Against the Evil Tide

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Creativity Book Publisher Pub. Date: 1991 01. 02. 03. 06. 07. 09. 10. 13. 14. 16. 17. 20. 21. campaign in running for the office of Republican State Legislator. number of lawsuits by the owners association against a number of the contractors. Maid service was curtailed to once a week, but were meant for it to be derogatory. Although through the cloud of fear and confusion, most White readers were too timid in comin In any case, the article did not slow me down in the least. I went right ahead with my plans of building the World Center, and w publication of Racial Loyalty, our flagship. arriving there the next day. Soon the first of the Salubrious Living books were to be finished, and I called Universal to send o On February 9th, while still at the cabin in North Carolina, a huge truck I had chartered at a cost of $672.92, arrived with 417 copies, of Salubrious Living. It was raining and the driver, whose name was Gene Canipe, needed some extra help to unload all of

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