000
refugees have crossed the bor-
der from Myanmar's Rakhine
state since August 25 when a
military crackdown was
launched following attacks on
security forces allegedly by
Rohingya militants.
"We are fully supportive of
Bangladesh," India's High
Commissioner to Bangladesh
Harsh Vardhan Shringla said.
"We will continue to stand
beside Bangladesh diplomati-
cally and humanitarian way," he
said during an event to mark
the signing of a cooperation
deal between a Bangladeshi and
an Indian health facility in the
presence of Bangladesh's
Foreign Minister AH
Mahmood Ali.
An Indian navy ship will
tomorrow reach the south-
eastern port city of Chittagong
with relief materials for
Rohingyas, days after India
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long-term strategic securi-
ty relationship with India
is "critical" to ensuring freedom
of navigation in the Indian
Ocean, a top US general has
said as he called for strength-
ening bilateral defence ties.
Chairman of the US Joint
Chiefs of Staff General Joseph
Dunford told lawmakers that
the US and India should con-
tinue to expand cooperation in
areas of mutual interest like
maritime security.
"We should also continue
to strengthen our defence rela-
tionship by pursuing opportu-
nities to co-develop and co-
produce defence technology
under the US-India Defence
Technology and Trade
Initiative," he said in a written
response to questions submit-
ted to him ahead of his confir-
mation hearing.
"A long term strategic
security relationship with India
is critical to ensuring freedom
of navigation in the Indian
Ocean," Dunford said during
his re-confirmation hearing
before the Senate Armed
Services Committee.
Noting that the US-India
military relationship is strong
and getting stronger, Dunford
said the two countries cooper-
ate through complex naval
exercises such as Malabar in the
Bay of Bengal as well as robust
engagement through defence
trade and technology cooper-
On China, Dunford said
the US had a range of military
options to support diplomatic
efforts to influence Chinese
Militarily, the Joint Force
will engage with the People's
Liberation Army (PLA) with-
in congressionally mandated
limits, build alliance capacity
through close cooperation, and
maintain international law
through appropriate opera-
tions, he said.
China has shown willing-
ness to use economic leverage
as a way to advance the Chinese
Communist Party's regional
political objectives, Dunford
As China's military mod-
ernisation continues, the US
and its allies and partners will
continue to be challenged to
balance China's influence, he
said. Dunford said the long-
term, sustained presence was
critical to demonstrating that
the US is committed to the
The US will continue to
I,Deepak Kumar S/o Kamal
Singh R/o E-26, Krishan
Vihar Delhi-110086 have lost
my original CBSE 12th

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7%65%+4/5!57.!*)/?'/5,,?4? !+,5
874%6!..!7?4?%6+4'7,,+5:54 5)-!677,
874%6!..!7?4?%-5 /!74:9745*%!76+/5!4
55 5747.5-57,5!,5 !4 5 +/5
+,74'!47 7?7 ,6795[email protected]* * 6745?/
!A7-/?.* 74

hough leading by exam-
ple, Tourism Minister
Alphons Kannanthanam on
Wednesday took Prime
Minister Narendra Modi's
call for 'Swachhta hi Seva'
(cleanliness is service) a tad
too seriously as he got down
to business wiping and
cleaning paan and gutkha-
stained walls with bare hands
without waiting for the clean-
ing gear.
Taking part in the cam-
* %\r !  6, \r\r !  $ \r  &+\r  2  & # $  \n\r\r\n
    \r\r  $ \r / 
2!-  3/ \r\r!" #! $& 2!- \r  7)\r      2!-( ( 
!! \r )$\r &,&
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/\n"4\n\r9   \n
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 \r\n." \n& \n2&
9\n \n\n\r
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7  7 \n1$ \n"\n 
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H\r9\n \n\r\n\n- $
- \n\r \n\n\r
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L7\n "" \r\r
#\r\r\n\r\n\r \n
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he Defence Acquisition
Council (DAC) on
Wednesday cleared a project
worth over

200 crore to
acquire Sonars for the Navy to
significantly boost the anti-sub-
marine warfare capabilities.
Sonars are underwater radars
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1 " \r  ,-

ICC president Sonia
Gandhis decision to remove
Bihar Congress chief Ashok
Chaudhary left him in tears and
fuming. The outgoing PCC
chief, who had a few days back
dared the party high command
to decide his fate, lashed out at
AICC Bihar in charge PC Joshi
and accused him of conspiring
against him and misguiding
Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.
Feeling humiliated, a teary-
eyed and emotional Chaudhary
said he would narrate his woes
to Gandhis and wage a battle
against the elements who were
destroying the Congress.
There was deep-rooted con-
spiracy against me and there
had been deal to appoint a par-
ticular person after my
removal. But it is a fact that I
was the most successful Bihar
Congress president, he said.
Chaudhary was axed on
Tuesday evening and the party
appointed PCC vice-president
Kaukab Quadri as working pres-
ident till a full time president is
nominated. There was mixed
response in faction-ridden Bihar
Congress on Chaudharys
removal, with one faction hail-
ing the high commands decision
and even demanding discipli-
nary action against outgoing
president for his bid to break the
party. AICC member Umakant
Singh demanded action against
Joshi too saying he was more
responsible for the wrongdoings
in Bihar Congress. All the mis-
deeds in PCC were committed
by Chaudhary in connivance
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n one of the major decisions
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BBGC)99 \n\r\r."0GGIGI1GC
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, \n"\n \n H)GBC
=!\n �'$
0200)99 \n\r\r."C1IGIC
)) \n )78.:1B1B
)!�-\n H)C
9\n\n\n!  \n,)7GB2
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6+ 94?
ormer Samajwadi Party MLA Rampal Yadav
from Biswan (Sitapur) joined Bahujan Samaj
Party in Lucknow on Wednesday.

