Trials Tribulations And Triumphs

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he Creator during its 10-year domicile in the State of North illed in the line of duty. He was shot in the back by cowardly Mexican assassins while distributing copies of our flagship paper, Racial Loyalty. The history of the Church of the Creator and its World Cent and rewarding ten years of my life. the surveyors, the contractor, and the ligion, anywhere, at any time in history, has always been encountered with the most viru lent opposition and the utmost hostility. It took Christianity at least three hundred years to come out into the open, and then more than fifteen hundred years of warfare and strife to establish itself. In fact, the battle is still raging in numerous parts of the world unto this very day. Mohammed and his cohorts had to fight endless battles in order to spread their beliefs, and, as we all know, the warfare is still far from over. Joseph Sm ith and his brother were killed at an early age by an angry mob in their attempt to establish their Mormon religion. The Jews, as four thousand years or so In order to maintain their parasitic religion in ever y region they have intruded. In fact, their continuing existence in Palestine, where it all began, is most precarious, to say the least, and chances are excellent that they will not be there for long. But no one can argue that the most conspicuous characteristic about all these religions, that despite all the opposition, hostility and warf are, is that they have endured. They have survived, they have grown and spread and they have per severed. Furthermore, they have had a more pervasive influence on the culture and t he course of history than any other human endeavor throughout the ages. North Carolina, where I already owned some suitable acreage. Although I realized that nearly all-White area such as the one in which I was already established in Macon constructive to review some of the highlights and antagonisms of that first hectic year. mud races, since this was what our religion was primarily geared to warn our White versial new religion by the bible thumping in the state and regions elsewhere that usually follow such an upheaval. very day nearly ten years later. All kinds of stories were invented and bandied about: that we were devil worshipers, that we practiced animalistic rituals (whatever that was), Chapter Two of readers of my then two books, that state. He was a college graduate, wa s married, his wife being a Catholic. He seemed highly enthusiastic, and was already like to apply for the job, although it meant another problem was developing. Tim's wife Mary was not forthcoming either. Being Catholic, her priest had been working on her, and had persuaded her what a dastardly sin she would be committing if she helped her husband leaving, and I had contacted a certain Ric hard F. Becker, who resided at Greenville, NC. He had read my two books and seemed quite enthusiastic about the movement. He was a tall fellow, had attended the prestigious South Carolina militar y establishment at Charleston called The Citadel. He had also been involved in a North Carolina group and aroused my interest. It was all about his experiences of being consigned to an insane asylum by his own father. Strangely, alt hough this was a most drastic procedure against his person, and an extremely demeaning action, he never held any grudge, animosity or antagonism against his father for declaring him legally insane, and this has continued to puzzle me. dog, and a dissolute and uncouth slob of a companion who had, been an associate of his while they were both in the insane asylum. Why he brought either of them along still puzzles me, and I made it clear to him that if I accepted him for the job that dogs or any other animals on the premises were out. I explained the job to him, and tested hi s typing ability. He seemed to be a capable typist and as there did not seem to be any other particular problem, and we agreed to having him take over the job of Hasta Prim us and help in putting out the paper as soon not say. I began to look for another prospect. tour of the area -Dillard, Otto, and the whole layout. All the while I was trying to impress nature, I sent him packing, blonde wife, pooch and all. on the cabin door and a very agitated driver related to me that he and his huge truck were stuck in the ditch just down the road. Evidently in the darkness he had tried to turn around about one hundred yards short of the four corners, and now he was stuck, hav ing torn down part of the neighbors' cow pasture fence In the process as well. ing. At 7:30 next morning Ron Slagie's wrecking truck duly arrived to pull Global V from Greenville. Tyler had written a fairly meani interested in distributing large numbers of NER and WMB and wanted to find out the cost of cases of each. That same afternoon I also received a call from Tyler Thompson, he had a bad back. What about the $200 I had sent him? Sorry about that too, he had spent it all. Later I found out he had spent it on a grand drunk, and remained as suit less as before; so much for Tyler Thompson and my faith in human nature. here on April 4, 1 had made arrangements with the instructor from Com pugraphic, a fellow by the name of Gene Schweigert, to be on the premises and give our typist a few da ys of instruction. This was part of the package deal, no extra charge. Unlike Tyler, Schweigert promptly arrived on the scene. So now we had an instructor, but no typist. What to do? Henrie and I decided we would take the instruction ourselves, and since Henrie was a fairly good typist in her own right, Force and Order group that he felt was highly qualified for the Hasta Primus job, and might be interested. His name was Bill Icker, and he gave me his telephone number. with his wife Arlene and as usual, also another dog in tow. I showed him the territory, discussed the work and the terms, and treated t tten and filed away a number of articles I anticipated publishing and now we were ready to go. On April 12 Henrie started ing, to do the printing. We ordered 15,000 copies for our first run and gave Gene Do wdie a check in the amount of $921.86. Actually, they did not do the printing themse lves, since they did not have a press with which to do this kind of a job, but farmed it out to an outfit in Murphy, NC, and took a commission. Having put the first issue to bed, we left for Florida that same day, April 24, to take care of several urgent matters. Among other things, we had our home up for sale. n. In the meantime I had been in touch with Richard Becker again by phone and he had changed his mind about taking the job. He plank signs on the facade of the church, The Winning of the West. During the next few days I taught Richard the fundamentals Fireworks eporters by the names of Marke C. Winne and Bill Montgomery, both from the Atlanta Constitution/Journal. It seems that J.B. Stoner, publisher of The Thunderbolt and a founder of the National States Rights Party had been convicted of bombing a nigger church time, but had been duly acquitted. Now, it seems some eager beaver nigger District Attorney had reopened the case, and in a plainl y rigged trial, got a conviction from the present jury. Anyway, Stoner was now on the lam, and there were some suspicions at our church. The two reporters were adamant that we were hiding him somewhere in our complex and they wanted to be the heroes that had found him. After some lengthy argument in which I made it plain to them that I didn't know what the hell they we re talking about, they started to leave. They got as far as our gate where their car was parked (this was going on at our cabin) when they came back and thought they would make anot une 10, I finished putting the second issue of Lighthouse Point, this, for the last time. As soon as we arrived we started on the Against the Evil Tide Hasta Primus, typist and was able to utilize the Compugraphi ly either by jogging or lifting weights. He had at one time attended The Citadel, the famous Military Academy at Charleston, South Carolina. As far as I know, his grades were satisfactory s dad had played in the commitment. Anyway, one benefit he derived from it all was that he received a disability check of about $550 rth Carolina, I had carried on an extensive oblems. He had been married twice, had five grown children, and now he was divorced again, and his wife had taken him for everything he had. Furthermore, even his children testified against him in court. Evidently, he had picked up a new love, a North Carolina waitress, and he was thinking of marrying her, or at least living with her. He was in a high state of agitation as I listened to him, but claimed he was highly dedi cated to the cause of the church and wanted to work with me. be in time for a class in Ancient History that the government paid him for taking, ov er and above his regular disability pension. I considered the pros and cons, and finally decided I would take on this new "Dude" and In the first place, I insisted that the name Dude sounded too phony and that he use his regular name, which was Keith, In convention that was coming up in Atlanta within a week, and one that he had been designated to audio record all speeches given. It was called The Second International Symposium on Non-Conventional Energy and stands out in my mind was that the hero of all these scientific explorers was not Thomas Edison, but Nikola Tesla. the huge new renovated Cyclorama in Grant Park. Not only had the huge paintings of the battle scenes been repaired and repainted, but the whole physical structure had been redone, so that now the spectators could sit on benches, remain in one place, and the inside cyclorama itself slowly revolved and ghlighted, as well as accompanied by music and verbal explanations. contractor who had built the church, about building a second structure. It was to be a School for Gifted Boys, Christmas with Kim and Walt in Colorado bought a home, and, in the new location, es tablished themselves independently in the chiropractic business in Loveland. We were invited to spend the Christmas holidays with Leaving the church business in the hands of Hasta Primus Keith Williams, Henrie and I St. Charles, Missouri, at the Red Lobster, one of our favorite restaurants. By the time we checked in at the Holiday Inn at S auna at 8:30 PM, the weather had become very cold. dropped down to 10 below zero and it was beginning to snow. Nevertheless, we thought we would brave it, and started down the road at 8:30 AM. We hadn't driven more t han seven miles down I-70 when the storm developed into a full blown blizzard and we could hardly see the road. We decided to turn around and this time checked into the Red Coach Inn on 1-135, about two miles south of I-70. Here we deci ded to weather out the storm. the weather was still bad, but somewhat less blustery than the day before. We deci ded to try again and make the run all the way to Loveland. By the time we reached Russell the wind had died down, and when we the Holiday Inn. Here we called Kim and told her of our position and that we planned on a rriving there that evening. We did arrive at 6:30, after having driven 465 miles, a long day. After a happy reunion, Kim served us birth of daughter Amy was only about three weeks away. They had already made plans to leave Loveland and move to Martinsville, Virginia. Although they loved Colorado, and t he area they lived in, there were just too many chiropractors already established in this town, and prospects for a successful tic. It was a stressful time for the Moores, but nevertheless we had a very enjoyable Christmas. We exchanged presents, we watched a football game, and had a big Chri stmas dinner with all the trimmings. which time we took several drives, one of which was to Estes Park where Kim and Walt were married, and then we drove on the Denver Museum of Natural History, We Are Not Helpless for the next edition of Racial Loyalty. tched the Cotton Bowl football game; then we all watched the Pasadena Rose Parade. In the afternoon we all drove to Estes Park, We then had dinner at the Holiday Inn. the long trip back home, At Hayes we had dinner at the Holiday Inn; then drove on to the Red Coach Inn at Sauna for the night, arriving there at about 10 PM. a good dinner at the Red Lobster at Cave Springs, MO, about 20 miles west of St. Louis. We drove on, straight through St. Louis, and stayed at the Ramada Inn at Fairview Hills, Illinois. Then on to Clevel and, Tennessee the next day, where we stayed at the Holiday Inn overnight. the cabin and home. On the way we loaded up with groceries at Winn Dixie in Franklin, and arrived home at 12:30 PM. I stopped at the church briefly to survey the mail that had come in while I was gone. That same afternoon I called Arnfinn Sveen, the travel agent, and picked up an application for the Egyptian visa. Trip to Egypt February 1984 had acquired a number of books on the subjec t, including a large one from National Geographic. One of these days we decided we w ould take a tour of the esoteric country that had spawned the first great White ci vilization. When we visited the Second International Symposium on Non-Conventional Energy in Atlanta last September we happened to listen to a professor from the Un iversity of Florida announce that he was organizing a tour group to go to Egypt next Januar y. He was specializing in agricultural want to first of all give the background and the lessons we learned from this trip, then in vers a time span longer than that of any other major White civilization. There is much, much we can learn from it if we will keep our eyes and ears open and somewhat sharpen our perceptivity. I have been a longtime student of the history of Whit Whereas in my travels I had previously visited most of the locales of the other White Since no one knows what the future holds and what with the world being blown to bits by the Jews, especially in the Middle East, we thought that such an opportunity might got packed and left for a relatively short but exciting ten day tour of Egypt. I have relat only have your regular tour guide, but in order to create extra business most c ountries force the agency to have a second, a local guide as well. Egypt is one of those which require a second guide, since they too, are anxious to extract the last tourist dolla r possible from its visitors. But before I built man, of Swiss nationality, and of German descent. As usual, he spoke a number of languages. He listed his home address as California, but actually domicil ed in Spain. He was 51, single and as figure and a dark, muddy complexion. She poi nted out that she was half Italian and had studied the guide business at the University of Cairo, that Italian was her first foreign language and English her second. I don't know how good her Italian was, but her English left much to be desired. whereas the Egyptians spoke Arabic and it was their national language, there was a vast gulf the Egyptian evolvement that Shareen seemed to ignore, and that was the racial di sintegration of the onc White Egyptians. when the Egyptians first built their mighty ng some 6,300 years ago, they were a unique species, a most outstanding race of gifted White people. south of them were the Nubians, Egyptians expanded their empire, it was inevitable that they would come into confrontation with the Nubians. This, of course, they did, and stupidly, like all other result was predictable the races, there is inevitably a mixing and contamination of the gene pool, and as time goes on, again inevitably, the bad genes out-breed and pull down the good what identity, of any, deeply impressed me was a political one. Indeed it is. Cairo, which now has an explosive population of 12 million people, (this was in 1984) has facilities for a city peace with the miserable bandit state of Israel , all again at the expense of the American taxpayer. But it cannot go on. As Shareen pointed a mulatto in America. They are decrepit looking physical specimens, having all the wo me was that whereas the natives at Cairo were a mud color, those at Aswan and north, and all along the banks north to Luxor, were out and out kinky-haired housing, and their primitive means of tilling the soil. Much Time and again, I would see a team of water buffalo hitched to a primitive plough, with a to the magnificent and grandiose temples and palaces built by their ancient The history of Egypt is a prime example of what I am talking about in Creative The White Man's Bible when I say that superstition and gullibility ful force that controlled the life of the aft and their neglect of nurturing their gene pool, they became mongrelized. The trip to Egypt convinced me that the mongrelization of the White Race It also firmly polarized a basic conviction I have had for a long time. That the beginning of its civilization, and needs it more than ever today. by the Jews and then transplanted into the Christian Creed, which the Jews originated not only a most illustrious and glorious civilization, but also a most unique and ed) idiots had only had a racial religion such as Creativity! Instead, all the efforts of he Pharaohs were directed towards providing for the comfort ocess still not understood by modern science, ent with the sarcophagus and the tomb of a dead Pharaoh that they became t ravine such as the Valley of the Kings at Luxor. (Sixty-four Pharaohs' tombs have been even in the Valley of the Queens, opposite Luxor.) been found, the grave robbers of ancient times got to them first, with the lone exception idea of he size of the national treasury that was poured into one of these tombs and then buried, supposedly for all time. I had the Tut where his mummy still lies, and also of viewing the treasures that had been found in he U.S. In 1976 displaying the treasures of King Tut drew huge crowds in every city wher e it was held, it only included 55 pieces. On display at the Cairo Museum are 3,500 pi eces, all brought out of the tomb of King Tut. It includes chariots, benches, bowls, chests, chairs, a gold face mask, gold sleeves ttes of his favorite servants, and such a list of varied knickknacks that it is impossible to catalogue here. Suffice it to say that so much gold was encrusted on so many of these items and so many jewels were studded into them that it was like an open invitation to Fort Knox, provided you could find it. decorations on the walls of the passages and chambers is truly astounding. Besides are overwhelming. It consisted of a series of sloping stairways, straightaways, more The conclusion of all this obsession with pr that it is extremely wasteful and patently the Christians' cry of "store up treasures in heaven," or the U.S. program of subsidizing all the mud races of the world. Pharaohs that probably was highlighted by the king with the huge ego, but was shared obsession with immortality They wanted immortality in the hereafter. onstitute a major souvenir business In Egypt followed the same course, only were not quite as successful because they did not reign for 67 years, and the times were not as propitious. outdo the others, and the second was to destr name and/or works. Whereas the history of Egypt has many pieces missing, we nevertheless can find much evidence of both tactics - to out-build the rival and to practice in Ancient Egypt. When Thutmose II died after a short rule, she took over the of the power she now wielded that she stayed on and on and kept a very impatient Deir al-Bahri and also the great temple of Amen at Karnak, as well as several other power. So angry was Thutmose III of havi ng been treacherously suppressed all those years that he disfigured the image of Q art for those of us who came along a few thousand years later. We wish you wouldn't have done that, Thut. Amenhotep IV during the XVIIIth Dynasty, circa nally failed and he was deposed. Although it exerted a great influence on the art and thinking again back in power. As a side comment, it should be noted that it was from Ikhnaton it might be well to point out that this was a subject also vigorously pursued by the Egyp tian Christians (known as Coptics) during their 500 year sway in Egypt. As in Greece, as in Rome, the Coptics in Egypt were hell- bent on smashing "pagan" images, and concentrated on destructively smashing off the noses of more statues than any other group in history. the thousands of years they labored at it and under it, the Egyptians never really Amen-Re also known as Horus, in which guise he appeared with the face of a hawk on a human Anubis who had the head of a jackal and presided over the dead and guarded the tombs; Hathor , who had the head of a cow with long horns cradling the sun. S he was the goddess of love and childbirth; Thot , the god of wisdom and truth, had the head of an ibis; also Ptah, Hapi, Isis, Maat, Imhotep, Min , and others. What a stupid, silly, hodgepodge! se, endless, and I do not wish to pursue it any further. I believe I have given enough background of my observations so that we can Egyptian experience. isive part in the life of the individual, of the nation, and of the race, and the Egyptians pushed it to a veritable mania. Religion is still a tremendously important fa ctor in their lives today. 