6+ 94?
fter Asaram Bapu, Ram
Rahim and Phalari Baba,
from Sitapur,
Siyaram Das was arrested on
charges of sexual exploitation
on Wednesday.
The police said that besides
rape charges and making an
MMS of his sexual exploits, it
was also being probed that the
was running a school
through his trust and used to
exploit girls with the help of lady
principal, as alleged by a victim.
As per reports, Siyaram
Das used to run a huge
spread across 250
Satrikh in Sitapur and had
been sexually exploiting a girl
for the last 11 months. The vic-
tim appeared before the police
after which a case was regis-
tered on Tuesday night.
She alleged that she was a
student of a school run by the
in Sitapur. She claimed that
the principal sold her for

50,000 after which she was
taken to Barabanki and later to
in Faizabad, Lucknow,
Sitapur and lastly to Agra. At all
these places, she was repeated-
ly sexually exploited by Siyaram
Das and sexually explicit clip-
pings were also made. She
charged that Das held her cap-
tive and threatened her with dire
consequences if she tried to run
away or tell anyone of the
sequence of events. After getting
the victim medically examined
and recording her statement, the
Sitapur Police raided an
and arrested the rapist. The
is now being subjected to sus-
tained interrogation.
Meanwhile, in Ghazipur,
after eloping with her boyfriend,
a girl was found hanging in a
hotel room under mysterious
circumstances on Tuesday night.
As per reports, Pooja of
Kasimabad in Ramghat Colony
of Ghazipur eloped on
September 6 after which her
family members lodged a case
with the police. Two days back,
her elder brother traced Pooja
and after counselling her,
checked into a hotel on Station
Road in Sadar Kotwali area.
After Pooja went inside the
room, her brother told her to
freshen up and went outside.
On his return, the brother
found the room locked from
inside. He later knocked but
when there was no reply, he
alerted the hotel staff, who
called the police. On gaining
access to the room, the cops
found the girls body hanging
from the ceiling. The police fig-
ured that the brother brought
Pooja back from her lover but
when she refused to go home
due to embarrassment, the
brother took her to a hotel. But
as he went to call his other kin,
Pooja ended her life. The body
was sent for autopsy and inves-
tigations are on.
\r!\n!\n \n7\n7\r\r
 )! )

9? -7
he investigation into the
alleged conspiracy behind
the attack on a frontline Kerala
movie actress in February, for
which Malayalam movie
superstar Dileep was arrested
in July is at a crucial stage, the
Prosecution has informed the
High Court.
Responding to queries
from the court amidst its argu-
ments against Dileeps bail
application on Wednesday, the
Prosecution said the investi-
gation was at a crucial stage
and that it would be over
before the expiry of the stipu-
lated period and that the
2\r $ '   
\r  \n\r
\r  ,-
 \r \n\r\r\n  H)
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\r!\n 0\r\r\n
\r!\n\n \n\r\n



he 19th Congress of the Chinese
Communist Party is fast approach-
ing. This is the occasion for
Chinese President Xi Jinping to make
drastic changes, not only in the Central
Committee, who will elect a new
Politburo, but also in the Peoples
Liberation Army (PLA).
On this side of the Himalaya, the
Doklam incident is over; many rejoice that
India won the battle, though some incer-
titude remains and corrective measures
need to be taken to avoid similar incidents
in the future. In this context, it is interest-
ing to look at the changes which are tak-
ing place in the Central Military
Commission (CMC).
Chen Li, one of the best PLA watch-
ers wrote for Brookings: If many analysts
prove correct in their forecasts, Chinas mil-
itary leadership will undergo an unprece-
dentedly large-scale turnover Xi Jinpings
bold, years-long campaign against corrup-
tion has already reached high into the
ranks of the military elite purging tigers
like Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, both for-
mer vice chairmen of the CMC which
perhaps points to the sweeping scale of
change that is underway. A number of
high-ranking generals, who allegedly
obtained their positions through bribery
and patron-client relationships with Guo
and Xu, will surely be replaced. Xis tena-
cious reform of the military structure
no less bold and consequential than his

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.\n8'H.: \r "\n'  \n\n  \r\n\n

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 $�\n \n  \r\r"\r'\n\n 
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\n\n \n\r\r&\n, \n' $\n\r\r\r\n"
" \n \n\n\r\r  \n\r\n \r"$-\r\n 
\r, K\n\n\n  \r\n \r \n\n\r

)\n\r'H.\n  "\n  \r\n\r\r\r\n\r\r,\r\n\r\n 
+  ' " \r , K\n\n \r\n\r\r"\n\r\r 
 \r$+  -". \r\n\n+  -",\r\n�/\n'\n \n
\r  \n \n&"\r  \r. \r-"!\n\r \n\r&
 \r \n\r\r\n\r\r'\n\n 
\n\n " \r\r
\r \r  \r$\n\r\r'H.
\n\r\n \r

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\r  \r\n \r\r\r\n\r\r\n\r

\r\r \r" \n 
\r \n \r\r" \r
\n \r'H.\r, K\n\n
\n "\n&\r\n\n
\n "\r"\n\r\r\n\n&
 \n \r""\n \r\n\n&
\r \n\n&   \r

7\r\r\r\r�/\n \n\r, 
\r   \n &
"\n\r�\n \n 9\n" \r\r$7\r\n\r+ 
' " \rK \r \r   \r4\r&5\n\r\n \n\n
 \n\r \n\r\r  \r\r\r\r\n \r\n \n\n\r\r\n
\r$ \r\n\r\r\r  \n' " \r\n \r
\n\r\n\n\r \n\r\n\n \r \r \n &
 \n\r+  -". \r \r\r\n ""\n\r\r \r

$'  \n\r"\r\n\r\r\n\r

\n\r\r\n&"\r\n \r \n\r\n\n\n \n\n \n\n
  , K\n\n \n&\r\n\n  \r  \n
\r\n \r\n \n\r  \r \n\r \n  "$, K
 \n \r \r ' \n "\n \r
\r\r\r\n \r   \r \r\r  \n' " \r\n
\r $ \r "\r \r\n   \r \r\r"\n 
\n\n\n\r'\n\n $
 \n\n\n \r\r\n "\n " 
\r\n\r \r\n\r \n \n\r  "\rJ
\r3$(\n\r"  \r"\r\r \r\n\r\n
\r \r\r\n\r \n\n"\n \r(\r\r\n   \n
\n \r \n\r\r\r\n\n"\r"\n\r\n $\n 
\r\n \n \r\n\r\r \r\n \n \r
\r\r#\r"\n \r\n\r$.\n  \n\r "\n \r
N\r \r\n\r�$7 \n\r \rJ\r3\r
&\n  \r\r \n  \r\r\n#"$\n\r"\n
\n \r"\n\r  \r\r\n\r\r\n\r  \r\n 
"\n \r\n \r\n\r \r\r7 \n  " \r\r"" 
\n" \r\n 
' " \r \r \r\n \r\n\r\r \n" \r \rJ\r3
 \n\n \r"\r7 \n3\n\r  \r  \r\r\r
\r$\n \r\n\n \r\r\r\r\n \r "&
" \r\n $*7 \n \rJ\n  3\n \r  
\r�\r\r"\r7 \n3 \n\r 
 \r)\n "\n\r! \r\r
#\r"$7 \n  
"\n\r\n N\n  \n\r
\n\r\r \n"\n#\r" \r 
"" \n  \n
"\n\r"\r\n \n "
7 \n $7\r\n\r\r\n\r\r &
\n\r \n \n \r \n
\n\r!)  \n
\n \r"\n \n\r&
\r"\n\r  O\n\r\n\r
"\n\r G' \r\n\r\n
\n \r\n\n"   
\n\n\n\n \r  
\r\nB' \r\n  
 \n\n   \n\n
 \r\n ' \r$
77 \n\n \r\r\n&\r\r \r\r\n\r\r  \r\n$
+ \r \n\r\n\r)". \r" \n\n\nB"&
 7 \n \r\n \n\r\r\r$5\r\r\r \r
  \r\r ""\n\r\r\r\n \r \r,\r\n\r
 \n$ /\n\n. \r)'\n\r\n\n \n&\r\n\n \r&
 1G\r\n\n\r\n  \r\r \r &\r"\n" \r\r
 "\n \n\n \n$7\n
\r\n&\r \r\n\n 
\n\n\r \n\r\r\n\rO?7 \n \r\r\r"\r"!\n
\n\r \r"\r"  \nO!\r\r \r\n  \r  \n&
 \r \r\r&\r\r3"\r \n\r\r$' J\r3\r\n
"" \n\n \n\r \r $ \r\n
\n\n\n   "\r" \r\n\r \n 
\r'\n ,\n# \n\r\n \r\r$*\r' " \r
\r\n\n\n  &\r \r\r\n \r\r"\r
\r \r "\n   " \r$\n\n \r\r\n
\r\r  \r\r\n\n \r \r$
5\n\r\r \n\n\r !\r
 \r ' (\n  3  \n\n4
  ) \n  *    \r  ' *
$ \r 5 \n  \r
6   ' 
\n! \n
 -  '  \r\n\n  

Sir This refers to the editorial,
Of empowering India
(September 27). Tall promises to
the voters is a constant among all
politicians but it is delivery on
those promises which is the biggest
differentiator. Here, Prime
Minister Narendra Modi scores
big. The Ujjwala scheme, where
gas connections are given to
impoverished households, played
a crucial role for the BJP to cap-
ture power in Uttar Pradesh.
Though gas connection is very
basic necessary household item, but
in a country where we are still
struggling to provide power to each
home, it becomes a luxury for mil-
lions. Now, coming to providing
power to all, as committed by
Prime Minister Modi, it seems that
more than anything else, it is the
control over power theft which will
decide the fate of this promise.
Bal Govind
Sir This refers to the editorial,
Unnecessary violence
(September 26). It is sad that a
prestigious and old centre of learn-
ing, the Banaras Hindu University
(BHU), is the latest victim of vio-
lence that has marred several
other campuses in recent times.
Our police forces have earned
777 \n \r 








:8 ; ,\r * ,*\r
* \r\n \r-0*7
: \r.,,;7 7*
8\r,*,**\r* \r
\n .\r,\r..** \r,
\r*\n*  \r+\r*
, \n*4!\r ,





=90 4\r
, %  \r%    \r/ " -2\n  \r  \r \r \r%   
   )7-\r\r \r"  %&/ \r    \r 
,0*\n * \r,7*
'\r,* * \r,0\r.
  \r+.* \r\r



=3 ,
\r\n\n\n\r \r\n3 \r \r\n& \n\r \n"\n # &
 \n\r\n\r! \n. \r \r\r"\n\r
\n '"\n $  \r\n\r\n\r\r\n\n; \r"\n&
\r=\n\n'"\n  \n\r\r$-\n\n\n \n\n \r\n&
\r "\r\r "\n \r&""\n\r  \r" \r\n "&
\n\r $+ \r \r"\n\r"\n  \r'"\n $
\r \r
" \r
  \n (\r\n   \n\r (\n"\n$
.\r  \r+,\n  \r\n   \r\r \n\r &
\n\r\n\r\n\r +,) \r \n"3J!"\n%\r3\n 
#\r\n \r \r \n  \n\n\r \n "\r\n\r\n"$!'"\n 3
&"  \r\n.\n  \r\r\n"\r&\n\r\n\r ' " \r
\r\n\r\n\r \r \r$4 \r\n\r"\r\r
&\n  \r \r' \n \r
\n\n \r$!\n\n\n"\r&
 \r\n\r \r  \r \n\r \n\r8\r\r\r)\n&
"\n\r\n \n\n \r7\n  \n\n:\n \r\r
\r\r\n\r  "" "\n \r$
\n \r
,  \r,2
,0..,**  \r*2
,   \r*,\r+**2
\r.** ,