3. Religion, as I have stated many times before, is like fire. It can be extremely purely fictitious concepts and outlandish hocus -pocus. The thrust of their religion was the preparation for a nonexistent life in the hereafter, a pointless obsession that uselessly dissipated their resources and labor , and poured it down a hidden rat hole, to be buried forever. is still without a meaningful, constructive religion, and probably will be until such time as Creativity becomes universally accepted. ay on a steady course for about 3,000 years (a long time) for two reasons: al contamination as mentioned earlier. ayed out of the hands of the Jews until probably about 1,300 B.C. Creativity, instead of t iod of a few centuries have conquered all ypt has done for me, it is to overwhelmingly reinforce a basic conviction. That conviction is that the White Race direly needed a good racial religion in ancient times, has needed it throughout history, and needs it more than ever today. In fact, we are reaching the End-of-the-Line. It is now or never. Mongrelized Egypt stands today as a living The Ancient Egyptians, too, once possessed the Divine Seed in their Race, but they The ultimate horror is the mongrelization of the White Race. The bottom line of all this intensive Egyptian religiosity is this: it was entirely based on A Report from Today's Egypt in Atlanta, Georgia last S eptember. A professor from the University of Florida who specialized in agricultural sciences announced he was organizing a tour group to Egypt "someday” we would visit that ancient wonderland, we decided - why not this winter? We told the professor we were interested in joining his group and would he please send us his literature. We flew out of Atlanta at 5:20 P.M. in KLM Airlines to Amsterdam. After a short layover at Amsterdam and a 30-minute stop at Athens we arrived at the Cairo Airport at 7:30 mmigration and customs and started looking for no public booths were available. A crowd of helpers were on hand at every turn, looking for a tip (called baksheesh) for anything. A pleasant young fellow finally found a telephone at some business window that we a dozen attempts and half an hour later, we got through to the receptionist at the hot After several more helpers and more baksheesh, we got loaded into a taxi and were off. experience. When I say we were off, i mean we were off like a bat out of hell trying to Lessons from Egypt, exciting adventure. Next morning, after hav ing a sumptuous breakfast served in our room, we were off and running with the rest of the tour group. The group proved to be relatively small, about 18, as tour groups go, all seasoned travelers, and one of the most cordial and congenial groups we had ever had the pleasure of traveling with. We were on our way to Sakkara to see Egypt's oldest pyramid, the Step Pyramid of King Zoser. This trip, about 20 miles out of Cair o, took us out past the colossal statue of Ramses II, where I learned about "cartouches" and also about Ramses II's colossal countryside and the primit ive existence of the native Egyptians. es, having a burgeoning population of twelve million, crowded into facilities that were meant to accommodate no more than three million. Everything is cram everybody had their hand out - and "maleesh," already described. cultures of which three predom inate, the Ancient Egyptian with their pyramids and all, native houses of the fellaheen, visible on both si des of the road. They are built of mud bricks, palm fronds and other crude materials. They are extremely primitive and must be hotter than an oven in the summertime when temperatures run at 110 degrees and more. Also visible along the road were many goats, donkeys, camels and water buffalo. It was the water buffalo which were the main beasts of burden often pulling a primitive plow. Once we got to Sakkara, I viewed the landscape. It was located outside of the green Step Pyramid was huge, and it was impressive, being the oldest large pyramid ever that must have gone into the building of such a huge enclosure that took in several be the home of the god Sakr (hawk). He back 5,000 years that we went down into ggings going on everywhere. Further out, the landscape looked like a moonscape, dry, barren and endless sand, Every so often, the ruins of another, but much smaller py ramid would poke its head above the barren sand. Using my imagination, I could only specul ate as to the life and activity that ensued here so many thousands of years ago. ory first, we drive back to Gizeh, about 15 miles distant, to now view the largest and most famous of all the pyramids. On our way we stopped at The Carvory Restaurant, just off Pyramids Road. Here we had our first sampling of Egyptian cuisine, European st hat evening, they claimed it was the most famous.) The impression the pyramids made on me was not disappointing. They lived up to my every expectation. Cheops, the lar gest of the three, is indeed massive. Its took a picture as the beast and I posed, with the pyramids as a backdrop. papyrus from the Egyptian reed, an art as old as the pyramids themselves. On display wa s a large selection of colorful paintings of the Egyptian mystics on papyrus. very few things in Egypt that were worth purchasing, and he could recommend only three. They were papyrus paintings, Egyptian hand woven wool rugs with intric ate native designs, and gold or silver cartouches. We had already bought a wool rug on our way back from Sakkara in the rus paintings, with hieroglyphics and all, to our collection. Then off through the crowded go, we had a private limousine provided, with not only a chauffeur, but also a ticke rt. We had seen the Sound and Light show eleven years earlier at the Acropolis in Athens, and we had seen the Sound and Light show floating down a cruise boat on the Colo rado River at Moab, Utah, illuminating the cliffs, but this show at the Pyramids was by far the most awe-inspiring. the show with a solemn and majestic "You have come tonight to the most fabulous and celebrated place in the world. Here on the plateau of Gizeh, stands forever the mi ghtiest of human achiev ements." Impressive? We were impressed. mids in turn, then on all of them. Then different voices - the Sphinx, priests, pharaohs Tuesday, February 14, 1984 off to the airport to fly south to Aswan 534 miles upstream from Cairo. It was to be a and hen feathers was still the same mass of conf had arrived on (the Dutch) KLM before, we were now taking an Egyptian airline to Aswan. One peculiarity about Egyptian air a dark mud color, here in southern Egypt they were black as the ace of spades. They was news to me. This lower dam sits about four miles downstream from the High Dam When our bus arrived at Aswan we disembarked on the east shore of the Nile and to Elephantine Island which sits in the Middle of the Nile and on the tip of which our lovely old hotel, the finest in Aswan, did not have our rooms ready. With all the baggage of our party of 18 stacked in the bar, we explored the lovely grounds of the hotel fo r about an hour and a half, then leaving our baggage behind, we again embarked on a tender, back to shore, back on the bus and back to the Aswan airport to fly to Abu Simbel, 168 miles to the south. what with the embarkation at the Cairo airport. Well, things got rougher and more drastic at our next embarkation into the air. Whereas course, it made no concessions to Cairo whatsoever when it came to crowding, waiting and confusion. Our fearless leader advised us that this might be as good a place as any to eat our box lunches which we had brought with us from the hotel. This was no easy accomplishment, what with the smell, the crowding and the Pandemonium. Some of us ate most of our lunch, and some did not. Some of us gave most of it to the native fellaheen who were scrounging t least) we were finally up in the air and off to Abu Simbel where sits one of the wonder s of the world, the Temple of Abu Simbel. Great Temple stands the Temple of Hathor, also carved out of solid rock. This temple was also built by Ramses II for his wife Nefertarl and dedicated to the goddess Hathor. of the omniscient Ramses II and two of his wife as well as smaller ones of their children. Inside, the Hypostyle Hall has a roof supported by six pillars topped with the head and face of the goddess Hathor. r architectural and engineering marvels in three different eras of history. The first broad grouping is that of Ancient Egypt and the building of the pyramids, temples and other architectural wonders. This spans a period of several thousand years. The second marvel was the building of the Suez Canal by DeLesseps in the 1880's. The third, t hough of lesser accomplishment, was the High Dam at Aswan built by the Russians in that we witnessed at Abu Simbel that was a direct consequence of building the High Dam. That engineering marvel is the slicing of the Abu Simbel Temples, both the Ramses and the Hathor Temple, piece by piece and moving it to the top of the cliff, and reassembli ng it in a condition that would almost defy and sand, blending it in perfectly with the rest of the rocky cliffs. Unless you walked into and also the landscape as we flew back to Aswan, 168 miles to the north. We got a fine view of Lake Nasser, (backed up by the rocks and sand with ridges of low mountains interlacing the landscape. vered that our rooms were now ready. After a sumptuous dinner we were now also ready for our rooms after a long, hectic, interesting and tiring day. Wednesday, February 15th, 1984 ore, this proved to be a most enjoyable and relaxing afternoon. We went to Kitchener's Island and saw the beautiful gardens there that were a legacy of the British stamp on Eg ypt, which by the way, is considerable. We then embarked the felucca again and sailed to t ul Mausoleum, built by his wife and son, sitting on a high hill overlooking the Nile. The dozens and dozens of feluccas looked like lovely white seagulls on the deep water below. In order to help make the climb up the hill to the Mausoleum, there were a number of those persuasive camel drivers again to eather, we drifted easily to the dock of the Old Cataract Hotel (circa 1880's). We had t For entertainment we were favored with a amplifier turned up very, very loud. Thursday, February 16th 1984 the Aton, and continued cruising down the Nile. This cruise was a relaxing and most welcome relief from the hectic pace we had been through. Not only relaxing, but most enj oyable. We sailed on well into the night and tied up at Edfu. Friday, February 17, 1984 stores, or more like bazaar type booths, re presented with another huge and impressive temple begun in 237 B.C. by Ptolomaeus III. The front facade is massive and stands ed only 30 miles south of Luxor. Here we disembarked again and went ashore. cruises. Some of these landing places hav e only the faintest semblance of a dock, others have none. So how does a large four deck cruiser accommodating 84 passengers manage to dock at such places as Esna where there is nothing but a sloping, rock studded embankment to dock? Well, they thought of that item, too. The ship can push itself sideways by having water that the sides are flat and parallel and the ship is just the right width to fit thr ough the several locks that impede its passage before, any caricature will do for a god. Anyw ay, the temple was lovely and massive. It represented the Ptolemaic per iod of Egyptian history, although part of it was constructed much earlier by Thutmose III (1,500 B.C.). that it lies about 28 f We sailed on and arrived at the great city of Luxor that night. This city, which contains Since we arrived at Luxor in the early evening, my wife and I took a walk down the Saturday, February 18th, 1984 start and crossed the Nile in a crude motor launch to the west bank. A bus then took us beautiful Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, which I have also described in the previous chapter. On our way back we stopped to take pictures of the two Colossi of Memnon, huge statues of solid stone. he Aton, it was the middle of the afternoon, during which we were able to take a well-deserved rest. Sound and Light Program , this time at Karnak . It was considerably different from the one Monday night at the pyramids. Whereas at the pyramids we sat in our chairs and stayed put during the whole program, at Karnak we assembled as a huge standing mob at the entr ance in front of the Avenue of the Ram- headed Sphinx. (They are reclining and lined up on each side, a total of 40. Originally, when this avenue extended all the way to Luxor Temple, there were a total of 124 of then begins the show by giving us a dramatic script of the sacred solemnity of t he place and occasion, then tells us to move on to the next area in this huge temple complex. ea to another to the accompaniment of dialogue and music, after about half an hour we reached an elevated grandstand. That was temporarily semi-lighted until the people were seated, t hen the show went on. The grandstand provided an overall view of the lay Sacred Lake, which reflected the huge monument s as the lights play on one, then another. program at he pyramids was still the finest. Sunday, February 19th, 1984 Monday, February 20th, 1984 ge military enclosure erected by Saladin during the Third Crusade. Soldiers and guards were everywhere, as they were at all government buildings in Cairo since the 1973 war. Located in the Citadel also is the Muhammad All Mosque, which we visited. Buried here is the Shah of Iran , whose tomb we also viewed, although the Shah's family has discouraged public viewing of his grave. an interesting experience. Although not as large as the one we had visited in Istanbul elev quality. Cairo Museum , and viewed with special interest the 3,500 pieces of rich artifacts from the tomb of Tutankhamen. Since I have already covered these in a previous chapter, I will not repeat the description of this most amazing collection. impact of the astounding Egyptian culture and civilization on its own people and the world at large. Because Egypt's achievements in the cultural, religious and architectural areas were so unique and spectacular, I chose to describe those architectural and archaeol ogical wonders in this chapter, because to have done so in reverse order would have been anticlimactical. One is about their money. The Egyptian unit of money is the Egyptian pound, ceived L.E. 81. Whereas the official rate of exchange is somewhere around 1 L.E. to $1.22 U.S., actually the Egyptians themselves have little or no faith in their own money, and most of the shops, vendors, erican subsidies (carried on the shoulders of American taxpayer s) are withdrawn. ably manifold, such as two million more acres under cultivation, billions of kilowatts banks and deposited its rich mineral-laden silt on the farm lands. This kept the land wa tered and fertile forever, its fertility being renewed each year. Now, with 300 mile long Lake Nasser and structural and controlled irrigation, the following disast rous consequences are developing: rmerly dry desert climate of Upper Egypt. The water coming down the Nile now has a higher saline content (as does our own Colorado River by the time it reaches t he Imperial Valley of California. rather than the former flooding, the salt content builds up in the soil over a period of years and will poi ited on the soil, but will eventually fill Lake Nasser with mud. destruction of her many marvelous historic al monuments, as too, of course, will the acrid fumes of modern industry. into using large quantities of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, as have American farmers. Egypt was a unique breed of men and produced the first great White civilization (emphasis on the great). It died because they had a bad religion, one that was obsessed with life in a nonexistent hereafter, obsessed with a world of non-existent spooks. B. Long before Christianity raised its destructive Jewish head, the Egyptians had Creativity, that wonder would today be a reality. mongrelized and degenerate. Their present reless dementia, they lost their most spooks, their precious genes were mongrelized into the shameful mess that is now their ght stop in Amsterdam, staying at the ibis Motel. That evening I made a long distance call to Keith Williams, telling him specifically that we would arrive in Atlant a on KLM Flight 747 at 6 P.M. next evening, to make sure that he would be there to pick us up and there would be no ing, had breakfast at their restaurant and had plenty of time to shop and look over t he beautiful, clean Dutch airport before taking off at 1:40 P.M. to the cabin in North Carolina at 9 P.M., but with the six-hour difference in time zones, it there was a pile of work waiting for me. There were bills to pay, there was a stack of mail to answer. The March Issue of Racial Loyalty had been taken to the printer before I left, but it had not been picked up. I called Gene Dowdie, the printer, and he told me it had been ready for some time, but nobody had come around to pick it up. This we did immediately, and Keith mailed out all the he church properties in 1983. So that there would be no doubt in future circumstances, I urged him to put this in writing. This he did, in his own neat hand-printed form, and it prov ed to be an invaluable document to us, as future events unraveled. Such remained the case until 1989, when a third tax assessor was appointed to the office, a Jewish Colorado, to Martinsville, Virginia, in order to improve their business opportunities. They to do their installations, which, due to the stringent Department of H ealth regulations, included two separate septic tanks and Montgomery, both of whom questioned me as to the whereabouts of J.B. Stoner, who at questioned me, but practically accused me of harboring him (legally a crime) at our church the gate still open, but there was a car parked astride the gate, making it impossible to nce Henrie was still outside, sitting In the car and likewise wondering what in the hell wa s going on. Evidently the session inside ended with no criminal charges filed against Ke llow. Like most of us he had his good and bad points. On the good side, he was an excellent typist, he had a fine speaking voice mood. He had been converted to Mormonism by his mother many years ago, but had abandoned it in recent years when he became aware of the phoniness of it all, especially after his step-father died. Neve rtheless, he kept looking for a meaningful philosophy in life and after he had read my book, eccentric and unstable, and lacked both business sense and I might also say just plain common sense. He had this frustrating habit of never answering a question directly, and when I demanded some specific answers about the progress of the paper, or other business matters, he would waffle and mumble, or stop in mid-sentence, a habi t that aggravated me no end. He was now married for the third time and had five children by his previous two wives. In the nasty itted that all of his children had gone against him and had supported their mothers' side. to do so. The first surprise was that he was in debt and he needed a $700 advance. I look him over, and since his jalopy was broken down at this time, he decided to hitch- he would take over the job of Hasta Primus as soon as Keith's 30 days were up. On March 16 I took him to the bus station in Franklin and he was back on his way to Dover, with the promise he would be back in April. Moores were thinking strongly of improving their business opportunities by moving from Colorado to Virginia, although Kim was less than enthusiastic about the w hole operation. This was now April and Kim had just had their latest baby, Amy, in January, and had bar ely recovered her strength. This was a big move to make at any time, as Henr ie and I had experienced in the several moves we ourselves had made in our lives. could rest and sleep most of the time, what with having to take care of the new baby. I r stopping at the church, leaving last minute with the whole family and looking over their newly rented house, we all had a big Easter for two days at our cabin. On Saturday we went bowling, and the next day, Sunday, we all had a second big Easter dinner, with turkey and all the trimmings. I showed Kim and Walt the church and what progress we were making with the building of the school. I also showed them the pictures we had taken on our trip to Egypt. Then at 3:45 they took off for Martinsville, Walt taking the VW Rabbit with him on a loan. business in a new place is no small task. Saturday, April 7, 1984, to start working. were helpful to the cause. Besides having given up smoking, drinking, and being dedi good physical shape and followed a str enuous routine of exercises. ilitary career, he had learned to become an build in which I could indulge in painting pi mistakes he had made during his young life. He told me that during his rousing and drin king days more than a decade earlier, he had entered into an ill-considered marriage that Trip to Hawk's Nest in the Florida Keys at Shoney's Restaurant at the Oakwood exit at Gainesville, Georgia. We stopped at the Best Western for the night at Gainesville, Florida, after a drive of 443 mile s, arriving there at 9 PM. Next morning, after an early start, we had lunch at our fa vorite noon stopping place, the Holiday Inn restaurant at Fort Pierce, where we had our usual lunch of soup, a crabmeat sandwich and their delicious peach cobbler with ice cream for desert. We had a super seafood dinner at the Whale Harbor Re staurant at Islamorada (another one of our favorite eating places) and after loading up with groceries at Marathon, we finally arrived at our apartment at Hawk's Nest at 9 PM. The Government of Greater Germany shared by Emily and Bruce, Mary's sister and her husband. After having breakfast with the Wimmers the next morning, we took off, Racial Loyalty called Cupid's Corner 441 that I had traded from Jerry Ayres. I env isioned building a Creativity university on those grounds some day. But more immediately, I had in mind building an art studio just a few yards southeast of the cabin, in whic h I contemplated I could paint to my heart's for several days while Walt would be going to Atlanta to attend a seminar. They arrived at 2 AM the next