=( .*\n\r*
9 * \r*7\r \r
\r'\r,/0,* *
 \r, \r,, \r
\r* + , \r2
, *,\n 0+




he rapid pace of Indias econom-
ic development has become a
cynosure of global attention,
resulting in financial investment flow-
ing into the economy from commer-
cial entities across the world. As India
becomes the preferred global commer-
cial destination, the burgeoning
+  \n\n\n\r! \n  !\n+ \n 
   \n \r "\n %#\n\n
A \n!B \r  %\r!*
.    \r\n + \n \n 
 \n%\r!\n  *5
   \n %*
4 5.;+5(;
hief of Army Staff General
Bipin Rawats recent call for
the Armys supremacy as
compared with the Air
Force and the Navy for
winning war is worrisome because it
undermines modern war dynamics.
Moreover, this will make bringing
about military reforms, essential for
winning the next war, difficult.
According to him, Wars will be
fought on land, and, therefore, the pri-
macy of the Army must be maintained.
The other services, the Navy and the
Air Force, will play a very major role
in support of the Army which will be
operating on the ground because no
matter what happens, we may be dom-
inating the area or the air, but finally
war will be won when we ensure ter-
ritorial integrity of the nation. And,
therefore, the supremacy and prima-
cy of the Army in a joint services envi-
ronment becomes that much more rel-
evant and important.
Talking of Armys supremacy
and primacy in a joint services envi-
ronment in todays wars is akin to the
French fighting the Second World
War with the First World War tactics.
The French, who had built the
Maginot Line (defensive fortifica-
tions) in the 1930s believed that they
could stop Hitlers Armys invasion.
Unaware of the doctrine of fast
mobility (blitzkrieg) which had been
perfected by the German Panzer
divisions, who managed to move
their tanks through the Ardennes for-
est by passing the Maginot Line, the
French lost the war even before it was
joined. The lesson from this episode
is that warfighting doctrines must
keep pace with technology.
Today, technology has changed the
complexion of warfare vertically and
horizontally. Instead of the earlier
three warfighting mediums, namely
land, air and sea, three new ones have
been added. These are cyber, space and
4\r\[email protected]
, *9.*
" (\n \r  4    / \r4 \n     \r\n  '  . ( \n4 +*
'  \r \n       '  (\n \n $ ' \r      
 &' #'&'($ )*+,-'%+.+% /.'-$0$1( +('%, '%)%+.2&&','.' -##+#1%2$1 '&-
(&''+(+ '%+% +(3,+22%(%+'&'(&%#% %+' .1$ ( + ($%)3 4%3&3*+2%-%$# ,
+9 ()
\n\r3\n\n" '"\n  \r\r\r4\n
 !\r \r\r\n\r\r " \r\n\r
\n\r\r\n\n \r\n& \n\r \n\r\r \r \r
%?/ 5,-?+6
,-?+6 5
/5,)?4,7 65
!)! 76775,74
5!E!76! 65?
-/555%54 5
,5/E7 5,
\n"\n \n\r
\r"\n \n \n
\r" \n \n \n "N
\n  =N \r
\r\r� \r$-
\r\n "\n\r+ 
8 +: \n\n\r\n\r
\n\r.\r\r"\r #\r\n\r ' " \r$ \r\r
&\n\r\n  \r  \r\n8)\n\n" \r:\r\r\r
\r" \r\n4\n'"\n $
7\r3 \r.3\n\r#\n\r \r\r " \r\r\r\n$
+\n\r\r\r "B \r\r\r\n\r
\r\n\r\r \r GG \r\r\r"$! \r\r
 \r\r\r\r\n\r\r +\r \r\r\n\r\r\r!\r \n\r
'"\n 8!:\r &\n\r\n\r\r\n"
�\r  \r\n\r\r"\r1$0 \r\r\r"$
\n\r"\n\r!\r\r \r\n\r \r  \r\n$!
\r\n\r\n \r\n \r \r\r\r.3
\n\r\n\r\r\n\r \n\r $7\r\r\n\n\r
\n\r\n" \r\r"\n\r\n\r \n \n  \r
+\r\r  & %"\n\r\n \r'  \r
\r\n\r \r\r \r$\r\n\r$
J/3\n\n\r\r"M?  '"\n  \r\n\r&
\n\r\r!$ \r\r\n\r\r  \n \r\r\n\r\r\r
\r\n"\n  \r#\n\r\n\r4\n\r"\r\r$! 
"\r!3\r\n\r \r \r\n"
\n\r\r \r\r\n\r\r\r \r4\n \r2GG&
\r \r\n\r \r-\r\r$
!\n  \n  "�\r\n \r&
'"\n \r\n\r  \r \r\n\r\n\r
\n  \r\n \n \r&."\n \r&""\n \r\r\n& \n\r \n\r\n 
\r \n\r\r \r& &\n\r\r"$
!\r!3&\n\n .3
' " \r\n;="\n;"\n \r\r\r&
\r\r, \n\r\n\r
\r'"\n $=! \r\n\r3\r&\n!#\n '\n\n 
\n \n \r \n\rM;\n\r\r\r 
\r\n" \r\r'"\n  \r\n$=
\n\r\r"" \r"\r 
 \r\r \r \n\r \n &
\r" \n '"\n \r \rC1\n\n\r-\r3\n\r\r
\r\r \r\n\r \n5\r\n\r\n\n\n '"\n
\n" \r, \n$'\n\n \n \r!&
\n\n\n \r\n \r\n\n\n\r$\r
\n\n" \r  \r\r\n \n\r4\n !
\r$7\r\r\n\r\r\n\r'"\n  " \r\n \n\r 
\r\n\r\n\r\r\n\n \r\n& \n\r \n\r\r \r \r$
5\n \r\r \r \r\n\r$& #\r\n"&
\n  \r+ \r9 "\n\r\n\n\n\r\n \n\r \r
;6\r\r5 \n =$"\n "\n&\r\n&
 \r\r+9\r\r5\n +  \n�\r\n &
\n  \r\r  "\n\r \n\rN \r\r #\r
  \n \n \r\r \r"$,"\n+,
) \r \n"\r"\r\n  \r\r!"\n \r\n\r M
-\n  !"\n "\n\r2G-6 
\n %\n\r  $ "\r\n\r !"\n \n 
\r"\n\r\n \r\r\n\r\r2G\r\n\r
\r \r"#\r \n\r \n"&\r\n"\n 
\n \r& &  \r\r \r " \r\r $
7 %\n .\n 6) \n\n\r \n\r \n"\n \r&""\n \r
 \r" \r\n \r \r" \r\r &\r" "\r
\n"\rGB \r\r\r \n\r.\n3 \r\n\r $,
\r \r\r""\r\n \r\n\r\r\n\r &\r% \r \n
\r &\n\r\n \n\r$!   '"\n \r!$""
\r\n\r\n\r \r\n\r \r  \r\n" \n\r &
\n"\n #  \n "\r$ ""\n 
  \r\n\n\r \r\n \r$\n \r
\r\n \r\r\n\r\n\r  3 "\n&
  \r\r\n\r\n \r  \r\r\r\n \n \n\r \n" 
\r;=\n \r$
\r\n\n \r\r\r \r\r \r &
\r\n\n \r \n $ \r \r\n\r\r
\r\n\r \r \n\r "\n\n\n  \r\r\n\r
\n\r \r\n\r \r" \n \r "\r $
-\r \n\n "$
\n \n  \n 
8 !

ata, investments, intercon-
nection usage charges,
Government policies and finan-
cial stress in the industry are the
topics which topped the chart
of the first day of India Mobile
Congress 2017. Industry stake-
holders like Bharti Airtel and
Idea Cellular voiced their con-
5\n\n\r\r\n\r \n\r\n"
  \r\n \r\n \r/ \r\n 
. \n \n
!*. %
*+7666 '
\n \n*()\n
\n %' \n
\n) '  \n
  \n' !
# 3\n 
The Government
will set an advisory board to fix
minimum wages for various sec-
tors applicable across the country,
a senior official of the labour min-
istry said. The Government
would constitute an Advisory
Board to fix the National
Minimum Wages for employees
and such wages differ and vary
sectorally as well as regionally
across the country as per require-
ments, skills and nature of jobs
with the enforcement of proposed
Labour Code on Wages 2017, RK
! \n\r# \n\r \n
" ""\n\r \r

elecom operator Vodafone
on Wednesday said it has
partnered with Videocon
Wallcam to enable mobile
phone based surveillance
using 3G or 4G connection.
Meanwhile, Videocon
Wallcam unveiled new closed
circuit television (CCTV)
camera that will have slot for
4G mobile sim.
We are delighted to part-
ner with Videocon Wallcam to
introduce India's first 4G
enabled and bundled CCTV
solution. We have been part-
nering with enterprise for IoT

he Centre on Wednesday
extended the deadline for
obtaining Aadhaar for availing
Government schemes and subsi-
dies by three months to December
31. The extension is, however, only
State-run ONGC
on Wednesday said it may sell its
holding in Indian Oil
Corporation (IOC) and GAIL to
fund the

33,000 crore acquisi-
tion of HPCL. The company is
debt free and has got sharehold-
ers' approval to raise

crore through borrowing, ONGC
Chairman and Managing
Director Dinesh K Sarraf told
reporters here.
We have several options to
fund the acquisition. On stand-
alone basis we are debt free so we
J.%\n 7/%\r3
* \n  %\r  &@        A!  3 \nBBC\r 
\n\n \r\r\n  \n 0
\n\r0$ " \r&
 \n"\n ""\r\n  \n 
\n \n \n\n$
"\n\r0$G\n\n\n \r\r\nK
 0$B\n\r\r \r \n 
#\n 8#:"\n\r$6\n\r\r
\r0$0 \r\r 0$\n\rG$
)\r \r\n\r\n\r\n  
"\r(\r\r \r" \r

  \r \n"\r"\n\r\n
\n \n#\n \n\r\n$?\n
\r+,\n\r\n\n\n \r\n \n\r
"\n"\r%\n/ \r
\r \r \r\n\r$\n
  \r \n"\r\n
 \r\n \r\n\r\r'"\n \r $

%\n\n\n \n  "
 \r'8:8  \r
/  \n
\n*+ \n

& )
)   \n% 
\n!+ \n
+ \n *+$\r
\n\r\n\n% + \n '
\n \n  %
\n\n )\n'\n
%\r!\n ,
06! \rH7*:
' !
# \r \n
\n#\n \r
\n\r!\r \r

1\r\n \r\n
 \n\r\r\r"\n K
\n"\n ,  \n\r.\r\r\n\n
 \n$,\n \n\r\r7 \n
.   .\r\r\n&&\n
\r\n\r\n \r\n
.!" \n 8/\n 7 \r
\n"\n :&&\n\n\r\n\n \n\r
\n\n\r"\n \n 
 \n\r\r\r \r\n\r
\r$;7 \n3\r"\n"$$$5\n
\n\r  \n\r7 \n=
.\r\r\n\n\r" \r \r\n\n
" \n\r\n
\r $, ' " \r3
\r \n\r\r\n \r\n
\r\n \n 7 \nK 
" \n\r\r \r
\r\n7 \n\n  \n \n &
 "" \r\n\r 
\r" \r J"\n
3\n   \n\n" \r
"  \r \r   \n\r\r$
!\r \r


\r\n\n\n \r\n\r\r
 \r\n � \r 

0\r \r\n
-\n!\r \r"\n
.\r7 \r.\r?\r\r
\r \n 7 \n J \r
\n \n\r\n\r\n\r
\n   \n3$.\r\r\n\n\r
\r \r 
\n\r "\n \n!7 \n
\r\n  \r\n \r\n\r\r
"  \n\r \n\r
 \r\r \n\n"
J -!/7?74E5,

19& /-7,*/747'7!674%/!3
E75? ?4!66 !.?74/?+ 5747!3,
%7/,B'54! 65!4 +465 E
,?6+7?4$5-!E5 554)!/45/74'
-74',:,?6+7?4, +-7,7,!6,??+/
%7/,)!/45/,-7)%?/!47?)/?+ 74!
\r\r\n \r 

(\r\r \n; + ! \n \n# '6E   \n\r  (\r
!"" \r\n"\n \n\r\r
6#6\n1C!\n\n \r
9\n\n E\n7 \r ""
89E7 : \n"\n E \n9"\n,\n# \n
 \r  \n \r \r \r
 \n\r\n \r  4 \r\n\r
%\n$,\n# \n\r\n\n
\n \r\rJ\n
9\nK \rJ  \n\r -\r\n\n 
\rK\n$H\n\n \r, \n\r. \r
,\r\n\r !\n\r \n\r\n\r
 \r 6#\n\n  \r
\r"\n  ( \r
  \r$; 7\n\n\n\r"\n   (\n\r\r"\r \n \n\n\n#"$ \r
\n \n"\n 9E7 \n \r'\n \n &\n 7 \r#   \r
\n\n \r\n\r"\n \n" \n\n \n\r\n $6#\n "\n  \r \r \rK\n"
#=\n$\r \r\r\n\n \r' '\n.\n, \n%\n !" \n\n\r7 \n
!#\n A#&7 /\r' \n!"\n \n9\n\r\n \r\r! , .\n� \n\r�/\n.\n 
\n !\r\r�,\n 9/$5\n\r\n""\n .\r\n! \n4\n(\r. \r. \r
!\n \n\n\r\r \r $#\n \r\n 1C\n  \r\n\r6#6\n\n\n\r"\r
"\r6#\n\n\n \r\n  \n 7 \nK\n\r\n \n\r\r\n\r \n# \n "7 \n$
 \n\n$  \n  \n \n\n
/\n\n.\n \r4"\n\n,\r\n\n"\n \n \rG0\r \n\r
'\n ""\n    \n\r \n\r'\n-( 4
 \n\n \n\r'\n\n\r\n\r \r\n
\r \r,\nP/! \r&" \n\r !\r 
\n" \r\n\r $  \n\n\r\r   \r
. \r \n 7 \n  \n\r'\n87 ': \r
\r' \n�/\n \n, )..!\r \n\r
' \n\n  \n\r'\n/ \n ""\n $  
\n \n\n/ \n ""\n \r\r\r\n"\n
\rQ\n\n \r\n\r$  \n"\r\n\r\n\r\r \r\n
\r" \r"\n\r\r"\r\n  \r$,\n  \r\n /\n\n.\n \r\n\n\r\r\r