day. While Walt went on to Atlanta, we had some good visiting to catch up on. On Saturday Henrie, Kim, Scott, Bryan, Amy and I packed a picnic lunch and went to Terrora Park (south Rabun County) and went swimming in the lake at the park. The weather was great and the water was warm. mily stayed over until Monday and left for Martinsville at 1 PM. didn't materialize until July 28, when we left the cabin at 11 AM, and after stopping in Maggie Valley to check into some video camera equipment, we arrived at Kim and Walt's place at 5:40, just in time for a good home cooked dinner. tic office, which was at the time located on Brookdale Road. Walt took X-rays of my back and shoulders and pronounced me in year old!) and that I had a minimum of calcium deposits in the bones of my back and neck. He also gave me a treatment, suffered from some of the effects from a fall from a horse when she was taking riding lessons in college many years ago, and also she had quite a lot of calcium deposits in of an electric pulse machine, and we ordered such a mechanism through him. that night, with everybody ordering crabs legs. We left Martinsvllle the next morning, and Henrie and I had a good lunch at the Red Lobster in Winston Salem on the way back. our eleventh President, James K. Polk, who successfully fought the Mexican War and added more territory to the United States and the White Man’s domain than any other pr journey westward on US 64, stopping at the Lake Ocoee Inn restaurant for a hearty at the Cracker Barrel at Murfreesboro, Tennessee and bought a number of souvenirs, in cluding a facsimile of an old Kentucky rifle. We then drove on to Nashville to visit President Andrew Jackson's historic Hermitage and went through the building and surveyed the grounds. After spending and Nashville) we went on to Columbia and checked in at the James K. Polk Motel afte r having dinner next door at the restaurant of the same name, although they are not affiliat ed. Henrie had frog legs as her dish. After dinner we drove around Columbia, including a drive past Polk's house. the same restaurant and then spent a considerable amount of time at the James K. good. Back on the road again, through Memphis, then Little Rock, finally arriving at base, and found that he had picked up the printed copies of Our next objective was to visit with of Ridgedale, Missouri. He was running it as the Lakemont Health Resort. Here he was giving daily lectures, as well as having a rriving in Tulsa at 6:20 PM. We checked in at the Cross Roads Motor Inn and had a good dinner of spare ribs at the Country inn restaurant. Despite all the stops, we had driven a total of 374 miles for the day. Cowboy Hall of Fame Tulsa that same Sunday and checked in at the 7 Flags Motel at Shamrock, Texas, having driven 285 miles since 4:30 PM. Next lunch at Denny's in Tucumcari, New Mexico. After stopping at Cline's Corners and buying several souvenirs, we arrived at Gallup, New Mexico at 6 PM. (We lost an hour due to change of time zone.) We checked in at the Royal Holiday (B.W.) We had been s. Henrie and I had dinner at an old Spanish restaurant, the Eldorado, where we each had a prime rib. came to the Information Center for the Painted Desert . The view from there was fantasti c. We took the 26-mile loop road the night at the Red Feather Quality Inn and had a shrimp and avocado salad at their rning, we drove to the Grand Canyon headquarters and received our Golden Age Passport; a privileged gift to Senior Citizens at any and every U.S. park, a welcome surpri se. We saw many interesting exhibits and a slide show of early boats that had gone dow n the Canyon exploring its many gorges, banks, tributaries, and in general, its geography and geology. most fascinating show on the giant screen at the Imax Theatre. After having lunch at the Sedona at about 5:30 PM, we checked in at the Canyon Portal Motel. At John DePoe Real Estate, and salesman Paul Sloman took us out and showed us a 2 bedroom, 1-3/4 bath condo in West Sedona, price: $68,000. It didn't look too good. He had few other choices to show, none too Checking out of the motel, we headed south on US 179. About three miles south of Chapel of the Holy Cross Maryland Lakes impaired, he was still sharp as a whip. He had written numerous books and wrote a We ate at Wynn's Chinese Restaurant (his choice). He drove me around Scottsdale, look at the condos and the whole layout and we liked it. After Henrie and I had talked it over, we decided to buy a unit for Kim, for a total price of $66,405, plus $650 for mirrors on all the sliding doors on the cl ing a sumptuous dinner at the Stag and Hound Restaurant on Indian School Road and 1-17. Racial Loyalty museum, looking at the hundreds of old rifles and guns, at the beautiful art works and Please Doctor, Do Something! This he did with a great deal of vigor, and I happened to hear one of his speeches at both much impressed, and now, in 1984, since we were in the area, we decided to go and arrived at about 5 PM. I stopped in at the church, consulted Carl, picked up whatev it a day. odyssey. Chapter Twelve der of business after the long trip out west estigious car of her own. Of course, we did have the VW Rabbit as a second car, but she didn't like to drive it, especially since It had a stick shift. On Friday, October 27, 1984, we left for Martinsville to look for a car for Henrie. The next day, Saturday, Walt took her around to all the car dealers in Grand Prix Pontiac . The dealer was Blue Ridge Pontiac, and since the car had been used as a demo and had a few miles on it, the final price was $13,728. We closed the deal at 10 AM on Sunday, but since some servicing had to be done on it, and we wanted to make some other Christmas and New Year came up in the last half of November. By that total of 405 miles, arriving at Lake City at 7:45 PM. This time, instead of taking the usual es, then east along Alligator Alley to Krome Avenue, then south past Homestead, all the way to another of our favorite restaurants, Whale Harbor at lslamorada, where we had another great dinner. We finally arrived at Hawk's Nest after 10 PM after having driven 555 miles for the day. ents (#501) were on the (top) fifth floor, and one (#401) was on the fourth. From either one we had an excellent view of the old Seven Mile Bridge and also the new bridge t hat was now being built alongside of it. We could look over the bridges and see the Flor ida Bay to the north, with all its numerous ted working on the article "The Polestar" for the next edition of Racial Loyalty. I wrote four pages the first day, twelve more the second, and before I was through with it, the article amounted to a stack of scribble on yellow pages. At this time I happened to see an advertisement for a Sharp typewriter with a limited computer memory, available at K-Mark for about $250. I went out and bought it, studied the manual for awhile, t hen showed Henrie, who was an excellent typist, how to use it. I then asked her if s he would type my article, which over the next few days she did. It amounted to a total of 21 typewritten pages, and was published in the January 1985 issue of Racial Loyalty. Golden Boy about Ghandi, and a story about the experiences of some more exploring. We also talked with Kim that night. They had had a nice little it again. We also saw their son Scott while there. frugitarian, we brought Carl a big bag of oranges from Florida. and activities. Since I would have to fly most of the distance across the country, wh ile he had me there, he said he would make it worth my while and tape two half hour shows. day, December 5, 1984. At 3:30 on Tuesday afternoon, just a few days after getting back from the Keys, Carl and I left in to a Pizza Parlor, where pitcher after way, I arrived at the Atlanta Airport at 6:20 AM, where Carl was ready to pick me up in my car. We arrived back in North Carolina at about 9:30, and after relating most of the events to Henrie, I went to bed and slept until 3:30 PM. Christmas and New Year, 1984-85 5:30 PM. On Monday we had a big turkey dinner, then opened stocking stuffer presents Tuesday, December 25, 1984. Christmas Day. this morning's events of opening the presents and other activities. He also showed a screening of a play Bryan had taken part in at Since Kim and Walt would be with us in a New Years at the Cabin the north side of the studio. He also tried to give me some help with a video camera I lked to the Penns, who lived on the upper road, and were invited into their house. Afte r all that walking we had a big New Year's dinner that Kim and Henrie had cooked. It was great. ceived a copy of the Race and Reason tape I participated in the dancing and in the floor show. We got back to the cabin just before midnight so we could watch the New Year being brought in on television in different parts of the country. see what the football games were doing. r things, and at 1 PM they said good-by and left for home. January, 1985: an Assessment had come to take stock, to make an assessment as to what we had accomplished so far, and where we were now at. become a permanent part of our religion and should be preserved for the future. sta Primus, and asked him if he would take on a temporary job and do just that. He wa and moved in with Carl in the upstairs apartment. However, he was such a sloppy housekeeper that there soon developed a Expanding Creativity. His job finished, I paid him his final check in the amount of $110 on May 2, 1985, and Rick left for home. other books that the same printer would do for us. As an additional note, all our books Hawaii Revisited, 1985 That was back in June of 1958, on the occasion of both Henries and Kim's birthday, beautiful cruise it was. (We flew back by plane.) Now, after a long and Intensive to leave February 16, 1985. In telling about this trip, I am going to divide it into two parts. First, I will treat it as a regular travelogue, describing our daily itinerary and ac Las Vegas, and our side trip to Phoenix to overlook things at the newly bought condo apartment. Secondly, in a separate and followi ng chapter, I will go into more explicit hat the Hawaiian chain of islands represent one of the most scenic pieces of real estate in the world, from what I have seen of it. Henrie and I were most eager to see them again, especially the islands of Maui and Kauai, which we had not visited on our first trip. Saturday, February 16. We were picked up at the Airport by the MTI tour director, were given leis to hang Sunday, February 17. we had lunch at "Pat's." Here I bought a Japanese carved whalebone (imitation?) bridge, which I still keep in my study as a souvenir. and its Cultural Center, but since this is a huge, all day attraction in itself, we only had time to drive through it. But no matter, since it avidly attracted our attention, we decided to come back to it again another day and spend the whole day exploring it. This we did, and I spend all of Chapter 16 telling tel at 5:30. After changing clothes, we went to the Don Ho show and dinner inside t he Geodesic Dome of the H.H.V. Hotel at 6:30. We had two Mai Tai drinks each (water ed down) and a real good dinner while Don Ho was telling his jokes, singing his songs , putting on girlie dance routines and kissing Monday, February 18. Mormon Polynesian Cultural Center Japanese, Irish, and even native Hawaiian. (Didn't everybody?) He loaded us into a Tuesday, February 19. an hour at the Dollar Rent-a-Car before we managed to acquire a vehicle, a Chevy Spri nt. We drove ourselves out to our hotel Nawiliwili Harbor Wednesday, February 20 However, they did not particularly appeal to us . After this, we drove back to our hotel, the Kauai Surf, and had a delicious dinner of du ck a l'orange. We also had our pictures taken to celebrate the event. Thursday, February 21. the famous Fern Grotto. While there we witnessed a wedding in progress, followed by a program of singing and music. Friday, February 22. the Lihue Airport and checked It out at no charge. (The cost had already been fi gured in the original package.) ed on Hawaiian Airlines Flight 27 at 2:10 PM; then changed planes on the runway tarmac to Maui. We arrived at the Kahului Airport at approximately 3:45 PM. Back agai n to the Dollar Rent-a-Car where we obtained a Nissan station wagon. It was a 27 mile drive to our hotel at Kaanapall, and on the way along the coast we saw a whale ca vorting on the surface, about 3/4 mile off shore. We checked in at the Maui Marriott Hotel, Room 2059. After having dinner at the Moana Saturday, February 23. Sunday, February 24. 35, all the way to Keanae, expecting to see the church and where we thought Charles rrace Hotel. That same night I started reading the story of Marriott Monday, February 25. at the H.M.S. Bounty. After exploring this unusual shopping center more extensively, we visited the Whaler's Museum on the third floor of one of the larger buildings. of most damaging consequences. As I am writing this in September of 1992, a most taking all of the islands that was, and is, of longer standing, and although more devious in its course, is even more virulent in its long-term damage. It started when the Am erican missionaries landed there in the 1820's. In the next chapter I will concentra te on the miscegenation of the people who inhabit the Hawaiian Islands. This is as I saw it in 1985, and described the situation in an article in Issue No. 23 of Racial Loyalty and page 161, Building a Whiter and Brighter World. An Eyewitness Report from the Hawaiian Islands paradises. he Hawaiian Islands are some of the most desirable pieces of real estate on earth. They are, in fact, the stuff that dreams are made of and a virtual tropical par adise, if there ever was one. are a racial nightmare, the ultimate in miscegenation. They are, in fact, the consummation of a race mixer's dream. They come very close to that goal so devoutly pursued by the Jews and their bleeding-heart counterparts among the Christians and their degenerate White segment. sited the Hawaiian Islands of Oahu and the big island (Hawaii) in 1958. Departing from San Francisco we went over on the then operating Lureline , one of two flagships of the Matson Lines. The five-day cruise across the Pacific was sheer joy, and was in ce lebration of both my wife's and daughter's birthdays, both of which occurred on June 7th. Our first trip to these beautiful islands was an exciting adventure and we enjoyed every minute of it. We flew back by plane. a at 7:35 AM, changing planes in Denver and arrived in Honolulu at 2:30 PM the same day, February 16, having gained six hours on the sun. and is bathed in the afternoon sunshine, is still (almost) as exciting an event as arriving t here by cruise ship. The island is still a "freeways," traffic congestion and noise pollution. The air, however, is still relatively that most of what Hawaiians consume has to be imported. I was, however, surprised to learn from a tourist guide on one of our excursions that practically everything else , flowers, shrubs, fruits, trees, birds and animals, too, are of recent foreign Import. Even the "native" Hawaiians did not arrive from "elsewhere" until as recently as t he 14th century, only a Captain Cook, that great White explorer. explore Kauai and Maul, which we had not visited on our previous trip. ahu was an all-day circle tour of the island. We took off from the hotel at 9:00 AM in a mini-bus, with a group total of ten. The driver and guide was a typical native by the name of Robert. He explained eagerly that his own racial ancestry was somewhat like chop suey (or smorgasbord) and consisted of Portuguese, Irish, Japanese, and some others that I don' t recall, but it did include Hawaiian. Everybody there claims some Hawaiian anc Disneyland like complex of structures that are supposed to represent seven Polynesian extract money from its own members, or outsiders. The Center is a 42 acre "living museum" and was purportedly established for the Polynesian peoples, in particular that of the islands of Tonga, Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, the Marquesas, Samoa and Aotearoa. no historical significance. They are purely Jewish inventions designed to sound very African, and wipe out any and all White Not so at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Everything is genuinely phony Village (Bula Vinaka), a Tahitian Village (Iaorana), a Tongan Village (Malo e Leiei) and more. It has also built a Hawaiian Village named (Aloha) goodbye, and just about anything else you might (a) Were these "cultures" by these shouting, stomping aborigines really worth saving? (b) Were they really cultures at all by the White Man's standards? (c) Why would any group of White people spend such lavish amounts of money to construct ar tificial renditions of a phony Hollywood Why did the Mormon Church spend tens of millions to build this plastic facade? lynesian Villages also took us on a tour through the adjoining Brigham Young University Campus, then as if by happenstance, to the lavish Mormon Temple, but not thr ough the Temple. Heaven forbid, that is only the privilege of a select few, not ordinary si nners. However, they did take us through the Visitor's Center next to the Temple, wher e we were given a low key speech about the n a movie to further drive the message home. Everyone was invited to sign the Visitors ' Register, a clever recruiting device that is faithfully followed up by their young mi ssionaries at your home address at a later date. Restaurant for the ensuing dinner that fic Pavilion, a huge amphitheater with any number of mongrelized smorgasbord, chop ticle about the scenic wonders of the Hawaiian Islands. Rather it is to examine the race -mixing and miscegenation that is characteristic of Hawaii, of what the Jews, the Morm ons and the bleeding-hearts (all for different reasons) are doing to compound it, and what the White Man must do to regain this away from the "original natives," since there is hardly a genuine pure-blood native le ft in these islands. The only exception perhaps is the tiny island of Niihau, containing only 72 square miles and not far off the and interest in their original racial stock to want to preserve it, when there is and was Yes, they are, unless they are spiritually sick or demented. You can't be loyal to your home team and at the same time be a rival team. Only traitors who have been bought by the opposition do that. bankroll and glorify not only one, but seven In studying this question in depth, the answer comes up loud and clear: the Mormon Church has gone Jewish, lock, stock, and barrel. My Transformation from a Jew-loving Mormon to a Militant Creator the crafty Jews had sunk their poisonous tentacles into the heart of the Mormon hierarchy almost Mormon Temple in Oahu, I picked up a few pieces of their free literature on So have we. You have been persecuted, mistreated, misunderstood - so have we. disseminated by the hierarchy of the church itself. It fairly shouts: "We want to be Jews!" Alright. That's what the stated, official position of the Mormon hierarchy is in their B'nai B'rith Messenger : "Probably no people who are not themselves Jews are so much concerned in the igham Young church historian on the occasion of the centennial of the birth of Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism. Cedar City, Utah, sponsored an entire week of activities devoted to introducing their 3,000 students, mostly Mormons, to social achievements of Jews. joined Hillel youth from Las Vegas in dancing Israeli dances and in eating humus and Israel officials, the Las Vegas Jewish Federation - which did yeoman's work in helping organize the event made this a The Book of Mormon written 20 years earlier) nevertheless had one redeeming characteristic in his Today the in the Jewish goal of race-mixing. Whereas Joseph Smith had no understanding of Orson Hyde, himself a Jew, Apostles, and in that year Joseph Smith sent Hyde to Palestine to dedicate that Arab ogram of the Jews, the Mormons, and the rapidly reinforced by a massive invasion of the more aggressive Japanese, who, thanks to American collaboration and encouragement, are rapidly buying up and ud races would soon shrink and wither on the vine. "kamaaina" mud races that now pollute it. It is the goal of The Church of the Creator that the White Race, Nature's Finest, inhabit exclus ively every square mile of the good lands sy prey is that a major segment of the White Race is promoting its own selfdes behind it has been none other than Christianity itself. previous chapter, 1 am continuing the narrati on of that same trip after leaving Hawaii from where I left off in Chapter 15. Tuesday, February 26, 1985 After several more phone calls, we finally got to the City Lights dinner at 7, a little late. Wednesday, February 27 Lindy's Restaurant At 6:30 we had dinner in the Orleans Coffee Shop Thursday, February 28 op was at the Maryland Lakes apartments to check out our condo #210. We found the ca 4021 N. 27 Ave. Since Henrie said she was not hungry, I had dinner by myself at the nearby Village Inn Restaurant. I called Carl at about 8 PM to check things back at t Friday, March 1, 1985 West Shopping Center, where we had lunch. We looked at refrigerators at Montgomery Ward, and in general looked at furniture at other stores in the shopping center. However, we didn't see anything we liked. Next we went to Appliance TV City at 422 W. Cactus St., and there we bought a real nice 22 c.f. Hotpoint Refrigerator-freezer for a tota l of $865.91. The salesman was Joe Juliano, and he promised to deliver it to the apartment Dallas and The Wizard of Oz on television that night. Saturday, March 2 place where we had eaten before, but could not Sunday, March 3 leans Coffee House at the MGM Grand Hotel, then went to see the