\r7 ' \n" \r .\n\r"\n  \n\r\n\r\n \r \n\r'\n\r  \n\r\n" \r\r
,\n\n"\n\n\n""\n \n \n\r  \r  55A \r   \r\r \n\r\r\n\r\r\r\n\n \r #\r
\n\n\r\n  \r\n\n\n\r$. \r"\n\n\r\n \r. \r \n
\r\r\n\r \n \n \r\r\n  \r\r\r\r \r\r"\n  \n(\r $"
\r/\n\n.\n \r\r\r' \n\n\r\n\r7 ' \nP\n \r\n\n  \r"\n\r""\n
'7 '\n\r/.\r\n\r"\n   \n .\n 7 \n\n   \r\n"$
\r\n \r! \r\r  F\r(\n \r;   \n  
E7),\r\n   \n ?
\n H\n\n "'  \r /)%
'\n\rF4\n\n\r\n\r J/ %
-\n\rK.\n\n\r \n  ,\n\n
-\r\n'\n\r4\n  \n$
4 &"\r.\n\n\r /\n\n\n
 \r\r!\n .\n\n\r
\n" , \r\n'\n\n$7') /)%
, H \n\r\r  \r
\n\n $"\r\n\r
 \r\r\n\r\n\r \r
-\n\r\n$\r ""\n \n \r
)\n\r"'  /)%'\n\rF4\n\r\r\n" \r" .\n\n\r \n\r\n \r$.\r\n  
\n\r\n\r\r  \n\n\r \n\r\n\n \n" \n \r\n\r\n \rJ-\n\r\nK$
)\r\n (  '%\rF  \nF\r \n\r 
H\r \n9"\n'\r\n, &7 & ""\n /\n 'F4\n\n  "\r\n ""\n \n \r
/)%" \n81CF2F1C:$   2F2F2C0H9'\r\n�   /)%\n\r
\n \r'\n\r\r?\n!\r\n \r ""\n \n \r 1BFBF222\n  \r\r\n\r
H\n""P9\n"\r  \n \n\r\n\n 4\n#\n&\n\r\n\n\n 
\n\n\r' \nK\n  "" \n\r \r\r \r\n1$-\n\n 
\n\n.\n \r\n10  \r\n\n \r\n\n?\n$

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\r\r\n\r  \n"" \r \r\n\r\r &\r\n \n\n \n�)\n,\n"\r \n\r \r0\r\r 
\n�)\n  \r\r\n\r\n\n\n\n$\n \n\r\r"\n\n\n6\r""\r\r\r\r\n

\n \r"$,\n\n\r\n \n\r\r\n\r\n \r\n\n\r\r\n\r\n�\r \n 
 \r\r\n " \r\n  \n\n  \n\n\r\n\r\r #\r\r\n\r\n\n B&\n
\r \r�\n\n "\r $7\r\n\n\n"\n\n \r\n \n \n\n �)\n,\n"\r \r\r\r�
11$7 \r  \n\r\n \n"\r\rA\n" \n
 \r \r
\n�)\n\n\r\r"$,\r \r\n \n\n \r\r\n\n  \r\n\r \n�)\n\r

\r  \n\r\r$\n\r \n \n\n"\n\n"\n\n\n \r\n\n  \n  "" \r"\r\r\n\r
 \r\n \r"\n\n 0\r\n\r�\n$" \r \n \n"\n\n( \r \r\n 
\n�)\n$;*\n "\n  \r\r"\r \r\n\n   \n\r\n  
\n\n\r\n \r \n\n \r$\r\n \r  \r\n \n\r\r
 \r\r\n" \n \r\n\n\n\r\r"=\n! ")\n\r    \n \n\n �)\n,\n"
\n   \n;\r! \rE%\n\r \n \n\n\r\n
\r \n \r\r  \n!\r  \r\r\n\r\r;\r!)E
\n\n\n\n '\r. \r,\nH\r\n 5"" \r
\n\n \r \r\n J\n ,\n\n\rK&\n 
\n " " \n\n\r \n" \n\r 
 "\n\r \r�J\n \n K  \n$9\n )\n
�'\n. \r,\r\n\r,\nH\r\n 5"" \r6\n\r\n
9 \n/\n,\r\n.F,HP5\n  .F,HP5
 \r$,\n  \r\n \r. \r\n\r\n\r\r
" \n\n\r   \r"\r�J\n \n K 
 \n\n    \r\n "\n\r \r\r"\n
\r\n   \r\n \n\r\n\r\n  \r\r"
\n\r\n\r\r \r\r\r \n\r\r"\n \r
\n \r\n \n "\n\r \n\r\r\n \r\r $" \n\n\r \n"\n\r \n\n \r "\n\r
\r\n  \r\r\n\r" \r5"" \r) \r\n \r85):. \r,\nH\r\n 
5"" \r  \r\n\n\r\n\r \n  " "\n\r \n \r\r\n\r\n
 \r\r\r "" \r\r \r\n \r\n \r"\n\r \n \n "\n\r$\n\n\r \n  
\r\r!\r\n \r,\r\n!  \n\nH\n\n  ,\n: \r5)$! \r\r  1\r\n
1$0I�J\n \n K 7 \n \r\r\r"\r\n 1$1 \r\r\n\r $
\n\n \r \r\n\n\n\n\r\n  \n \r \r 
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""\r\r\r  \n\n  
, +  . \r,\r'7\n
 \r\n\r \n\n\r4. 
-\n \n \r \n"\n 4
� \n \n9"\n7!, .4. $7 \n
\n"\r \r\n\r,\r
. \r\n\n\n),+\r
\r\r" \r\r \r
 \r\n \n\n\r \n 
\n \r \r\n\n$),+\n)\n \rP+ \r\n\n\r \r\r\n  \r \r\r"\r
\r  \r \r \r$6\n\r\n \r\n  \r\r\r\n\n \n"\n  \r 
\r\n   \n\r\n\r\n  \n\r \n\n"
\r. \r\n
\r\n\r$,\r ""\r\r \r
.\n ),5 . \r,\r\n \n"  \r\r \n\r-!\r !\r\r
\r\n \r\n$"\n � \r\r ""\r\r\r\n\n\r\n\n\r )\n \r\n\n \r"\n\r
 \r\n\r\r\n \r\n\n/\n"\n)"\r ,\r  ),5\n "\n\r"" \n\r $\n
"\r \n\n\r\r  \r .\n  \r\n\r"""  ),5\n \r \n\r$
! 3,45&*5!/)!/45/,-7)7-
74 6+,7E5!4,+,!74! 65'/?-
'/?+45 *5 ?4?.7 ,/+ +/!6
/!4,%?/.!7?4!4H?  /5!7?47-
!474 /5!,5%? +,?46?&74 ?.5
,?6+7?4,/5.?E74',5 ?/!6 ?+4!/75,!4
!,,7,!4 5745/.,?%744?E!7?47.56745,,
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9547 -7*?9?*!.!!  ?+4/*7/5 ?/74747!
Fast food chain
McDonalds India has introduced
12 new products across its food
and beverages category at its out-
Nearly 25 years
after ONGCs prime discovered
oilfields were privatised, the
Government is planning to
allow private firms to take
majority stake in the state-
owned firm's producing oil and
gas fields such as Mumbai High.
The Oil Ministry plans to
Air India has tied up
with public sector lender PNB
and private lender IndusInd
Bank to secure loans to the tune
of over