Jubilee cocktail show in the theatre of the same hotel (we had made reservations before we left previously). While watching the show we had a bottle back to our room we called the Whittlesby Transportation Co. for transportation to the airport the next morning. Monday, March 4 ng and picking up some of the mail at the church. Europe, and we decided that it had been too long since we had made our last such foray, which was in 1973. Since we had a fairly wide perception of the European landsc ape, and since we were going to take only two weeks off, we asked ourselves this question: which area in our judgment is the most the Alpine region was Number One. We ther efore decided that in the two short weeks we could concentrate on the beautiful scenery within the confines of this region. We went to see our travel agent at the beginning of August and chose a Globus Gateway Monday, August 19 Wednesday, August 21 and the Alps on what the Germans like to call their Romantic Road. On the way we Thursday, August 22 Friday, August 23 ury cathedral. Then on to center of the mighty Hapsburg Empire. Saturday, August 24 University of Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace , which we had seen before, but went through again. Sunday, August 25 Styria Monday, August 26 , near the Italian border. We stopped for lunch at the Olympic ski resort of Tyrolean Alps Tuesday, August 27 Wednesday, August 28 Bregaglia Valley Lugano , a sparkling Swiss summer resort with a charming Italian character. Here we spent the rest of t he day exploring the arcades of Via Nassa and flower bedecked Piazza Riforma . Thursday, August 29 Friday, August 30 In the afternoon we motored through the vineyards and apricot groves of the lower Rhone Valley Saturday, August 31 Guyere Old Town , the capital of the old confederation. Finally, the scenic drive to Sunday, September 1 Monday, September 2 Tuesday, September 3 . We flew back home from Frankfurt, arriving the same day. rable tour that stick in my mind. This was in the year of 1985, and I was aggressively promoting my views on Creativity to loud, raucous voice, usually sat near the front of the bus, and never stopped talking. like coming down to dinner, and I was late first questions were: what was Creativity all about, and was I an atheist? I replied, no, I was not an atheist, I was a Creator , but rather than explain our religion, she could read some of my books, if she cared to. this spirit supposedly leaves our body and then will be brought to judgment by other Just what is a spirit? what is it? what it isn't. what it is itive and you can back up with evidence. This kind of conversation went on at our little table for about two hours long after what is a spirit? last night, and it was all my fault. what is a spirit? he tour guide slip me a note. It said: - a general principle of life (human beings, animals, plants). principle of intellect (human soul/spirit). what is a spirit. when we finished dinner in the hotel dining room in Montreux, Switzerland, we sat dow n on a sofa in the hotel lobby and had our discussion. The discussion lasted about three hours, but I will not go into any great ork of the Christian religion to which he had devoted most of his adult life, rested on the supposition that there is a supernatural world of spirits floating around out there God, and what was his perception of him. Was he like a male father, only much smarter? His answer was very fuzzy. No, he said, the anthropomorphic image, the fa ther image, was not real, just an explanation for the simple people to grasp more easily, he explained. God was intelligence. Where did he the image of man? No shape, just all over. That sounds like the scientists' descrip change In our eating routine from what we had followed at home. Naturally, on such an different times she had fasted at a place in Bonita Springs, Florida, once for a period as car there, I could also go for a drive whenever I wanted to. Each morning, at about 10 o'clock, the nurse would check into my room and take my Miami Herald own bag the cook had given me. I drove 462 miles that day, stopping at the Colonial Inn at (b) My joints didn't feel stiff after I got out of the car after a long drive. and slept from 9 PM until 2 AM, and then I Chapter Twenty Phoenix in February, 1986 of November of 1985, celebrating both Thanksgiving and our anniversary, our 39th. We promotion of Creativity in t he coming year. We sat down in my newly built art studio and talked for the next three hours about our plans fo r 1986. Poor Carl! Little did either he or I know that before the year of 1986 was over Carl would be sitting behind bars in a penitentiary na grew colder, with much fog in the mornings. Henrie and I were thinking about sunny Arizona and our newly acquired apartment in Phoenix. We still had a lot of work to do to furnish it fully and put it into good shape; and we were in some of our wintertime enjoying it. Tuesday, February 18 Wednesday, February 19 Shoney’s in Monroe, Louisiana. When we came to the Texas line, we stopped at the traffic jam was terrible, and added to that, in order to make my driving more miserable, Thursday, February 20 cost us $700, and that he took in $285 in contributions yesterday, including $200 from oom, we left Weatherford and proceeded down I-20 to Colorado City, where we had lunch at the Villa Restaurant. Turned off I-20 on to U.S. 285 to stop in at the Pecos Museum. We found it very interesting. They had a large collection of western artifacts and memorabilia. in at the Best Western Stevens Motel. Friday, February 21 Sands National Park. We found the white dunes, a most interesting geological phenomena, and took several pictures. We also went through their Visitors' Center, which was most informative. Back on I-20 going west, we stopped at a tourist trap called reached Wilcox, Arizona, pulled in for the night at the Plaza Inn and had dinner at their restaurant. We drove a total of 419 miles. Saturday, February 22 through a number of souvenir places, including one run by a dealer of interesting dolls. Had lunch at Denny's in Tucson, then drove on north to Phoenix on I-10, arriving there Sunday, February 23 19th Ave. on the west side of I-10. oor sample kitchen table for $117., and a vacuum cleaner. Monday, February 24 the Levitz Show Room to show her my selection. She highly approved. Bought de sk, $129; hutch, $129; chest of drawers, $149; headboard $89; nightstand $88. To tal with delivery, $702. Tuesday, February 25 Wednesday, February 26 Indian School Road. It used to be the Stag and Hound last year. Thursday, February 27 y's, Thrifty Drugstore and to Chris-Town Plaza on the other side of the I-10 Freeway. At ed packing for the trip back home. We felt t the old and all white Mission of San Xavier de Bac, about ten miles south of Tucson. Dr ove on to Las Cruces, New Mexico and checked in at the Messilla Valley Inn (Bes t Western), arriving at 6:10 PM. We had a good prime rib dinner at Eddies Bar & Grill, ( next to the motel). Drove a total of 415 miles. Saturday, March 1 . Breakfast at Eddie's next door. Called Carl to see if everything was ough El Paso. Looked very dry and desolate. Had lunch at Van Horn, a small Chef's Sa lad. Merged I-10 with I-20. Drove on to Abilene, Texas and stayed at the American Best Western Motel. Novel room. Both the bathtub and the wash bowl in the vanity were in the shape of the State of Texas. Had a Jacuzzi in the tub. The weather wa s great. Drove 495 miles for the day. Sunday, March 2 Dallas-Times Herald, Monday, March 3 our of the National Battle ground Park and Tuesday, March 4 Landry from California. He wanted me to know that he would be delighted to come help me with the School for Gifted Boys, and said that in the meantime he would send me an appraisal of Jewish infiltration into the Atheist movement. Chapter Twenty-one Great Promoter, especially as age was in creasingly edging up on me. I was now 68, and I was desperately searching for a man whom I could not only trust to carry on the The Commission 9 AM on that date, and taking several audio tapes along to listen to during the day long trip; I headed out west for Jackson, stopping only for lunch at the Holiday Inn loca ted about 10 miles west of Chattanooga, Tennessee. After driving 534 miles, I arrived in Jackson at 6:45 PM and checked in at Restaurant and had shrimp and steak dinners. (I picked up the tab.) At the end of the waffled on the issue, he made it clear to me that we were on the same wave length each of the three all five of my (then) Instead, when we got there he brought his lawn mower out of the shed and started for the night. After having breakfast at the nearby Holiday Inn, I hit the road again at 9 AM, deciding to remain on I-20 to Atlanta, instead of following the previous I-59 and Chattanooga route. I found a group of about 20 firefighters also lunching. They were fight ing some out of control fires in the nearby area. to the man, I came to the conclusion that his pro-Christian front was phoney, and he did I got back home at 4:30 PM and stopped at the church to talk to Carl. He had received a Chapter Twenty-two Harassment and Fireworks Miami Herald time to time, but despite us notifying the Sheriff's Department, no one was ever we ever pause in putting out and distributing our Flagship paper, Racial Loyalty, each and every month. We were growing, and as I said in the last chapter after coming back In the early hours of June 14, 1986, Henrie woke me at 3:10 in the early morning hours ch of the Creator in the Early Morning Hours of June 14, 1986 of the Church of the Creator . At approximately 3:10 A.M. I was awakened by some loud and boisterous voices. Two male voices were talking and laughing in the darkness. tion, the sound seemed to be coming from somewhere near our school, or near t he entrance of our private road. I did hear the following snatches of wled into the upstairs apartment through the kitchen window, since I did not want to ex pose myself in the light, nor did I turn on any lights in the apartment. The first thing I di d was to try to call the Sheriff, using my flashlight to see my way. I tried twice to call the Sheriff, but the line was busy. I then called Mr. Klassen's house. His wife answer ed the phone. I told her about what I had heard, and would Mr. Klassen call the Sheri people were that were threatening to burn down the church and probably kill me as well. Mr. Klassen did call the Sheriff's Dept. at approximately 3:20 A.M., and specifically in the meadow to the back of the school and eventually to the main road, (Old 441) but I could not locate the people who had been talking so loudly before. As I was near ing the entrance to our private road, I heard a car coming up behind me from the in the ditch by the main road as they passed by. I saw them turn into our private road and do the classical thing we have noticed most previous terrorists have done. They en's and the Bergstrom's entrances, turned around, then drove back to the front of t he church. There they stopped and turned out their car lights. ted the Sheriffs office by this time and gotten dressed, was in his car and coming down the road to see what was going on. They were sitting in front of the church in their car, (probably 20 seconds). When they e by the sign that plainly said “PRIVATE ROAD - PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY - NO TRESPASSING." I intended to stop them t at the church and I told him what had happened. We then got in the car and drove down Old 441 to the bridge to see if we could perhaps find the culprit's car on the r oad, but we did not. We then drove back to the church and looked at the clock. It was 3:51 AM. We then got out and walked down the road to see if there were any signs of ca r damage. Using the flashlight we saw a trail of water on the main road in an erratic pat h, and we assumed that the radiator had been pierced. In making the shots I had tried to k eep them low at tire level, and not aim for quad car and two Deputies did arrive, and we voluntarily gave the Deputies a brief resumé of what happened. A. Trusty of Dillard, Georgia. Another squad car arrived from the Sheriff's office with two been here to look up some "old friends," the Lents, to have a drink with them, and ask As far as we are concerned, the key question still remains unanswered, and that is this: found loitering in the vicinity of the church during unreasonable hours of the night. they said that they were merely looking up "old friends" to have a drink, at 3:30 in the parcel of the conspiracy. We therefore e property adequately posted as such. run me down by moving vehicle. onstitutional rights as guaranteed by the First Amendment. did what I did legally and deliberately and that is to try to apprehend the culprits involved in a criminal conspiracy to violate my civ il, religious and Constitutional rights and those of my church, specifics of which I have already listed. down the culprits. But not for the Church of the Creator, despite the fact that it has been circumstances: and that is to protect his ow n life, his property and Constitutional rights when the legal authorities and law enforcement agencies fail to do so, when they have become partial, discriminatory don't happen to agree with it. not gone out to seek trouble, to intrude and invade other people's churches, homes or pr operties. We have been the victims, not the culprits, of terrorists aggressions and attacks, and evidently without any legal recourse, ne: If the legally inst ituted authorities will not render equal protection under the law, as guar anteed by the 14th Amendment, then it is incumbent upon every reasonable, prudent, self respecting citizen to do what he is bound to do: protect his life, liberty and property the best way he can. This I have tried to do within the legal bounds of the Constitu tion as spelled out in the First, Second, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments. onstitutional rights be respected and that Warrants be issued for the arrest of the conspirators and transgressors, and their still that morning and recorded them in my day book. For the sake of posterity I believe it is relevant that I repeat them In this book, although they may not exactly mesh with Carl 's version. I will pick up from where I was barrelling down the road to the church and t he intruders "took off like a scalded cat." Here are my notes on the morning of June 14: Vaguely, I heard a number of shots which were fired by Carl as they were trying to escape past him at the gate entrance. (He was stationed at the "No Trespassing" sign.) The time just before I left the house was 3: heard Carl calling as he was coming towards my car. He then told me what had happened, and we decided to drive after the prowlers (in my car) in case they were ited for Deputies from the Sheriffs Department to arrive, which they did at 4:05. We told them what had happened. They with his department, but we first wanted to obtain a lawyer and have him present when we did. He said he needed to talk to "my young man" and they would be here in about and placed in custody, to be held for trial. I applied for a release bond, which was granted by Magistrate Waldroop. The I had talked to my attorney, Richard S. Jones, while at the courthouse, and made an appointment with him for Wednesday at 2:30 PM . (End of my notes for Saturday.) When I say "my attorney" I use the term loosely, because I seldom used him, but had known him for about 15 years. It was he and his family from whom I had bought the the outskirts of Houston, Texas. He said he was a friend of Gale Bailey, who had come to visit me during the previous year. Be sides some smaller donations earlier, Gale Bailey was the first to make a one thousand dollar donation to the church. A little earlier we had inaugurated a program in which we offered to plant a tree along Leadership Lane with a plaque honoring the donor if the am ount of the donation was $1000 or more. Gale Bailey had the honor of being the first man to do so, and Carl duly planted a followed suit for whom we planted trees in the ensuing years. repeatedly. Anything he could do to help the c Richard Jones, the following Wednesday at 2:30, Jones was head of a partnership of several attorneys, who officially were listed as Carl did not trust the establishment la wyers, and besides, he had committed no crime, he said. He had done the honorable thing and defended the church, he said. He had from prowlers who had threatened to burn the church down and commit other mayhem. He wasn't going to plead guilty when than travel expenses. Don had vehemently dec lared earlier that any assault on the defend him and pay the legal costs, including Jones' attorneys' fees, if he chose to go that route, whatever those fees might be. I also made it clear that I did not claim to be any kind of legal expert and the decision as to which way to go was squarely up to him. Carl decided he would act in his own defense our decision. Chapter Twenty-three Legal Maneuvering, Trickery and Stonewalling would be arriving at 9:35 in Atlanta tomo Then at 3 PM I took Don back to the airport, arriving there at 6 PM. see the Magistrate about filing a complaint agai nst the Trustys. To my surprise, I found that Michael Sharp, whom I had known for 15 years, was one of the three Magistrates, and he was on duty that afternoon. He seemed very nervous, and gave us very much the runaround. He suggested we wait until M onday morning and take it up with Charles Boring, who had all the information and was handling the case. We insisted that it was up to us to give him our complaint, regardle ss of what "information" Boring might have. But Instead of persisting that he take our co mplaint as we had come to achieve, we the name of Waldroop. We went in prepared with a tape recorder. Waldroop referred us to the Sheriff's office. We told him we had already been to that office last week, but we went back anyway. There, a blonde young fellow told us we had to initiate our charges with the Magistrate's Office. And so It went, round and around. Sheriff Moses Insisted that we type up our charges and give him a written statement of the whole affair. pick up Don Johnson at the Atlanta Airport. I at 8:45 AM and we drove to the Macon County Courthouse for the "Probable Cause" George Moses about our complaint against the Trustys. He was still "investigating." Carl then drove Don back to the Atlanta Airport, where his flight was scheduled to leave at 1 AM Thursday, July 17. Chapter Twenty-four A Journey into History Lands Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, the Civil War called Don Johnson and told him we had put up a mail box on the County road 1102 (at our own road entrance) and sent the new address to him. I also told him we would be going on a trip for the next ten days or so, but since he and Bobbi would not be arriving fo r some time anyway, this should present no problem. Quality Inn, and I had dinner at the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant. (We were now in Johnny Appleseed country.) I had BBQ pork ribs, while Henrie stayed in the motel room and had grapes. (She was on a fruitarian Tuesday, September 9 Wednesday, September 10 National Tower to see the Old Dutch Village. Next we drove five miles west of town on HW 116 Monday, he told me. Henrie and I had lunch at the Dobbin House restaurant on Steinwehr Avenue. That night I started reading a book on Mennonite Life by John Thursday, September 11 Friday, September 12 Drove south on HW 896 to an Amish village. We were given a viewing of the interior of We drove to another Amish place, the Hershey Farm, and had lunch there, then drove Saturday, September 13 Chocolate Factory. It was done in real style. We sat in a little car on tracks, (along with a Mr. Milton Snavely Hershey site which became the base of his manufacturing plant and subsequently also became Hershey Industrial School Hershey Museum tercourse, then had dinner at the Best Western Restaurant. Sunday, September 14 Stopped at a Red Lobster Restaurant for lunch. Arrived at Fredericksburg at approx imately 3:40 PM and checked in at the Johnny Appleseed Best Western Motel. Call ed Carl at H.Q. Everything under control. Had received $210 from Mr. Nieman in Holland, and $50 from a young fellow in New Zealand. Drove to a Safeway store to pi ck up some items, then had dinner at the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant. Watched the TV show on CBS, The Last Days of Patton. What they neglected to mention was that the Jews deliberately had him murdered in order to shut him up. Monday, September 15 Hill, where we had dinner at the Sea Ranch Restaurant. Nice dining room, had crabmeat wrapped in crepes. Good. At night we watched the TV movie, The Ghost of Flight 340. Tuesday, September 16 the dining room of the motel at a window overlooking the ocean. After checking out we HW 64, then inadvertently got on HW 264 and drove all the way to Raleigh, North Wednesday, September 17 hecked with Troy Whiteside about the picked up the mail at Dillard. Got home at about 5 PM. Addendum: In the previous ten day trip I got the ideas for writing three articles for future Chapter Twenty-five Building a New Home e Point, Florida, in 1983, and make the move to North Carolina permanent, Henrie and I also had in mind the building of a for what its original purpose was, namely a vacation place. But as a full-fledged, room y, permanent home, Henrie kept reminding me, it was too small and inadequate. Especia lly now that we had a married daughter, a son-in-law, and three grandchildren that came to visit us every so often. She wanted a larger bedroom for herself, with an accompany ing sun room of her own. She wanted a bigger living room. She wanted a bigger kitchen. She wanted a fully finished basement which would not only have the present library , but three nice bedrooms and a full bath to accommodate Kim and Walt and the grandchildren when they came to visit. In short, on that that was where the house was to be built. We debated pro and con. Should we modify and enlarge the existing cabin? a different location? Or should we tear it down and start from scratch? The latter seem ed such a waste and a shame. But in the end, that is the conclusion we finally came to. with whom, too, we had done considerable business before. His name was Jack Patton, with whom we had also discussed the different alternatives before. We now announc ed our decision that we would tear the cabin down and build the new house in its place. We were hemmed in by certain limitations because of the beautiful large oak trees that Sanders said it would take him about two weeks to tear down the cabin and clear the smaller items into dozens of boxes, the sa me dreary routine as we had gone through in Florida before moving here. We stored all change), or in the warehouse back of the church, and/or in the basement of the church . We timed our leaving for November 14, so we could take full advantage of our two-w eek time-share stay at our Hawk's Nest condo in the Florida Keys. So the next day , November 15, Billy Sanders and his crew were ready to go to it and started the pr ocess of tearing down our beloved cabin. A little more than two weeks later we were back, and the contractor and his men had opportunity to further watch and discuss building developments with the contractor. By apartment in Phoenix, Arizona, during the Christmas holidays and on into January. But mail at the Post Office and answering the mail, Don was holding down the fort and seemed to be working on his legal education felt great. I kept in touch by telephone wit h Billy Sanders as to the progress of the building program on any problem s that might be coming up. but like every other contractor, you had to watch his every step. One hassle I recall in particular was about the shingles on the roof. The contract called specifically for cedar shake shingles, the thick kind, such as hed to the point where we could start moving in. This In itself was quite an oper ation, but it was a most happy occasion. Actually, not everything was quite finis moved in. Since on such weekends Walt first had to finish his day at the clinic and they Chapter Twenty-six start a C.O.T.C. group out there in Texas. Gale Bailey's was a friend of mine and the church. After some back and forth correspondence, on June 19 he even sent a check for $535.54 to the church to obtain a Carl had just had his shoot-out with the divorce. He had a son who was in his late twenties, and he had two daughters from his previous marriages. His son was in the penitentiary for a 50 year term on some gun ear old daughter (to whom Don jokingly referred to as 24, going on 12) all lived in a ranch house on two acres that Gale Bailey had rented, and from which he ran his elec trical business. Somehow Don and Bobbi had inveigled themselves into his business and into his rented house. after stopping at the church and giving Carl la st minute instructions. Driving a total of 463 miles, I checked in at the Best Western in Mobile, Alabama. I left the motel at 7:40 AM the next morning (Thursday) and after havi ng breakfast at the Ramada Inn, I drove west on I-10. After driving 463 miles and taking several subsidiary roads, I finally reached Spring, Texas, at 5:35 PM, which is about 20 miles north of Houston, and close to their place. Here I checked in at the Cy press Court Quality Inn, and immediately after arriving, called Don. He and Bobbi dropped in at my room at 7:40 PM and Don and I had a drink to mark the occasion. Then we drove to the Red Lobster Restaurant and had dinner. We were soon joined by Jeff and Darlene Sanderson. Jeff was Gale's he two of us went to have breakfast at Champ's Restaurant about a mile away. After going back to the motel, I followed Don to their two acre complex in Miracle Lakes. and we drove to the Steak and Ale Restaurant to have dinner. I had prime rib. We then drove over to Jeff and Arlene Sanderson's home and visited for about an hour. Don highly recommended Jeff as being a very capable administrator and we should have him join us at the church. I was back at my motel at about 10:45. home, arriving that evening on Sunday, August 10. Evidently our negotiations had been successful, and the Johnsons were going to join us in our enterprise in North Carolina. Chapter Twenty-seven not want to break into the middle of that stor County in Franklin on December 15, despite all the motions and strategy he and Don Johnson had made and planned. The prosecutor wa s that nasty idiot by the name of Jerry Townson, the same JOG stooge who had prosecuted Carl in the hearing on July Allen, another member of the Masonic conspiracy, and the trial was to be held in Superior Court, as I have already stated. ch with their lights out at 3:30 in the morning of June 14. I have already related in an earlier chapter of how Carl had heard loud voices outside on the church grounds, thr down the building, and shoot the bald-headed dude when he came running out. I have also told of our calling the Sheriff's D epartment and informing them about the threats, off an explanation that would have been incredible to even a six year old child. However, she had been well coached and her story was well rehearsed. She and her husband claimed that they had come our way to see their dear "close" friends, the Rolley Lents, who, at one time had lived in t he house across the road from us, but had moved nine months earlier. The Trustys claimed they were just going to have a friendly drink with the Lents and ask them about co-s igning on a loan for a truck with them. Would you believe? They hardly knew each ot on them at 3:30 in the morning! ouple in their seventies and did not drink, nor were they inclined to any such frivolities at 3:30 in the morning, or any other time. In the second place, they barely knew of the Tr ustys, who were a generation younger and had had next to nothing in common with them. The fa ct that the Trustys didn't even know at their present residence and asked them if they were willing to sign an affidavit to the effe ct that none of the Trustys' claims of close been extremely ludicrous. They said they would be glad to, and had the Trustys Trustys would drag them into such an outrageous lie, and they gladly signed an affidavit to that effect, and we had it notarized. I entered it as evidence into the case on Ca rl's behalf, with the firm belief that it would be a powerful repudiation of t he Trusty's idiotic story. every meaningful piece of evidence presented, and the judge would immediately made mention of it, the prosecutor would immediately scream objection, and the judge this clique of Masonic hyenas, the Constitution mattered not a damn. The judge and the prosecutor were in charge, and whatever they said was the law and prevailed without any meaningful opposition from anybody. In this respect I blame Don Johnson, who lient's Constitutional rights. Don Johnson was not allowed to advise Carl, not even speak to him, or even sit near him. And so it went. This conspiratorial clique was out He believes they tried to tempt him to make a break for it, at which time the other non- North Carolina penitentiary for a number of months, then to the Newton, North Carolina Chapter Twenty-eight In Phoenix over the Holidays, 1986-87 my presence too obvious during the period of Carl's trial, although I attended much of the trial, and even appeared on the witness stand on Carl's behalf. During this same period I talked to the judge, to the prosecutor and even Sheriff in Carl's defense, it was, in fact, the Carl Messick shooting incident that sparked their renewed persecution of me by there was nothing more that I could do. If there was, Don Johnson, being a paralegal, coul ctor, we were all packed and left the house at 2 PM on our way to Kim and Walt's. We stopped at the Red Lobster in Winston Salem for dinner and arrived at the Moore's house at 8:30 ng other items with them. We finally got to bed at 12 midnight. Thursday, December 18 Friday, December 19 Saturday, December 20 Sunday, December 21 Monday, December 22 thieves call this making a "levy," but what it really amounts to is an illegal seizure piracy, thieving and several other choice definitions. In any case, I did not feel too secure with the funds being where they were, being well aware that the banks, the Federal Reserve, and the Jewish pirates were all there were only five such private banks left who still operated under the grandfather of about 300 to 500 people, we went back to I- 35 and drove on to Austin, Texas. We then took the Hill Country Trail (US 290) to Fredericksburg, where we stopped and had lunc h at the Golden Corral Restaurant. We drove on west and joined I-10 and continued on to Ft. Stockton. Arriving at 6:10, we checked in at the Sunday House Motor Inn (B.W.) to find we had the finest room we had sized beds. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant, Spanish steak, soup and sal ad bar. Drove a total of 460 miles. Tuesday, December 23 Wednesday, December 24 Thursday, December 25, Christmas Day Friday, December 26 Saturday, December 27 groceries. Then to Appliance-TV City at Cactus and 43 Ave., and bought a 25 inch Sunday, December 28 Going Like Sixty by Richard Armour. 133 pages about enjoying life in the senior years. Monday, December 29 d and Indian School for lunch. Then we went Tuesday, December 30 Wednesday, December 31 Thursday, January 2, 1987 Friday, January 2 Saturday, January 3 Sunday, January 4 Monday, January 5 Tuesday, January 6 Thursday, January 8 The Book of Mormon. Saturday, January 10 281 miles, then pulled in at the Best Western American Motel at Lordsburg, New Sunday, January 22 (It had a lot of nice paintings on display at that time, but it Is now no longer a Holiday Inn.) Drove on to Big Spring, Texas on I-20, arriving there at 6:20 PM after driving 504 m iles. Had a steak dinner at Ron Griffin's Restaurant nearby. Big, busy place, more Mexicans. Monday, January 12 Tuesday, January 13 Wednesday, January 14, 1987 Chapter Twenty-nine until November, 1986, the next issue was delayed until February, 1987, and the in fact, a very capable manager. She did Every time I would ask him as to how much longer it would take him to have it ready, his Chapter Thirty The Art Company Agreement of the Creator I repeatedly managed to become ed to North Carolina, I was introduced to he was making rapid progress. He told me of all the outstanding successes that had Then a third party entered into the picture. A young friend of Tad's, by the name of William P. Therrien, the Church of the Cr eator, and myself as President. The company was known as The Art Co. I loaned them the $9000, but this time it was out of the funds that I had donated to the Church of the Creator, since we were expecting the church to benefit from this action. The note was guaranteed to me and signed personally by Tad Calm, his wife June, and by William Therrien. We were off and running and things building it up again, not to worry, he said. Where William Therrien was, I had no idea, and Tad was very vague about it. He was "on the road." spring of 1982, and I was deeply preoccupied with were numerous reassurances that he would located in Pompano Beach. He duly filed suit on behalf of myself, as one case, and another on behalf of the Church, as a sec ond case, in the Circuit Court in Ft. Lauderdale. No. 20 in Georgia. On January 25, after c hecking at the church (Don Johnson had just We arrived there in the evening and she had a good dinner prepared for us. Next Courthouse. We found much constructi on going on at the expanding Courthouse and the closest parking place we could find was about a quarter of a mile away. We went to le. Our attorney, Alton A. Linn, Jr., soon ed against them and went back to North Carolina. sponse from the attorney, nor from the collection agency, for what seemed an overly long time. When I inquired at both places by telephone, they were hard to reach. When I finally did make contact, the answers were vague, strange and ambiguous. One of them said the Galins had filed for Chapter Thirty-one Before the Civil War, the State of Mississippi was one of the wealthiest, if not the all that, and today Mississippi is one of the poorest and most backward in the union. Be , while our new house was being built, we decided to take the time out to visit it again. Henrie and I planned to leave on March 27. Having consulted with Billy Sanders, the contractor, about choices of tile the post office, we had lunch at cabin #20 and packed to leave. We stopped and paid our rental bill up to the 27th, and talked to John Dillard about giving us some concession during our absence. On this count we won a partial concession. made with them on a new 1987 Pontiac 6000 LE station wagon. Left Clayton at about 12:45 PM and headed south to Atlanta, then east on 1-20 all the Friday, March 27, 1987 rt Gibson, then drove down another side road grand old Windsor Plantati 1859-61, and destroyed in a fire in 1890. T he huge and beautiful Corinthian columns (I believe we counted 14) left standing are some of the most outstanding of all the southern ante-bellum mansions. had dinner at Chug's Restaurant a few blocks away. I had broiled catfish and she had crab Augustin. Saturday, March 28 Sunday, March 29 . After checking out of the Scottish Inn, we had breakfast at the Best Monday, March 30, at Waco, Texas liday Inn that was about to open and received a "complimentary lunch." (Best Western) at Arkadeiphia, Arkansas, a Tuesday, March 31 that the staff was practically all black, 78 all the way to Hamilton, Alabama, population 4500. We checked in at the Holiday Inn, where I had dinner at their dining room, while Henrie fasted on an appl e in the room. Drove 352 miles. Wednesday, April 1, 1987 then checked out and left at 9 AM, traveling south on US 73. Fairly good road, half of it Atlanta and joined I-85. Drove north on US 441, then took a side trip to see Bill Stratton groceries at Winn-Dixie. Drove on to the school to turn on the heat. Looked at the construction job at the house to see if any progress had been made in our absence. Not much, the breakfast nook had been closed in. Henrie picked up her car at the church. We talked briefly to the Johnsons, then drove to our cabin #20. Drove a total of 378 miles. Chapter Thirty-two Church of the Creator Is most painful for me to report. It Is not the first time I have been bilked and booby-trapped, nor is it the last. I have already told of my intensive search for a relatively safe haven for what resources I owned personally, and those in t he name of the church, and how to prevent the long and crooked arm of the IRS from grabbi ng them at any time without warning. I have also related of how I was advised by Don Johnson that a private bank in Texas he Feds, nor Texas State authorities, was ms of money, both ours and that of the church, Henrie and I wanted to find out as quickly as possible as to what had happened, and what, if anything, could be done. Since no information was forthcoming from the Chilton bank, and since the Texas Banking Commission offered nothing but the formal co, Texas, in Hall County, whose county seat Is Marlin, an insignificant rural area, an area that contains much of nothing. We decided the county records of the Chilton B ank case would be the place to start. miles took us all the way to the town of Mar here we consulted the Court Clerk. She said they had no part in the case either, but point ed to the District Court on the third floor. We went up to the third floor and there t he District Court Clerk had the Texas Banking Commission Case on file, in a folder ready fo articles. I picked out four articles and asked if they could make copies of them, which Austin, about 100 miles distant. We arrived at 5:45 PM and chose to stay at the Quality ng Commission In their actions against the Chilton Bank was Joe Alfred Izen, whose office was located in Houston. I studied Izen's brief the rest of the evening. the Marlin District Court records, the Marlin Democrat and Waco Herald Tribune stories, the Federal Bankruptcy Court records in Waco, quite a different stor y emerged from what I had been told by Don true and applied to the management of the bank during the 70 or so years of ownership To quote one example, in the Transpac Oil Co. case alone, $172 million in fraudulent Henrie and I arrived in Austin on Tuesday, August 11, 1987, we sought out the Texas Banking Commission, which was located at 2601 N. Lamar Blvd. We arrived at the St ate Finance Building at 11 AM. We were amazed at the plush accommodations and spacious layout of the building. We took the elevator to the third floor where the Banking Commission resided and walked across a going to review part of the highlights. . I asked about his whereabouts, was he free, or was he in prison, and . I asked how was it possible to allow dozens of overdrafts, running into as much as $250,000, or even $800,000, and not bounce those checks. Contreras said it was obviously sloppy banking practice, but Landon had evidently chosen to allow it. In some cases where the overdrafts remained unpaid, they were converted into loans. Were any of these loans secured, and could they be recovered, I asked. The loans were . I reminded Contreras that I had talked to him on the phone in May and that he had told me there was $700,000 cash found on hand at the bank, but now that the report had been put out, it showed only $413,000. e were deposits at other institutions, such as Merrill Lynch, the largest, and the Republic Bank at Waco, and others. He never did explain the difference, but said they had found new deposits since the report, and the figure now was probably larger than $413,000. (d) Treasury Bills . He had been indicted on a minor c harge of not reporting a deposit of over $10,000 to the IRS and had used subterfuge by splitting it into two accounts. He was free and loose, living somewhere around Chilton. When I asked what possible gain and Contreras said, why, the depositor's, of course. I said I understood the International in writing. It sounded outright stupid to me, although I did not say so. If they were at all Co. At the conclusion of the conversation, I told him I had three possible theories about depositors from the beginning. dered as the most probable, was that they town called Giddings, Texas. We each had a good B.Q. sandwich and a peach cobbler Wednesday, August 12 would call back later. In the meantime, Henrie and I went over to Denny's and had breakfast. I called again at 9:30, then again at 11:56 and again at 2:12 PM. Each time to have an answer to was this: Just what did he and his group intend to do about it all? His answer was that they intended to have the Courts force the bank into a bankruptcy AM), and checked out of the motel. We had breakfast at Denny's and drove east on I-10 through the middle of Houston and on to Lake Charles, Louisiana. Here we stopped for lunch at the Catfish Connection car was parked some distance away from our upstairs room, and our raincoats and umbrella were in it. So I walked to the front office, all under the shelter of the overhang, h on East Blvd. to explore the ASF, the Othello. We had good seats, four rows from the front. However, as the play progressed, Henrie began to feel sick, weak, and shaky. We therefore left at intermission time and went back to the motel without seeing the second half. Saturday, August 15, 1987 help but wonder what role my prime Church resident, Don Johnson, might have in the whole scam. Of all the thousands of banks in the United States, why had he steered me to a tiny, insignificant bank that no one else had ever heard of, located in the dumpy mmission did make some effort to recover moved into the church for no other reason than to help JOG wreck our movement, and had he ever done a number on us! on to load up on groceries, then stopped at the Dillard Post Office to pick up a big cardboar d box full of mail, arriving home at 4 PM. Chapter Thirty-three t, although destructive, part in our program during their domicile at the church, it behooves us to take a closer look at their background, part of which I have already rela ted in previous chapters. As I stated before, Don Johnson made his entree into my confidence by stating that he was a close friend of Gale Bailey, who was the first to make a $1000 donation to the Church and in whose memory we planted the first tree on Leadership Lane. both in the prime of their life, in their back to Texas and visit him in the penitentiary. According to Don, his trial had been Bobbi's mother's husband (but not her father) had just died. He had been 68 years old and in good health, when he had a sudden themselves at home and rearranging the s. While being at our apartment in Arizona I had written a major portion of my autobiography on yellow curricula, nor filming a single chapter of his prestigious law course. at 12:30 AM to be exact, I thought I heard my phone ringing. I was half asleep, and the phone wa s in my study upstairs, a room and a hallway removed from my bedroom. My hearing isn't any too good In the first place, and When I picked up the receiver, I heard Bobbi screeching at the top of her voice "For Chri and Don was lying on the bed with only his briefs on. His eyes were half closed and I noticed that his lips were beginning to turn blue. Henrie immediately tried to give hi m mouth to mouth resuscitation. She had taken a course at the Pompano Beach Fire Station in first aid about 20 years earlier. I tried