747!,! 767,5,-7,*5!/!%5/7, 7'65!)
%?/!/?%-5)/5E7?+,?*5!/,$-5, ?/5
-!,7.)/?E5! /?,,.?,)766!/,?%
?.)577E545,,$-5,574 6+5
74%/!,/+ +/5800-/!49:
-7'-5/5+ !7?4!4/!7474'8C:
!45 -4?6?'7 !6/5!745,,8C:
/5%65 74'/5 54)+ 67
74%/!,/+ +/5!4+,5/5.!74!.?4'-5
7''5, -!6654'5,%?/-5/5'7?4M74-5)!,
5 !55 -4?6?'7 !6/5!745,,,!'4!5
+ \n  I
747!-!,!/! 5%?/57'47/5 
74E5,.548%7:?/-S1 474-5
-5,? 75*$7.+,5. /! 5'6? !6
+74'5'55 -4?6?'*,!*,477
!!*?'E7 5 -!7/.!4/!H7E9+.!/
�!* * \n
 C *\n * \rD
\r @0

he UN Security Council
- \r \r$ &
!) /\r"
"\r  \r $ 

audi Arabia said today it
would allow women to
drive, the last country in the
world to do so, sparking
euphoria and disbelief among
activists in the ultra- conser-
vative kingdom, where social
restrictions are increasingly
being loosened.
The longstanding driving
ban was seen internationally
as a symbol of repression of
women in the Gulf kingdom
and its repeal comes after
years of resistance from
female activists.
The shock announce-
ment, which risks riling reli-
gious conservatives, is part of
Saudi Arabias ambitious
reform push aimed at adapt-
ing to a post-oil era and
improving a global reputation
battered by its human
rights record.
King Salman bin
Abdulaziz al Saud has issued
a decree authorising the
issuance of drivers licences
for women in the kingdom,
Saudi state TV said.
The decree will take
effect in June 2018. Saudi
Arabia will use the prepara-
tory period until then to
expand licensing facilities and
develop the infrastructure to
accommodate millions
of new drivers, the announce-
ment added.
!3 \r\n   /
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6&     '
 ;    ) 
. 1 \r&(  ) /
   * \r$\n
9 \n H\n\n\r\r
!=\r %\r \r \r%
  \r" \n \r\r8 \r
- @* 
\n\r\n #
$/  2
\r\n\r\n $7\n \r
\r \r \r"
"\r \n \r
\r' \n!" 
! /\n \r, 
 \r !   \r%%
%\n \n
\n \r \r
""\n.\n\r ,\n
\n\r \n"
) \r\r+,$
") \r\n 
\r \r

"\n \n
"$? \n
\n \r\n
\r" \r
\n \n\r
\n !\n

\r\r% 7$7\r \n
"" \r?\n\r \n\r
\n  \n\r
\r\n $

\n \r
" \n 
\n;7\n \r
 \r \n
$7 \r \r
\n  \r
\r\n\r \n
\r\n\r\n \r\n
" "
\n \n 
"  \r\r
\r\r\r\n\r $
;7\r "\n 
\r\n\r \n 
" \n \r
"?\r $
\r\r &
\r\n\r \r"
\r \n
\n \r
\n\r  \r
\n \r
;7 \r $
7K" \r 7K"$
\n  7
\r $7�\r\n"\n 7
\r \n\r\r \r$\n\r7
"" \n\r "
\r\n\n \n\r\r \r
/\n \n 
/== �"/" ?/@@
6\n /!-!-?.!,
\n \r\r
\r\n "
\n   \n�\n\n\r
@     \r% )




/\n \r    \r\r % " 
\r \r  \r & 

/  % " \r\r 



"\r \n \r%\r\r%  \r-
"  \r \r   \r
$ \r \r"72
  &    / 



&   /  
/ %\r  \r  \r"
* 7

\r  \r

/ \r\n  "  
  \r\r   \r'\r%\r 
-"\r "\r\r$  \r\r/\r
/  %7




\r\n \n
"     $
  \r\r\r\r\n&% $ 7

/ 0\r % 
\r    @
  /   7


 / \r\r%  \r
"  \r 
 $ "  7



3  %  '
3 $ 
 %  "   
\r\r\n \r
r Nirmal Singh, Deputy Chief Minister of
rime Minister Narendra Modi
dedicated ONGCs iconic
Corporate Office, Deendayal Urja
Bhavanduring the nationwide
launch of PM

Governments flagship initiative
to provide electricity connection
to the last mile.
The Prime Minister also
unveiled the statue of Pandit
Deendayal Upadhyaya at the
ONGC premises.
The ONGC building is a
symbol of harmony between
energy and ecology. It is an envi-
ronmentally sustainable building
that has been designed, con-
structed and operated to min-
imise the total environmental
impact by reducing energy con-
sumption, water conservation
and recycling waste. The project
has been registered as a CDM
(Clean Development
Mechanism) Project with the
United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change
The PM also launched
ONGCs Paperless Office Project
DISHA at ONGCs Ahmedabad
avi P Singh, Director
(Personnel) POWER-
GRID is also looking
after CSR initiatives of the
company. The Navratna com-
pany, has been proactively
participating and contributing
towards Government of
Indias flagship mission of
Swachh Bharat. Talking about
activities, he throws light
upon its role as a socially
responsible corporate.