to thump his chest with my fist as I had seen doctors do in movies. Bobbi just screamed - when is that damn ambulance coming? Finally, in about half an hour after I had called, gave up and carried him down the outside stairs into the ambulance and took off like a streak of lightning. Henrie, Bobbi and I ju mped into my car and followed them at about 80 miles an hour. Personally, by this time I felt it was all over, but, of course, we all they could, but Don was gone. part, we decided all we could do that night (it was about 3 AM) was to take Bobbi back home. Henrie stayed with her at the the night. Bobbi started making a number of phone calls. had been taken, to make arrangements. She decided that his body was to be cremated. w days later and talked to Bobbi, but what ily suspected that Bobbi might have had ir was that only a year earlier, Bobbi's good health, but had died of a sudden heart attack. Now Don, age 52, had also been in seemingly good health, and he too had died of a sudden heart attack. Coincidence, or Racial Loyalty No. 10) without much success, and now with Carl gone, I didn't even have a Hasta Primus to iler hitched to the rear of the U-Haul on which to load her car. She also hired a couple from Franklin to help load their huge collection of baggage. She took off on April Chapter Thirty-Four As was our usual custom since we acquired the apartment in Phoenix, Henrie and I planned to spend about a month away from North Carolina and take advantage of the where we stayed at the Best Western Motel. From there I called George Arlen in Lewisville, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. George had been handling our legal hassle with the IR S for years. In the meantime he had spent some ten months in the penitentiary P.O. Box 65 Fallbrook, CA 92028 turned from my trip to So. California. Thank you for your hospitality and the taping of the show. So allow me to now say - many thanks. y way the White Race can beat the monster and survive is by sheer power - to build a powerhouse larger and stronger than the Jewish powerhouse and smash the hell out of it. Secondly, I have been preaching that the only way that can be done is the sa me way as the miserable parasitic Jews have built theirs - by polarization and di spersion - around a dynamic powerful racial religion. See again "Dispersion and Polarization" in Racial Loyalty No. 14. of wax - to build that powerhouse. Also the White Race has the manpower, wealth, res ources, intelligence and numbers to do the job. The biggest roadblock in my opinion is t he hubris of the tens of thousands of little groups in wanting to be so goddamned independent and individualistic that they would rather see the White Race go down the drai n than admit that their own little satraps might not be equal to the task. ed or the Jews might smash us in one fell swoop -the beauty of Creativity is that we c an do both: polarize around one loyalty - one creed - one program, and at the same time be dispersed into thousands of different church groups -just as the Jews have done for millenniums. stop you from forming a Church of the Creator group in Fallbrook, or So. California anywher e, and still be your own boss? You can put out your own newspaper, or you can put out our s, or you can put out both, if you like. You can run candidates for political offices or whatever activities you see fit and constructive. You can be ordained as a minister of our church, or we could even create a higher title (equivalent to a bishop, cardinal nning toward crystallizing and polarizing the whole White Racial movement toward r eally building a meaningful, lasting power structure. It would also buy us all a lot more security as a movement. For instance, if we (here in North Carolina) were wiped off the map (which could happen) there would be thousands of other church groups who coul d and would carry on, pick up the leadership and in fact through our martyrdom be fanned into little groups going in hundreds of different dire ctions are no match for a united, polarized army that has a specific goal, purpose and creed. of my literature, including "The Pole Star" issue No. 20 to know what I am talking about. galvanizing the White racial movement, and I invite you to join with us in achieving this After Carl's incarceration, I had been vainly looking for a capable replacement for the e one of our Ministers near the beginning of our move to North Carolina, (July 7, 1984, to be exact) when he was only sixteen years old. We were happy to grant him a Mi nisterial Certificate, and he has been one of our Reverends ever since. Personally, I had hoped this would help to improve our relationship with his father, Tom, and his objectives seemed to run parallel, alt and program from its very beginning was clearly spelled out in our basic books, (at that time we had only three books out, When he named his movement WAR; it at first stood for White American Resistance. re several more important contradictions and confusions. When he was a member of t he Klan, he was pro-Christian and fervently defended Christianity. Then he left the Klan and, after a while, openly proclaimed he was anti-Christian. Then he joined with Gary Gallo in advocating that we slice the United States into geographic sections, each race, (the Indians, the niggers, the y anti-Jew and anti-Christian, and his policy ue in the fall of 1987, with the proposal further. In the meantime, Henrie and I did the usual things in Phoenix. We spent Christmas at On Sunday, January 3, 1988 llbrook at 2:30 PM (MST), somewhat earlier than I had expected and called Tom from a shopping center. He arrived in his rusty red ng his toupee. The first thing I asked was - where's John? He was In San Francisco, and he would explain later. I was disappointed and angry. This was the second time he had double-crossed me. residence. This consisted of a decrepit old assortment of books, including some of mine, on shelves that consisted of plain boards that the absence was intentional, and Tom's, ra ther than John's idea. While I was there, John called, and I talked to him briefly on t he telephone, leaving the situation as such of wine. We both had a turkey dinner, and I picked up the tab. here there was a sort of living room, an Monday, January 4, 1988 upstairs bathroom and dining table, but would be gone by 8 AM. At about 10 minutes of 8, with nobody around I went to the bathroom and shaved. When I left about 15 minut es later, I found Tom was waiting in his p.j. bottoms to use the bathroom next. Although he only had the bottoms on, he wore a cap on his head to mask his bald pate. times as I sped along. Stopping at El Centro to have lunch, I then went on to Gila Bend, . Tom M. had a lot of problems of his me I saw him his pitch was against the "rich Whites," not the Jews who were the pr oblem. His lines is nothing more than the old bitch and gripe, deplore and lament vari Phoenix for the time we had left. However, we did less running around than we had got there about two hours later, we had lunch at Denny's then drove out on St. Mary's Road to the International Wildlife Museum. It was a most interesting display of wildlife from all over the world, beautifully mount drove a few more miles west to see the Thursday, January 14 hen south on us 80 to Tombstone, AZ, where we checked in at the Look Out Motel, and had dinner at Nellie Cashman's Restaurant. he Wagon Wheel Restaurant, we took a tour of the old 1880's Birdcage Theater, then another t of Blsbee, saw the Lavender Pit mine, then drove on to Douglas, AZ, another 23 miles. Chapter Thirty-five , and all her kit and kaboodle on April 16, ty in more than a year, when before we had issued the paper regularly every month. One of the basics that I was looking for was a upstairs, they were delighted. It was certainly far superior to the little shack without electricity out in the woods around Raleigh somewhere that they had contempl ated moving into. There was one problem - and because of his stubbornness, because of his racist views, because of his disdain for Christianity, his father disowned him and they hadn't spoken to each other for some Racial Loyalty about the wedding, written by Will himself, was entitled "The Bride was Lovely In White." Refreshments were served in the Sanctuary, and everyone seemed to have smiles on their faces and having a good time, except I never saw Lucinda smile. I signed t heir Wedding Certificate and I was going to make a copy of it for our records, as we did with all the other weddings we performed at white kitten in the basement of the church. Next I noticed four little white kittens in the One day I came into the library, and lying on the counter was a cute photo of Heather from Will. They were apparently having one hell of a fight and Will was beating up on her. Now if there is anything that I dislike Will was still in a vicious mood as Cindy recited all the cruelties he had inflicted upon her . He tried to pass it off as just another one of their domestic spats, and resented the fact that I should even appear on the the surface. I noticed that Will moved out themselves, that always hit the nail on the head. Many thanks, Ron. He was still ulation increased, our donations Increased, and the name of Allen W. Reynolds from the Atlanta area, East Point to be exact. He started helping Will with the correspondence, addressing labels in mailing out the paper , and Will was so impressed with his cooperation and willingness to work that he soon persuaded me to put him on our st week of April, 1989, then soon raised it to $300 a month. He seemed very much engrossed in our religious mission, and was warned me on their wedding day, Will's best friends invariably turn into his worst h Carolina, they did have quite a lot of leadership training, interesting and beneficial as they might be for Forest Rangers or other occupations. They were here to be i ndoctrinated in Creativity and learn how to lead, teach and recruit other members of the Wh ite Race to join with us in spreading the ideology and the zeal of our religious teachi ngs. So the second week I took over and we had regular classes in the main dining room of the school In which we selected certain key chapters in our Basic Books for study and discussion and assigned chapters for reading and preparation for the next day. These classes were well prepared and we covered a lot of ground. Instead of being t he instructor to whom nobody paid any attention, Allen Reynolds now became the fourth pupil, and everybody paid strict attention. Chapter Thirty-six from California Racial Loyalty, although we did The Great Promoter - Leadership and Communion, these issues, No. 53 and 54 are well worth re-reading at this time, if you still have these copies. It was also in this issue that he introduced a new feature article the right hand si Racial Loyalty, and that is, to give a graphic pict ure and short account of murders Headquarters. This he did during the first week of August, 1989. He also sent me a 16 page Resume of his life history, which is very interesting indeed. about him, ever since. When he was 15 years old, he and his father, having suffered of our organization, at an age when he is at the prime of life, and still has much more to ant article for the benefit of our movement, called The Basis of our Organization, and shows that through the organization of Primary Groups, Secondary Groups, Units, Se ctions, and finally, Legions, we can build an organizational structure that the Jews c s and had already made arrangements to leave, we were in dire need of a Hasta Primus who could type and put the paper provided we bought and paid him for the computer he had just bought. This sounded like a more than fair proposition to me, and we came to an agreement on that basis. Furthermore, our old compugraphic was by y now we had ordained him as a Minister of our Church) came back with his car and personal belongings as soon as he had all After a few months, by February of 1990, Rev. Victor found the changeover from a hurch was of much greater importance than making bucks in the accounting business. He decided he would come back, but we he bargain. He would need the money, if he buy his new computer at the full price of $8000. Not only did we do that, but I insisted for which we should give the Rev. Victor credit. He considered that all our issues were of historical importance and none should to the project. I caved in and we went and felt was imperative that we should place in the hands of every one of our members was The Little White Book. I put him in her one of our notable members who has contributed greatly to the movement in a di fferent form, namely, artist Ron Quinn. However, before we leave this chapter, her e is the full text of the article in Racial Loyalty No. 55 on organizational procedure we mentioned earlier we would print at the end of the chapter. Thanks to the tremendous intellectual efforts of Pontifex Maximus, the first stage in the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race is concerned. ogy will remain ineffective without proper organization of its supporters and activists. While leadership in the first stage of our development by its very nature belonged to calls for a new type of leadership - Activists/Organizers. stage of our development the main burden was carried at the headquarters almost our activities to legions of grassroot activists/organizers not only all over the U.S., but supporting, self-renewing mass movement, able to withstand any and all attacks by our racial enemies In the following questions and answers we will outline the Organizational Framework for becoming thoroughly familiar with subscribing to the newspaper and supporting the COTC Headquarters with regular financial donations. optimum five persons; m) number of people within a COTC Primary Group? to be a closely-knit team, based upon familiarity, trust and frequent interaction. Studi es show that groups with more than five members tend to have less familiarity, trust and interaction. Also, a smaller group is ze a COTC Primary Group (or increase an existing COTC PG) by converting at least one White person to the White Racial Religion - Creativity. select a leader among themselves. solve conflicts within a Primary Group? rent COTC Primary Groups? optimum five, optimum five, optimum five, Minimum two, optimum five, maximum ten CO is directed by a Legion Leader, appointed by the Pontifex Maximus and reporting Ideology without action is sterile: Propagandize! Proselytize! Organize! special purpose Primary Groups? l defense COTC Primary Groups, whose members could be called White G in goals and challenges facing our Movement. Operation "BiWeekly" - to increase the frequency (and volume!) of our message by turning into a biweekly publication our expansion and our press will rise or fall Operation "Primary Group" COTC Primary Groups at the grassroot level ganizational continuity of a strong the Creator by organizing the Church Headquarters in accordance with the Five-Step Pyramid Principle as follows: ard of Directors, Senate, Staff . Also, we should institute annual Membership Congresses and Activist Leadership Conferences, as well as expand our Youth Camp and School for Gi fted Boys programs at the World Center. P.O. Box 400 Otto, NC 28763 flag of the one and only White Racial Religion - Creativity all White youth, especially Skinheads. Above all we must appeal to the mighty army of our youth! youth section which could be entitled Skinhead - Young White Warrior; mailing list; ed Skinheads and other young White activists. ve branches of the Creativity Movement in ALL White countries, especially in majo in the worldwide WHITE RACIAL HOLY onal dedication and commitment to the Sacred Cause of the One and Only White Racial Re ligion is the key factor In winning the worldwide Racial Holy War and assuring the survival, expansion and advancement of Chapter Thirty-seven us from a gentleman and artist residing In Tucson, Arizona. The number of cartoons he has contributed to us that we have used in Racial Loyalty and many of our books is enormous. Not only is the volume of the cartoons he has sent us astounding, but how this man has captured and skillfully portrayed the very heart of our ideas with a great deal of wit, wisdom and power is amazing. Racial Loyalty, the first cartoons we utilized from Rev. Ron Quinn Is Issue No. 43, October 1988, while Will Williams was Hasta Primus. In it appeared not only three of Rev. Quinn's cartoons that were in support of specific articles, but we went all out and filled most of the back page with five more of his witty and hard-hitting cartoons. We have been doing such ever since. It is amazing how quickly and accurately Rev. Ron captures any idea that is presented to him. If I had a before he had heard of us, or we of him, I started to write a series of twelve articles in Racial Loyalty about Comparative Religions , followed by twenty-four articles on The Wildest Stories Ever Told . The last of this series ended in the July, 1990 iss ue. All of these stories would have been enhanced considerably if they had been accompanied by one or more cartoons. Unfortunately, it was only during the latter par added impact of the hard-hitting cartoons. winter trip to our apartment in Phoenix, which went very well, but evidently now that the Tucson station knew that I was highly sa Blythe, I was to be confronted by a somewhat later than we should have. I follow ed his car and we arrived at the studio at that he was snobbish, hostile, a liberal, and probably a Jew, although of light complexi As we walked to the parking lot next to the studio, the management assigned three llowed Ron's car until we got to I-10, and we waved good-by to each other, and I was back on my way to Phoenix. It had been an of cartoons from Rev. Ron, and his contribution to our propaganda war has been prodi gious. Many thanks, Ron. I hope the new management in Florida will make as valuabl e use of your talents as we have found them to be to us. Chapter Thirty-eight Our Martyred Hero vist was a tremendous loss and a painful tragedy which naturally calls for vengeance. However, the best way to avenge Brian e anti-White JOG System, which allows spics to come into this country and terrorize Wh White People Awake! Save the White Race! Join the Creativity Movement and hasten the day when all enemies of the White Race - niggers, muds and Jews - will be shipped out of this country. Chapter Thirty-nine New Orleans, The Alamo, San Jacinto, Phoenix, Talk Shows and Cousins we covered a lot of territory, more than I care to recapitulate in this chapter. 1 will t herefore try to stick to some of the more ednesday, January 4, 1989, with our Pontiac station wagon loaded to the gills, including a new Radio Shack computer, a Tandy DWP23O printer, a heavy computer table (t he kind you have to assemble yourself) and a special chair (from Sears) to go with it, all of which I had just bought to take along on opped briefly at the church to pick up four Phoenix addresses from Will. rite Red Lobster Restaurant for lunch. Then taking the Beltway we exited on I-20 and headed west. New Orleans, Jan. 5 and 6 coming, and he invited us to stay at his layout, which was in the middle of the city. Driving west on I-10, we arrived in New Or leans at 4 PM, and decided we should stay at Prescott at his office and told him of our mo ve, nevertheless thanking him for his offer. Prescott was highly alarmed. He said we were in the middle of a nigger district and if we stayed there we would surely be robbed and mugged before morning. up to the darkie female clerk at the counter and flashed his badge and said we were some fruit juice in his hand and I with a glass of Jack Daniels he had poured. We discussed our various positions. After an hour and a half we decided to go out to dinner. Henrie decided to stay in the room and eat an orange or two. We got into his black Lincoln and as he backed out onto Barracks Str the hotel of the same name. Despite my to and the attendant himself didn't steal anything. all the important books he had, which incl uded most of mine. The books focused on race, religion, philosophy, history, and a vari Friday, Jan. 6 information. He also had a whole room devoted to his library, a large collection of books hborne Estate owned, all of which was built and acquired by his grandfather. He also told me what a bunch of bastards his present tt said that he had been left one-eighth of the estate, but he had no control over how it wa s managed. He was at present litigating to have his eighth separated from the estate, since so far at the age of 50, he had no control over the workings of the busi wanted to avoid arguing with him about our creed, he kept pushing me about the issue that we should use the word species instead of race, and we should change our books and literat ure accordingly. At first I thought it was a silly and insignificant issue, but he kept pushing and pushing, and finally I had enough. We were sitting across the table from leaned over and in effect, I said to him, listen, Prescott, the Church of the Creator is not for sale. I don't care how much money you have, or don't have. The creed and program as laid down in our books is inviolable at any to show us back to the ramp in order to onship. He has made some donations since; And has even been back to visit me at the church. San Jacinto, Sunday, January 8 checked out of the motel at 10 AM and drove to the center of San Antonio to visit the John Wayne's ctures and drove on west on I-10 to Ozona, Texas, and checked in at the Circle Bar Mo tel at about 7:30 PM. We had a steak dinner at their steak house next to the motel, and called it a day. Arrival at the Maryland Lakes Apartment January 10, 1989 stopped at Denny's Restaurant in Tucson for lunch. Then, heading north, we arrived at was sleeping in) I started unloading all the computer equipment. Since the computer tabl e (disassembled and in a carton) was too heavy for me to carry up the stairs, I opened the carton and carried it up piecemeal. I afternoon I unpacked the three units of the com lephone hooked up. I called Will Williams at Thursday, January 26. The Barry Young Show ly well, and Barry Young proved to be a congenial and cooperative but very sharp host. All of the first hour was spent in lighted that here in Creativity he had a were not, and some were outright comical. One young man called in and said that some city in which he and his family had real nice clean White neighborhood. Then the NAHA's had moved in and today it was a crime-ridden slum. What is a NAHA, Barry would want to know. Barry said, yes I do. What is a NAHA? Well, the young man repli ed, that was our term for North American Hairless Apes. Another man called in and said he was a Christian minister and headed membership. He berated Barry for even on the parking lot. We went into the next room where we could view both the front door Friday, January 27, Tucson In the morning, when I came back from the post office, my niece Ruby was on the phone, talking to Henrie. She and her husband Bill (Sawatsky) were in town, on their other sites, the little whistle stop of Rosario, where my family and I lived for a year and a half when I was six and seven years old. (1924-25) Two of my cousins, she said, were Sunday, January 29, 1989 years. He brought me two books (a) The Arizona Project, about the criminal element in Arizona during 1976, when a reporter was murdered for knowing and telling too much, by Leon Degrelle. He said he had a 1973 Kennedy issue of a Monday, January 30 suffering from heart ailments. His wife Ann was with him. Edith Klassen, Jack's sister, Restaurant at 43rd Ave. and Glendale Blvd., and had lunch. We visited at the apartment for anot her two hours, took several pictures of our group on the deck of our apartment, then said our goodbyes and disbanded. Leaving. Wednesday, February 1 wagon loaded, we left the apartment at 12:40 PM. We stopped for lunch at Denny's in at the Colonial Inn. The weather was ed to be clearing and at 10 AM we tried our luck again, with Henrie being extremely apprehensiv e. As we carefully drove along, both the road and the weather im proved and at Longview, Texas, we stopped at the Red Lobster and had a good lunch. ems and we continued all the way home, arriving at Clayton, Georgia at 5:45 PM on Sunday, February 5. We loaded up with groceries and in another 20 minutes we were Chapter Forty hat from the very beginning I realized that there were two special individuals that our movement needed and were of monumental Importance in its future success. One was the Great Promoter dedicated Financial Angel ces that could bankroll the movement for whatever our needs were. An example of the first would be a personality in the caliber of an Adolf Hitler; and an ex ample of the second could be someone like Henry Ford, or Sam Walton, or Ross Perot, or any one of a dozen other White millionaires or billionaires. With our comp rehensive, dynamic and hard-hitting religion now in place and exposing both the sinist er Jewish conspiracy and the Jew-spawned Christian fraud, victory for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race would be assured for all time. I am certain that hundreds of such White people exist, even today, and it is our duty to find them and enlist them into our cause. I have spent the last twenty years looking for one, or both, so far without success. This Time the World, DeWest Hooker, who taught me to know the cunning and evil ways of the enemy. writings, that I was a famous man. I denied that I was famous, but nevertheless, thank you for the compliment and that I felt highly flattered that he thought so. In any case, I ill had that youthful look and figure, tall and straight. In fact, in his younger years he had been a professional model at one time, had business ventures. He was married (twice) and had six grown children, some of whom lived in his villa in Italy, where his wife resi ded. Why he was in Washington at this time, I never really did find out, except that he Sunday, August 21 tried to call DeWest several times, but I could not reach him. Later I found out he was playing tennis with his girl friend. mind: was the American Nazi Party the genuine article, or was it a vehicle created by the Jews, an invention of theirs to keep the rank and file Jew stirred up and active in their cause? Of one thing we can be certain: the activities of the Nazi Party brought in a thousand fold more money to the Jewish cause than it did to the cause of the White Race, and became, and remains to this day, the best propaganda ploy the Jews have in their arsenal to keep alive their ant until midnight until again the waiters informed us that they were ready to close shop. We left to resume our conversation at my hotel, but inadvertently meandered across t the rest of my article on "Survival" I had given him the day before, and I believe he was kind of shocked by it. He thought we they had lived in when he was growing up, pictures of his house in Italy, pictures of hi s first wife, of his second wife, of his six children, and pictures of himself when he was modeling for agencies back in the 40's we should be kind to the niggers and the Arabs, and collaborate with them (especially with Louis T. Farrakhan, with whom he was also in close contact) and against the Jews. There were some more shockers. The apartment was not only Jewish, but also a member of the ADL. He explained that he wa s using her, pumping her for information as to what the Jews were up to, but as to who was pumping whom most successfully was not too hard to guess. in coming to see him was to find a White Angel to help finance our movement, the first real racial religion the White Race had ever had in its six thousand year history, and I wondered w hat help he could give us. Well, he said, he was all for us, and he was working on a deal with the Arabs to contract and to ship Next morning I had breakfast at the Lombardy Restaurant and checked out of the hotel. Wonderland Restaurant at the Natural Bridge in Virginia, and after a total drive of 574 Chapter Forty-one The Rudy Stanko (Stinko, Stunko) Fiasco ough an attorney whose name was Roger C. for selling contaminated meat, Roger The Score in which he described the processes the Jews had used to frame him and put him behind bars for six years. He transferred to another prison. This, the Bu reau of Prisons (B.O.P.) was doing to him repeatedly, and is called "dieseling." During his entire term, he was "dieseled" more s placed in the Oxford, Wisconsin F.C.I. (Federal Correction Institution, a synonym for penitentiary) and I managed to receive I left home on Friday, April 7, 1989, and finally found my way to the Oxford F.C.I., sits I made in order to see Rudy, not to of the trips I made in order to visit Rudy, . Total of 1,934 miles. He had been dieseled out the day before. 3. Bradford, Pennsylvania F.C.I. 4. Ashland, Kentucky. . February 7 and 8, 1991. Total mileage 630. Atlanta, considered a way station before being processed. W contacted the authorities previously and been given permission to visit on that day. plans for the church, and he was enthusiastically looking forward to taking on the most serving out the few months of probation, he would be down at the Church, ready to go. ip to stop in Atlanta and make arrangements to have the first 79 Issues of Racial Loyalty recorded on microfilm. . On December 13, 1991, I received a call from Rudy that he had indeed been released, and he was now on the outside making this call. The prison authorities had given him bus fare to take hi m back to ScottsbIuff, Nebraska, but he said that he was going only as far as Columbus, G eorgia, and if I would pick him up there at the bus station, he would stay with me at my house overnight and he would prefer to fly back to Nebraska, rather than endure the long bus ride. I was overjoyed that finally he was out, and I said I would be glad to pick him up. me to pay for his flight to Scottsbluff, and I took him to the Asheville Airport, about 85 miles distant. He promised he would be back as on my hands, and I could hardly wait until Rudy would be here to take over. The tragic death of my wife deserves a chapter of its own, and in order to keep this history in it s proper time sequence I will relate the painful Racial Loyalty we had kept eulogizing the coming of Rudy Stanko, much as the Christians do about the Second Coming of Christ, as we had been doing for the last two or more years. In the meantime, late in February, I had received a call from a Paul Jackson, from Rapid City, South Dakota, who said that he had read my first book, her. Now her father called me and said that although he had never written me before, ement of the church, and the jalopy full of boxes was left sitting in front of the warehouse back of the church. he coming of Rudy. Paul and Rudy slept in the apartment overnight. Rudy had given all indications he was now here to stay and However, nothing of the kind happened. Rudy lost no time in dropping the bombshell when he went into the pen and came out unreformed and had learned dozens of new large meat business before he was convicted because he was more adroit and a White Race, nor do I believe that he ever had any intention of leading our race out of penitentiary, and are in there today. But I was crushed that a White man, in whom I had Chapter Forty-two The Tax Battle with Macon County there was some apprehension among a small mi consisted of the Christian-Jew oriented preachers, by the small number of Jews, and by the news media, which consisted of the Franklin Press (mostly) and a few of the Christian-oriented radio stations. But the ma jority of the people were not unfriendly, but mostly curious. Personally, I cannot remember a hostile encounter with any neighbor, or individuals with whom I did business, or any body with whom I came in contact. What for tax exemption on our Church property, to wh ich we were entitled by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the same as any other church. The tax assessor at that time was Jim Shope, a native of the county, who, like most of the ordinary people in Macon County, was a decent fellow and not at all unfri endly. He said, sure, we were entitled to tax exemption and he would take our property off the tax rolls, which he did. By 1984, r, there remained continuing pressure from the Jewish ADL and the Christian preachers, urging the County Commissioners that law or no law, we should not be allow ed to print our anti-Christian and anti-Jewish "hate propaganda" and still receive official tax exemption. the Church of the Creator. The opening gambi inside our outside our building, or talked to us. If he had made all the exploratory visits me consuming legal suits can be, I did not fully grasp the endless embroilment our Jewish judicial system can Involve anyone, on any charge, no matter how trivial, nor how time consuming and expensive such n 30 days before the full County Commission. We did appeal, had a heated argument, and were turned down. It was, of course, a rigged deal from beginning to end. which was located in Raleigh, North Caro lina, about 300 miles away. However, the six Evidently, they were afraid the taint would hurt their business, or the ADL was putting Casselman on some of Rudy Stanko's cases, and at that time he and Cindy domiciled in Cushing, Oklahoma. He was not a licensed atto rney in any state, but he had impressed not only would be glad to represent our Church, but he would also guarantee a moment, at 7 PM the night before the seven in the evening, and I was to appear at 1:30 in the morning, and I Immediately tri Reynolds and I were leaving the motel to consented (what else could they do?) and the whole thing was over in about ten minut es. We had all driven hundreds of miles and wasted the whole day for nothing. Ther e were about ten people representing the commission. Richard Lightner from Macon County was there along with an attorney named John W. Alexander, the County's hired gun. Then there were the two of us. What a waste of time and money! The next hearing was ordered for September 21, 1989, to be held in Raleigh, North Klockner, from Cheyenne, Wyoming, with whom he was now apparently living. She was young, beautiful, and had reddish blonde hair. Evidently Don had dumped Cynthia Casselm an, or vice versa, with whom he was living when I last saw them in Cushing, Okl ahoma. He said Ms. Klockner was an expert in these kind of civil rights cases, and he wa s bringing her along at his own expense, no extra charge to us. The previous $5,000 co vered all. Then he also enlisted a local attorney from Raleigh, North Carolina to with Its decision, it was in our favor. The county had erred in its decision to revoke our exemption. We had won a victory. But It was only a partial victory. It pertained only to taxes ending with the year 1989. When probably had already spent over $20,000. sistent. They did not wait for 1990 but appealed to the next higher court, which was t he North Carolina Court of Appeals. This was now handled by our newly found licensed atto rney, William D. Harazin, of Raleigh, county. All it meant was that the county was too late to again filed for exemption to the County Commissioners, they again denied us our rights, and a new hearing was set up at the proper time, in January. We now knew what their game was, and that they were well aware of the fact that they were violating our quote in full the brief I wrote to the County Commissioners at the time we made the exemption, has prattled sanctimoniously that he is only interested in that every property properties being taxed the same as any other properties. But we will be damned if we "I may violently disagree with maliciousness, the bigotry and the prejudice of one Richard Lightner, now tax assessor. White Race into oblivion with every ounce of energy within our bodies, and we will do so is to destroy us by first of all trying to categorize us as not being a religion. a fully structured legitimate religion, but polluting the air waves and permeating the minds of superstitious and gullible other supernatural creatures concocted by the aberrations of a host of con-artists. (For define the word "religion." This Lightner has never (lone, and we personally doubt he is capabl e of doing so. What he is trying to do is arbitrarily and capriciously declare us Government will consider the merits or fallacies of a religion. Nor will this Court compare the beliefs, dogmas, and practices of der, more established religion. Nor will the Court praise or condemn a religion, however e may seem. Were the Court to do so, it would impinge on the guarantees of the First Amendment." (See Exhibit B for the full text.) tax assessor evidently thinks that he is y establish that we are as well qualified to claim to be a religion as any on the face of this earth, but also to establish the fact that and even these do not exhaust the subject. We arbitrarily choose Webster's definition principle, that we hold with ardor, devo that no judicial or governmental body has any right to judge the merits of any religi on, and to do so is a violation of the First Amendment, we, as a religion, are free to compare, praise, condemn or judge any religion we want to, our own or others. Ev ery religion claims they are the best, the one and only "right" religion, and we can make the same claims. In fact, we have done so in a series of twelve articles entitled "C omparative Religions," which have been published from time to time in our monthly periodi cal "Racial Loyalty," and are now permanently ting our status as a fully constituted religion protected by the First Amendment The First Amendment of the U.S. Constituti law respecting an establishment of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, or rect your attention to the many precedent- ion that no judicial or governmental body is entitled to make any judgments on the merits of any religion. This includes Congress, Federal Courts, State Courts, State Laws, and certainly also any local County Board of Commissioners. It also in cludes any minor pip-squeak tax assessor whereas Creativity advocates "racial purity" (yes, indeed we do. Who wants a world populated by a horde of mongrelized bastards?), nevertheless, "The White Man's Bible" religion has been declared by the courts as a legitimate religion and tax-exempt. 4. So evidently has the religion of "Witchcraft." (See Exhibit S.) Black Muslims, the violence-prone and highly racist religion of Judaism, and the "sweat- tent" ceremonies of certain Indian tri bes, all of which have been approved and adjudged as legitimate religions, tax-exempt, and protected by the First Amendment. We, as advocates of the survival, expansion and adv our church beginning with the year 1983, and through the years of 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989. It was confirmed by Jim Shope in writing in 1984. (See Exhibit V.) ch activities since 1983, except that we have grown and expanded and added a Leadership School for Gifted Boys to our program. Lightner has presented no valid, m eaningful, nor intelligent argument as to why the previous two tax assessors were wrong, or why or how our qualifications for tax exemption have diminished since 1983. ear to Richard Lightner and his "hired gun," How many of the other hundred churches have you, Richard Lightner, tried to drag through the expense of a legal wringer in order to engage in a fishing expedition? So don't hound us with this nor is it anything less than a malevolent, malicious witch-hunt, an Inquisition reminiscent of the Dark Ages. We are convinced background and that Richard Lightner is their li ck spittle, their stooge, being coerced to follow their sinister instructions. We further "Operation Rip-off," and Exhibit U, "The Feder County Commission were in error in revoking our tax exemption for 1989, that they did not follow legal procedure, and exceeded their aut hority. In other words, they made one hell of a mistake. It was a mistake, however, that cost us more than $7000 in legal fees and traveling expenses, not to mention the am ount of aggravation they caused and the amount of our time they wasted. for the expenses and the damage they have hat this insane and vindictive indulgence in a own, N.C., more than 100 miles away, to find the best "hired gun money could buy. Like "Palladin" in the former Western TV epic "Have gun, will travel," John Alexander from far away Morgantown was hired because he had "experience in these kind of cases." What kind of cases? Evidently he was the roving hired gun type that could effectively assassinate (by means of legal trickery) those kind of people who were "racists," in least Richard Lightner and the ADL thought that he was the best "hired gun" to do a job. Evidently, he wasn't as straight a shooter as they had hoped, and the North Carolina Tax Commission didn't buy his garbage. We taxpayers want an accounting of how much they have already spent on this stupid caper, and why they are flagrantly wasting the taxpayers' money on such idiotic personal grudges. Macon County. I'll be damned if I am now going to allow these profligate race-traitors to s' Committee to investigate the corrupt and vindictive bureaucracy that with malice P.O. Box 400 Chapter Forty-three The Death of My Dear Beloved Wife caught up with me, and that I have now fulfilled the natural life span that Nature has spring of 1991, when she began having mild pains in her lower abdomen. At first we thought it was nothing more than indigestion, or where Walt took four X-ray pictures of my spine and gave me a chiropractic treatment. Why, I don't know. too clear but they were rather disturbing. Ba ck from Stuart, that evening we all went to see the musical production of "Hello, Dolly!", at Carlyle School, a private school which all three of our grandchildren were attending. Scott was even one of the players in the production. and I again took Henrie to Stuart, where Dr. Rick Cole examined her colon with a st ereoscopic light, and again, the diagnosis was not too promising. She then went to t he hospital clinic, had an injection of barium salts and and X-rays taken of her colon. Th is was done by a Dr. Khan, and the results is this time: no tumor, no operation needed! We were all elated! back with a bundle of clothes. Henrie decided to stay for a few more days anyway, while I decided to go back home and take care of church business. I called Henrie the next night. She wasn't feeling too sharp. her again two days later, she said that she planned on coming home on Saturday and that t informed us that she was scheduled for an operation at 8 o’clock the next morning, May h her for about ten minutes. Then the nurse came in and prepared Henrie to be wheeled in to the operating room. Dr. Fox was the operating physician, and the oper ation started at the scheduled time. While we were s finished, and Dr. Fox said Henrie was doing very well. She was then taken to the Intensive Care clinic, still unconscious. Kim in the Moore household was still asleep. As usual under such conditions, I drove over to Shoneys, read the Sunday paper and had breakfast by myself. I stopped by at t he hospital at about 10 AM to try to see Henrie, but she was being given a bath at the time so I decided to come back later. Walt, Maika, (a German student staying with t he Moores) and the boys all arrived also. I gave her the big Mothers Day card, which she greatly appreciated. back to see Henrie