contributed towards the
Swachh Bharat Mission?
is a mission
towards which we are com-
mitted whole-heartedly.
Employees of POWERGRID
have been continuously work-
ing towards enabling a clean
environment not only at their
workplace but also in the
areas around it. In 2016-17,
we had voluntarily con-
tributed 60,000 man-hours
towards Swachh Bharat
Stepping up our endeav-
ors, we have constructed more
ual Oram, Minister of Tribal Affairs
inaugurated the National Workshop
organised by TRIFED on Minimum
Support Price (MSP) for Minor Forest
Produces (MFP) scheme taking it to
the next level for a fair and equitable
deal to the tribals.
For Oram this workshop is a step
to expand the horizon of the scheme of
providing minimum support price for
minor forest produce. This scheme has
already been implemented in 9 States
and now it has been expanded nation-
wide. Oram also added that the MFP
collection centres should also be depots
of daily requirements. After minerals,
MFP could be the largest generation of
revenue. He also emphasised on the use
of social media and new technology to
help the tribes to sell their produces at
best prices.
Sudarshan Bhagat, Minister of State
for Tribal Affairs said that Minimum
Support Price provided to
them overcome the vagaries of the mar-
,-+*\r." )F\r
\r  \n\r\n \n\n!\r

!\r!\r\r7 \n8!!7:"\n \n
10\n\r8   5 \n:\n\r\n
\r \r\n\n \n" 
4\n\r \n/\r \r\n  \r\r\n\n 
!\r!\r \r \r\n \r
\n\r\r\r $4\n\r \n/\r1C \r\n \r\n
\r\n  \r\n\r\n\r  \r,\r\n\r' " \r\n\r
\n \n\r \n � \r \r\n\r \n\r \r\r\n\r 
"\n \n !!7$\r\n \n\n \n  " \r
\n\r\n / \n  \r\r,"8/ ,:$
-$ \r\n \n\r!\n
�&/ A      ? B C
!--++!$- +%$+! !6.123
* !/ 

! \n \r5%$\r(
\n#\n \r
!\n"\n \r+)*\n \r\nB&0
\r\n  \n \n  \r7 \rA  \n 
"\n\r)9\n \n,\n 
 \n$7\r\nK \r\r\n\r\n\r
"\n   \r"\r$4\r "\n
\n \r+)*\n\n ,\n\n9 \n
\r\n \r $/\r \n\n 
  \r\n \n $+)*\n\n\r
A  \rBI \r\n\rC"\n\r\n \n 
K\r" \r \n\r"\n \n\r\r
\r\r"\r\r\n  A !\rG \r"C
"\n\r$7\r\n\r \r\r"\n  
\n \r\n" \n )9\n \n\n+)*\n
\r \r \n \n \r #\n #\n
\n#\n \r

  \n \n"7 \n
" K\r\r\n"\n\r\n .\r\n�/\n\n \r
"\r  \r\n"  7 \n$.\r\n \r\r
\r &\r\r ?7\n \n\r\r\n"\r\r
7 " K % \n 5 \n \r
\r\r\r\r$\r\n    \r
"  \n   "
?\r 2&G\n\r\n"\n\r\r"\n
\r\n$?\r\n\r \r"
\n \nM, E\n"?\r 1 &0\r
\n\r\n\r\n Q\n\r
 \r\n \r \r\r6  \n 
4\n \r\n""?\r 0\r&1\rQ\n  \n"
?\r 1G&1C\r"  / #"
\r\r %6\n \n  \r\r\n #
\n#\n \r
7 \n \r \n\r\n"\n\r\r
\r\n     \n\n\r\n 
\r" %7%!+&C  \r\n\r
\n\n64\r .\n\r$ 
\n \n"'\n \r\r
\r\n\n\r\r   \r%\r \n \n\r
  '\n \n\r\r\n\r\r
\n\n\r \r  "\n\r\n\n \r+ \r
,\r\n\r!"\n ?\r 0$.\n\r"\n
 \r\n\r\n\r\n  \n \r \r
\n" \r\r \n"\n\r\r$\n\r 
   \n\r\r \r
\n \r\n\n\n \r\r \n\r\n$

two-goal performance by Cristiano
Ronaldo gave Real Madrid a 3-1
win at Borussia Dortmund in the
Champions League on Tuesday, keeping
the defending champions at the top of
Group H along with Tottenham, which
defeated APOEL 3-0 in Cyprus for its sec-
ond consecutive victory.
Liverpool was held to a 1-1 draw at
Spartak Moscow to remain winless after
two matches, while Manchester City made
it two wins in a row with a 2-0 victory over
8  8 \n \n  # \r\n
)\r3 .\n\r\nG&  '"\n Q. 6\n\n

ristiano Ronaldo says criticism
against him is getting worse, and
he doesn't think it's fair.
Ronaldo made his comments after
scoring twice in Real Madrid's 3-1 win
at Borussia Dortmund. "It seems that
match after match I have to show who
I am," Ronaldo said. "I'm surprised by
the public opinion about me. Again, the
numbers speak for themselves."
Ronaldo also scored twice in
Madrid's Champions League opener
this season, a 3-0 win against APOEL.
But he was criticized by many after a
poor performance in a 1-0 home loss
against Real Betis in the Spanish
league. The Portuguese missed sever-
al chances in that game, including clear
opportunities in front of goal.
"I'm happy because I know that
when everything is normal, that when
I'm well and the opportunities appear,
!0\r  443A 5\n\n \n
-   \r"  $ 
\r2 !
 * 02  \r\r\r\r % \r  0 \r\r \r \r \r \r, A
-(#,8! \n*\r\r"   /     \r $ \r\r*\r\r"&)


A+ %@&E'!
'\r * 1*\r7\r\r\r.,*
\r  \n.    \r\n"&\n"?7  \r\n\r\r"
7 \n\n G\r\r 
\n \n \n    2 \n
 \r \n\r \n\n\n\r
.$  \n\n",\r\n" \n \n
7 \n\n  \r\n\r   
\n \r \n\r \n \r\r\r$7  \n \n
\r\n\r\n \r\n"\n&
\n"  \r\n\r\r\r" \r
\r\n \r"\n\r
!\r\n\n\n \r\r\n 
\n \n    \r \n
 \r \n\r \n\n\r\r $\n
  \r\n \n \n    #
 \n \r \n\r \n\n\n \r\r\r$
\n \r \n\r \n\n\n""$
2\r \n
*3" 0 \r 
  4 !  *   \n  /
\r/\n  !\n  0\n \r\n "\n \r
" \n+&C
\n\r. \n&
2\r\r/.'G* $/.'DC     
-/ \r ! 9;\r *!\r\r\r\n\r - =  \r\r   \r%  B
?-$) \r, )

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