again. Kim showed Henrie all the cards the kids at Sunday school had made for her, and all the cards she and Walt and the boys had for her. This greatly helped to raise her spirits. from my sister Katie from Niagara Falls, informing me that her daughter Anita had given birth to a baby boy. I brought Katie up to date on Henries operation. myself at Shoney's, then at 9:30 I went to t he hospital to see Henrie again. While there they were taking X-rays of her again (with a portable unit) and I talked to Dr. Fox once more, who was visiting her at the time . She seemed to be making good progress. I to find out how Henrie was doing. On Saturday, May 18, reports from Dr. Fox, and from Kim and Henrie, seemed favorable and they thought Henrie could leave the hos pital on Monday. She did leave the hospital on Tuesday and wanted to come back home to North Carolina. I was back in Martinsville the next day, arriving at Kim and Walt's at 6 PM Wednesday. After a few days, I went back home again, but Henrie st ayed on at the Moores. On Thursday, June intestinal tract. The next day, according to Dr. Mlot, the blockage had opened up, and same night I got a call from Kim. She was at Brevard, and on her way to coming over to some excitement. On July 2 we received a had gathered back of the church (about 100 yards) surveilling the mysterious box. The deput ies were there, Sheriff Homer Holbrook was there, the fire department and crew had t helr truck out there, and finally the bomb expert arrived. I stood around until about 10 PM, then went to the house and went to bed. while everybody stood back, and found it was full of shredded papers, (including some he said she wanted to come home the next day. At 11:30 AM next morning I again took off for Martinsville, arriving there at 5:30. That evening I took Kim, Walt, Henrie and the grandchildren out to dinner (it was seafood night) at the Dutch Inn. and I had breakfast at Shoney's and left for home. The Moore family went to the lake about 40 miles away for a day of boating. Henrie and I arrived home at about 3:30. She fi xed dinner for the two of us - beef stew, defrosted out of the freezer. In the meantime, Henrie and Kim had been talking about taking one last grand trip to Kim and Henrie took off from the Greensboro Airport at 8:30 the next morning, October one of the most colorful and enjoyable trips of their life. I don't have the space her e to recapitulate all, but will only try to mention some of the hi ghlights they visited. John Wesley Powell Museum ory curiosity, but due to limited space, I will merely mention the numerous places they al so visited and explored. Ouray, Colorado, roughout the trip until that very last day at Vegas, when she took a turn for the worse. But, although she realized this would be her last such trip, it was most exhilarating for both her and Kim, and until the day of her death three months later, she continued to talk frequently about the wonderful time and memorable experiences they both shared on this last trip West. ck up Henrie the next day. She arrived at 4:35 and the two of them took off for Martin sville at 6 PM. The next day I called Kim and analysis to be sent to the lab, and that H enrie was scheduled for a CAT-scan on Friday. I called Henrie again the next day, and we talked for about 20 minutes. She said she felt she thought she felt well enough to go to Kim and Walt's for Thanksgiving. This we did, where we all had a big turkey dinner. The next day the Moores were all leaving for My rtle Beach and Henrie and I left for home at 10 AM, just before their leaving. would be joining them as usual. Henrie was hesitant, but finally decided she just wasn't up to making the trip again and we ys arrived at our house and we spent New 1992, Henrie died. When I saw she had stopped breathing, it seemed she had such a serene and peaceful look on her face, I almost envied her. And why not? She had lived her life in dignity and died the same way. All Franklin, where Kim and I had already made previous arrangements. Two of their attendant s arrived at 1 PM and as they slowly wheeled her through the living room, Kim They took her first to Dr. Charles Pennington, in Diliard, to confirm her death, then in in Colorado, a wish Kim and I carried out some months later. Chapter Forty-four Moving Headquarters to Milwaukee wracked my brain. There was not a single willing, qualified volunteer. Nevertheless, I candidate, but he had several things going for him. He was highly dedicated to our re ligious creed, and had told me several times that if it weren't for Creativity, he would hav e had no goals, no aspirations in life, in fact he would have become a bum, he told me. But when he read my books, it inspired him he had been one of the most active distributors of our paper, Racial Loyalty, and had enlisted several of his comrades to help him in this endeavor. Most important of all, he was the only one I knew of that was not onl y highly articulate, but was willing to leave his friend, Frank Cook, came to the house at 6 PM on Sunday, April 5. After about an attorneys and also to a certain J.R mood. Next morning I took Kim out to Shoney's for breakfast, and told her how low I felt and asked her if I changed the church structur e to a Trust if she was willing to be a that I was bored with life as such, and that discussed the trusteeship with him also. I donated $100 to him and his cause, since he seemed to be entering our ranks in the In the meantime some of the Milwaukee boys had arrived to take their free annual we had done a terrific job in the last nine in that we had survived and that we had now served our purpose. We were now at the stage where we needed to be located in a number of places in large urban areas wher did I want to move the headquarters, but I the school, although at this point, neither he nor I had discussed this with anyone. I invited him over to the house so we could That same afternoon Kim and Wait arrived with a car full of potted flowers, which Kim ng and had a private discussion with him in my office at the church. I informed him about my intentions to make the move to Milwaukee, and that I intended to designate Mark as the Pontifex Maximus. I did not want to embarrass him or have it come as a surprise Headquarters from North Carolina to Milwauk struggling to build the movement for 20 y ears and at the age of 74, I was tired, burned out, and no longer had the energy to dynamically had come a long way in the last 20 years since I first wrote tle of Pontifex Maximus on to Rev. Mark Wilson, who has done such a fine job in Milw aukee. Furthermore, I am selling the land, buildings and our precious library, and will donate all the proceeds to the new headquarters in Milwaukee. Furthermore, we will ship and transfer our large inventory of Creativity books to your office at no charge to you, except that you pay the shipping charges at your end. This is, of course, a minor fraction of the value of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of books we are giving you. Furthermore, I am having ten thousand new copies of ook a vote, and everyone was in favor, with no dissenting vote. Having reached unanimous the U-Haul in Clayton and negotiated the rental of the biggest truck they had, an 18 footer. Lou and Chris t hen started loading the truck with the huge inventory of books we had on hand. Since Chris had experience In the trucking business, he did the driving to M do the job. The hauling costs were to be pai d at the other end, and since Mark called me and said they didn't have the money, as usual, I advanced the costs, Nature's as per agreement, and they each went their separate ways. Chris went back to an old motel. Ironically, in the end, neither Rudy nor Lou succeeded in their courtship. Chapter Forty-five Selling the Church Property our entire inventory of books over to their center, it was now necessary to dispose of the ng point, our geographical Holy Center, much as Mecca is to the Moslems, Jerusalem to the Jews, and Nuremberg to the Nazis. All this is true, and it pained me more than anybody, since I had put so much of myself into the center. I hope that in some future day when we have become the worldwide religion of the White Race, we will be able to repossess it and restore it to its original pristine form. Much as it pained me to do so, there we re several compelling reasons as to why I did what I had to do. Secondly, the George Loeb case was coming to trial, and who could foresee what the circumstances, time was of the essence, and in a way, was much more important than e a bonafide buyer appeared on the scene in short order. His name was Dr. William Pierce , who had an operation similar to ours at his mountain complex near Hiilsboro, West Virginia. concerned. I have always admired Dr. Pierce as a great man and an outstanding e, but somehow, I never got around to it. In early 1992 I invited him to come and visit us here in North Carolina instead, and on experience with Charles Altvater in trying him out as a succeeding Pontifex, I came to the inevitable conclusion that whereas our location here had been extremely productive, but at that price, and would immediately send , his new Hungarian wife Susan, and Will Williams arrived in a big white van to reinspect the properties, to sort things out, and go over the property, including the boundary li nes. Dr. Pierce and I hammered out the his wife, and Will Williams arrived at my house. They had planned to be here earlier the previous night, in fact, but had had a forwarded. I'm not sure what their game plan was, but believe that they conspired that if due, they revealed that they had sent these bills to Florida, and that I was delinquent for up to our table with Richard Lightner at his heels, and said to me in a challenging tone, his wife and Will went back to the church cleaning up affairs, taking down our big eight Chapter Forty-six Scattering Henrie's Ashes in the Rocky Mountains wish that when that event came about she wished to be cremated and that her ashes be scattered in some of the most scenic areas of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. She was born in Colorado, and she loved Colorado. Twenty years earlier, when we put our aging and beloved dog Tammy to sleep, we buried Tammy by a large pinion tree on a hillside in Ouray County overlooking the beautiful Uncompagre Valley and the Sa wtooth Mountains to the east. Even then Henrie remarked that she wouldn't mi nd being buried at that spot herself. iterated that request to Kim and me, and we faithfully promised her we would carry out her wishes. After she died, she was duly cremated in Clayton, Georgia, and Kim and I decided that we would carry out her wish of scattering the ashes at a time of t he year when the weather and the scenery in Colorado was at its best. That time was appr oximately the same as when the two of them had made that grand trip We st the previous year, which I described earlier. That time of the year was at the beginning of October. September, 1992. Thursday, October 1, 1992. it was that we did, because the town was filled to the brim with tourists eager to watch the big hot air Balloon Fiesta. After unpacking and resting up a bit, and me having a highball, Kim and I drove to the Holiday Inn Restaurant and had a sumptuous dinner. Si Friday, October 2. We then wandered over to Old Albuquerque and visited the numerous quaint Mexican Saturday, October 3. egular, and some wide angle. I bought another throw away camera. Antonito, Colorado, where we were going to take a trip on the narrow gauge railroad. But first we stopped in Santa Fe. I wanted to see the Palace Restaurant again, where Henrie and I used to eat some memorable meal s many years ago. I wanted to see if it was still in business and still as plush as it used to be. It was still there, but under new management. Kim and I had lunch there in the garden restaurant, and for dessert, shared a special pie they made. I used to enj them any more. After lunch we talked to the new owner who was from Germany. We then visited several art galleries around the Pl aza, and were specially impressed by the works of an artist and sculptor by the name of Ken Payne, with whom we had an interesting conversation. number of elk in the meadows along the way. We arrived at Antonito at 5:15 PM. It was a shabby little town in Colorado close to the New Mexico border. It is noted as the oad that runs to Chama, New Mexico and is known as the Toltec & Cumbres narrow gauge railroad. Today it no longer hauls its quaintness, because it cuts through such wild and beautiful scenery, and is one of the few such railroads left in the West. (Another one is the Silverton to Durango, whic h we all had traveled years earlier, Henrie and I twice, once with the Moore family when the boys were only little tykes.) would be without our car, have to stay overnight, and come back on the same route the Sunday, October 4. We boarded the train (car E, seats 3 and 4), and at 10 AM it slowly started on its creaky brought to our room from the restaurant across the parking lot. I had a prime rib on sandwich and apple pie, and Kim had a Monday, October 5. sauntered over to the Wagon Wheel Art Gallery, where Kim bought a print of a painting north to Owl Creek Road and then about a mile east, we found the big pinion tree where five minutes to meditate, while I went back to the car on the side of the road and waited for her, reflecting on my own thoughts. we thought the view of the San Juan Mountains was particularly inspiring, and scattered some few more handfuls of ashes in the meadow. The driving another five miles or so, San Juans to the south and scattered a few more handfuls. I saved about a cupful of her ashes, which I want to keep in a bronze ght next to my heart when I am buried, so eam. I then took the wheel of the car and we drove all the way to Gunnison and checked and went to bed without dinner. Tuesday, October 6 Wednesday, October 7 belongings into my good old waiting Buick and we were off to Martinsviile, about 50 miles distant. We arrived there at about 7:30. Chapter Forty-seven Creativity and the White Race the success or failure of the creed and the program of the Creativity movement. We hav e reached that crucial stage In the history of the human race, a watershed, you might say, where it will either regress and degenerate into a horrible monstrosity of mongr els, who are incapable of either feeding themselves or governing themselves, as ex He also built a unique television broadcasting station that had a dias which housed the 1984, he had a few years earlier conceived of a new idea as to how to spend all that surplus money. He claimed he had had a vision of a 900 foot tail Jesus Christ standing oday. But that is not the crux of this narrative. realizes that he is mortal, that his life and energies are coming to an end. He was, and is an expert con-artist without equal, and his whole empire was built on lies, fraud, nebulous promises of pie-in-the-sky when you die, or the threat of fry-in-the-sky if you don't comply and come across with the shekels. He has been extraordinarily successful, the utmost confidence that we will win in the end, while all these other Jewish Racial Loyalty, or any of my books knows, we have been searching for the Great Promoter for the last fifteen years. As everyone also knows, I militant and powerful creed lized from the very beginning, that whereas I had finally structured the first and most comp rehensive racial religion for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White peoples of the world, we needed the great leader to spread our creed and beliefs, and I was not that man. By 1992, I felt that not only could I never fulfill that role, but due to the ravages of age, I could not even carry on my routine duties. To whom could I turn? None came forth to the challenge. their hands (from the sale of the North Carolina Headquarters, as I had promised them, quarter of a million dollars worth of books and other materials, when strange things was similar. In seven months they managed to put out only two editions, and neither one of them being much to the credit of the movement. He began to have visions of grandeur about himself, and had the idea the church, they had to personally appear before him on bended knee for approval, even if they had to travel all the way from Sweden. Because of his arrogant stance, we lost one of our most ardent workers in Europe, the Rev. Tommy Ryden from Sweden, a great man, not to mention a number of others, all because of this idiotic tactic. orth Penitentiary for one of the worst crimes imaginable. He had raped a woman about two hours, regarding our religious movement, Creativity, which is what he had bad to worse in Milwaukee. Rick and I had several more telephone conversations about 30 PM on Tuesday, January 19, staying at the and said he also specialized in the brokerage of business firms, as well as reorganizing and restructuring ailing companies. All this entailed a lot of lecturing and a lot of traveling, some of which often took him to cities in Europe. rested in Creativity, and believed it was r to the Jewish tyranny over the White Race and the peoples of the world. Only th rough a racial religion such as Creativity could we now unite and save the White Race from mongrelization and total slavery. He volunteered that if he could become head of i make it a growing, powerful worldwide organi zation. In fact, he was most eager to do so, and that is why he had come up to see me. I was most Interested, and from the credentials he had volunteered, he seemed well qualified. We had a lot more discussing to do, and would sleep on it and discuss It furt all the funds I had entrusted to them. Furthermore, with an inside informer such as Steve Thomas in charge, a change was im perative, costly and disruptive, though undoubtedly it would be. I decided I would take Rick up on his offer, despite all the me as if I were there myself. We went to my attorney's office, Bobby Key, and picked up a sample of a model of a Power of pose that it would apply only to affairs concerning the Church. My understanding was that it was to be only a temporary tool to be useful for the difficult negotiations he w ould encounter in dealing with the Milwaukee group. I typed it out on my computer in my study, then went to the bank and had it notarized. ed Milwaukee and informed them of our intentions. One of the first things I informed Mark Wilson of was the basic fact that since he had never acknowledged my offer to be Pontifex, we had never had a binding acceptance. I had already spelled this out to hi h spy system, they were already well aware of what we were doing even before I called, and all hell broke loose. With his my wife's death, my daughter Kim and I of the day talking about the happy times the Restaurant where we each had a Prime Rib dinner. She stayed on through Monday, and helped straighten out the house, since I had not been the best of housekeepers. At 1:30 PM the following Tuesday, we said a C.O.T.C. P.O. Box 340377 dently even too cowardly to use your true for leadership of a great movement as important as I consider the Creativity movement. seven months has been extremely disappointing. After seven months I still have to see the second edition of Racial Loyalty come out of your office. You have knowingly placed in the nerve center of your office a man y ou knew to be a criminal felon, a rapist and a murderer. That in itself is a heinous o ffence against our organization worldwide, as in supreme command, you are almost the materials and other valuables in their possession, although their legal and moral sending him his Credentials as Pontifex Maximus by Overnight Express Mall, which only had $65,000 left (Rick and I perceived they really had more.) Of that amount Mark wrot e a Cashier's check in the sum of $50,000 that would go to the new C.O.T.C. Headquarte rs in Florida. The Milwaukee group could keep 5% of all the books they still had, and all the office equipment they had purchased with the Church money. This also incl uded the 10 acres they had bought. Since they had recently also received the two large l sent Rick by Overnight Express was worded exactly the same as the one I had sent Mark Wilson seven months earlier, but which had never been acknowledged. Here Is an exact copy of the document i sent to Rick on Pontifex Maximus. This resignation and transfe r is effective as of January 25, 1993. I will still remain president of the North Caro lina corporation called The Church of the Creator, Inc., on a temporary basis. of the decade, and a new Pontifex will be selected during the year 2000 C.E., in accordance with our creed and program. who executed the above document. prompt and enthusiastic acknowledgement from Rick when he got back to Niceville, (a lthough he pre-dated it for January 25). It reads as follows: Maximus. in all matters concerning the Church of the all the responsibility that entails. As Founder of the earths only White Racial Religion, you have made history. I can only privilege of knowing a man of your magnitude. Through me, your life work will continue tting is, of course, that there is much shouting, much confusion, and there is really dedicated the last twenty years of my life and all my worldly resources to try to awaken My Last Will and Testament h and fight the battle. In so doing, we must, among other things, make an Intensive search for the White Financial Angel to back up, bankroll, and finance this tremendous operation. There are still 500 million we have the intelligence, and we have the potent ial power to prevent the destruction of This book is my Last Will and Testament to the White peoples of the world.

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